War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Hehehe I see what you did here :eyes:


What are you guys doing when you look at them, laughing? They are laughable. I would completely understand if you guys couldn’t help cracking up.


They are looking at the folks who don’t know better that purchase them and watching gross profit increase based on predatory sales tactics.


Allow storage hut to still use resource boosts while upgrading… also building/ tower level should be shown while under construction


@PGJared how about an Atlas exchange, where players can trade shards and other Atlas items? I have over 2 million wind shards and no use for them, meanwhile others are flush with the ones I want.


I don’t think the security of the game is even close enough to be able to do anything of the sorts.


Which is a shame :eyes: I like the idea of a shard exchange.


Has CampusLifer moved from security?

If yes, might need another confirmation for new Head of Security Department about it…
(for the sake of copy-pasting purposes)


CL was never the head of security. CL is an engineer who focused their time on security stuff. (I am not speaking in the past tense because they’ve left the company or anything, they’re just doing a ton of stuff at once right now and not spending time on the forum.)


:see_no_evil: Oops.
Thanks Jared. I mean if CL is still handling security stuff, I guess it’s relevant to keep quoting him for that single case.


too many fraudulent accounts in the game should be done as soon as possible cleaning


Here’s the latest from my team.



Hey folks,

Just a head’s up. I’m closing this thread just for the next couple of days so my team can finish compiling our notes and we can present our findings to y’all. The thread will re-open by EoD Friday.


Please see the original post for an update.



I’ve got to give you credit here. I don’t see anything in the list that hasn’t been widely requested, and many of those are major issues that players have been looking to have fixed for a long time. Kudos. I hope it goes well!


I don’t like this bit :persevere: Ryuu has proven extremely useful when you broke the game so that a single dragon roster would prevent you from being able to use the swap button. I keep him in my roster at all times now because of that, and he lets you join runs even if all your dragons are healing.

To be honest, I think it silly that you should be locked out of joining runs if you have adequate heal pots, even if all your dragons are currently healing. On the dragon selection screen that you get when changing dragons, you are allowed to use heal potions to heal a recovering dragon.

But yeah, Ryuu is useful even if a lot of people hate him. I’d rather see the ability for each player to be able to enable or disable him than remove him entirely because some of us do actually have a use for him even if we never fly him.


Does this include heal potion issues? :pleading_face:

If this is picked instead, can we disable cannot join popup when trying to join attack with 0 active dragons in the roster and having necessary resources to use a dragon?


What’s with the Ryuu hate? (Not directed to you Liz :wink:).

I’ll add that Ryuu is extremely powerful for low levels and if you don’t have any better Dragon to do that job (for whatever reason) he’s very convenient to regenerate rage especially if a disabled anchor is provided.

Even at level 30, should he be fixed, what can he do against a medium level red mage? Not much.
He relevant for lower tiers.
Every time they tried to fix him the game experienced a lot of unpleasant bugs, from what I heard since I began playing. I don’t want that, there’s enough bugs already! :persevere:

I just hope they know what they do this time…