War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


I don’t want to see protected rss as it’s just waste of time. For feeding and fort it would be nice to have something like guaranteed raid (minimal amount you will get based on strength of the opponent and number of flames). So there is still some fun after 20min of event start…


knocks out Mike and Jeff with a frying pan

Well, that solves it!


No pictures in emails, will only buy you problems.
I would also add no hyperlinks ever. Simple text, that’s it.


Red is married already guys. Sorry to burst your bubbles. She’s married to war dragons. Take a number and stand in line :joy:


You had me worried for a while.


So when is the list of what is being worked on going to be released?@PGJared Time to reveal or recant.


Give to the Dragon Perch the same range as the Ice Flak. ( should be 83 )


You should try reading all of my posts in this thread. War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Not about pissing off… just u r missing a player for a hour all league is on u. Just like atlas have a defense with a bubble team should have one with limit wars a day… but u don’t have to agree with me.


True but 6(I’ve seen more) on 1 more like bullying not war… but well like i said befor we don’t have to agree :woman_shrugging:t3::wink:


Fast Forward 3 months:

Things discussed: 101,919
Things implemented: 2
Things implemented that actual make a tangible difference in a positive manner: 0.5

Lets see how close these stats are.



These daily offers that were launched… is PG looking at them? And realizing it could make a ton more money by not offering them and instead giving everyone the A/B testing packs?

To date I have bought 0 daily packs.

If offered the A/B packs… I’d buy 50 on the spot.

Just saying…


I love this comment… :joy:


Update the Dragon Perch bonuses derived from the Sorcerer.
Hunters and Warrior have bonuses that work on every type of building, while with the recent updates the Sorcerer does not.
You could add to the Mythic Sorcerer (on Perch) these bonuses:
Storm Tower / Earth Flak shield ==> +0.5sec
Earth Flak ==> HP boost by supershot +15% (or +25% like the Ice Turret)
Farms ==> increas supershot heals +15%

I hope I explained myself


Amen!!! Zero resource raids just plain suck and are a waste of my time and the defenders. Clean it up PG!


Yes, it’s definitely something we’re looking at.


Thanks for creating this thread. I’ve collected some ideas from other players. They have difficulty posting here due to language barrier.

· Recycling function: make it able to recycle/salvage items; such as sell spell, salvage towers.
· Trading function: exchange (i) lumber for food, and vise versa. (ii) exchange ice/fire shard with elemental ember
· Increase ruby drop in successful defense. X10 of current drop will be nice.
· Make it available to use mystery fragments for research eggs.
· Battle simulator: no rewards, no recovery time. Will be nice to be able to do practice battles even just within team members.

· Spend gold to purchase shards and horn
· Lower Atlas Elite price
· Include season badge in the prize, or lower prize cost

· Have lumber and food able to be taxed too, so that they’ll be automatically saved in bank.

Season event:
· Include season badge in the prize, or lower prize cost


Reconverting towers (“transforming” a tower into another tower) is something the community has been asking for enough time.
I mean, it would be enough to use some limitation to balance this option.
For example:
it will only be available during the Fortification event and only once during this event, will cost rubies and speedups (depends on the level of the tower to be converted), it will give few or no points during the aforementioned event, it can only be done between towers that use the same resource ( For example, a tower that uses Elemental Embers and wood, Cannot be converted into a tower that uses Only wood or/and Ice/Fire Shards and viceversa )


Pay for elite with rubies and atlas elite with diamonds.


I’m not sure of anyone else, but the fact that the bank ledger resets in the middle of events is causing me/our team a lot of headache. If the ledger must reset, why not do it on Tuesday, the dead day between events?

Edit: This might be QOL