War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Oh good, cause I find him useful for the reasons I outlined :rofl:


I replied to you to support your opinion and add more reasons to keep it :wink:

I was just surprised that it made it to the top 5 most demanded things to change. There’s so many other things that could be tackled that won’t have a greater chance of causing Ragnarök all over the game!


Completely agree that at lower levels and for new players Ryuu can be beneficial. I know he is completely broken from a coding standpoint but what’s the possibility of altering how or when he is rewarded?? I am shocked this made the top 5 of the several thousand suggestions.


No, sorry. That’s on the big list we’re presenting to the team, but it’s not in the top 5 really.


Was Ryuu seriously in the top five? Out of all the issues going on thats what people are gonna complain about? :rofl:


Ryuu received a frankly huge number of tickets asking for it to be improved or removed.


Well I would propose that those people have their priorities completely out of whack.

I mean, I don’t like him, but I just don’t use him. It’s never crossed my mind to open a ticket about it.

Different strokes I guess.


I wouldn’t say he’s a high player priority, but I believe they got a ton of tickets about it. There are probably as many forum threads about Ryuu as there are about getting/evolving old dragons.


@PGJared can you give us a flavor (or a separate post) of the loyalty initiatives being worked on that you mention in the revised post?




Ty PGJared all of that looks magnificent!

  • Out of curiosity is 300 wall being looked at? I’ve herd many complain about that.

  • What about ability to remove runes from dragons?


That’s in the QoL thread.


What exactly does this mean? How will this effect a level 100 vs a level 400?


@PGJared I noticed atlas roll out to platinum teams that don’t have it yet didn’t make mention on the ‘Happiness Initiatives’ or ‘Quality of Life’ threads.

As great as a I think gold chest scaling and changes to Ryuu might be I have disappointment that feedback on the quantity of the imbalance of access within leagues has not impacted on if it is mentioned in planning this year.

I am not saying you haven’t considered this but the fact remains that there haven’t been more additions in recent months and it appears that this list of things will be a priority. This often leads to people who are dying to be heard to feel like they have no idea if they will be included.

Teams that have access are certainly happier and they can maximise the option and skills for their level for what that functions to be. They hear about the little things that irritate everyone else. They certainly have those functions I know many who are with their team and that is tying them to this game. I doubt fixing Ryuu will help them consider selecting an atlas team over the game play with their friends in Platinum. If whole teams lose faith in change ever coming is that what everyone thinks they will really do? Just go find another team?

I know that not all of those teams in Platinum that are waiting around for inclusion are not better than all their peers but some of them are definitely stronger and more capable and even more so than some of the teams in the leagues below them that already have access due to the dates chose for roll out and atlas lottery


I have played this game since July 2015 and what used to be a amazing game now I’m not having any fun with it. I can’t even go Attack anymore without failing miserably and I have to have back up just to attack a higher lvl. I don’t wanna have to resort to attacking 20 lvls lower just to get some enjoyment from the game. I have met some great ppl on the game and I have met some no so savory ppl to put it kindly. But that’s the dynamics of the game and be I accepted that. Who didn’t like a good LC brawl every now and again? I find myself not wanting to play but my friends keep me playing for the fact I didn’t wanna leave them. Some ppl have different experiences on then game and I tried to catch new fresh Ppl teach them train them so they can have some enjoyment like I didn’t when I first joined. I didn’t have the help we have now but the learning experience has been amazing for me. Yes I have made a thousand mistakes who hasn’t? But I remember being lvl 53 and getting accepted into a Platinum team and at the time there wasn’t 1 2 3 leagues. Platinum was the reserve for Teams waiting to go to diamond. I was accepted because of my medal count my active status. That’s when the whole game opened up and was a different experience from then on. I have taught so many ppl Now some are off to greater things bigger teams. That’s the enjoyment I used to get from the game. But now I can’t even attack solo because the bases are so bulked up now. Doesn’t matter what lvl what tier as you move up it’s the same scenario time and time again. I know the game has to evolve and change the fan base has gotten bigger ppl want more of a challenge but teams that can’t benefit yet can’t touch the ppl that have. That’s all I see on groups lvl 86 demanding sapphire team. I’m very let down on how the game has progressed and evolved. My War Dragons I’ve played since 2015 is no longer fun for me. And I’m sad to say I may lay it down.


Some minor tweaks:
*Fix entire Economy
*Remove A/B testing
*Tower recycling option (in place of Ryuu)


I’m shocked rune removal from dragons didn’t make the list


I’m thinking it did, but it is one they are still debating like the heal pot issue…


TBH, I initially found him to be a PITA once I leveled past his usefulness. Also, didn’t like him taking a spot on my Roster. Never had an issue keeping one dragon healed.:man_shrugging:t3:

That said, when I get him I just sacrifice him on some base. I’m humored launching him at a lower level base, don’t use any of his spells or attacks, just launch an attack, sit back and watch how far he makes it before his health runs out. Then i just quit the attack. So, waste a little food, but np.

He’s far from what I’d consider the top 5 (more like last 5) but on principle at some point he should be fixed, or replaced with a better evolving dragon with evolving level and spell sets (preferred), or removed period.

I don’t know anything about their coding or why they just can’t insert a cnt=0 in place of a [cnt = cnt + 1; if cnt = 20 then Ryu(1)] or some such in the subroutine. This is just to show logic, the point is there has to be some incremental counter being used in some fashion and just don’t understand why inactivation couldn’t be something similarly simple.


He doesn’t use a slot on your roster, he gets his own extra slot. He was also a lifesaver when the ability to quit an attack was broken with no other dragons on your roster. Leave poor Ryuu alone.