War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Yes, but that was a long time ago, I just used heals, always had plenty. Remember I was advancing at a fast clip back then.


PG has broken things on accident before and I’m sure they’ll break things on accident again. But taking away Ryuu takes away my current safety blanket :pleading_face:



Okay, is the list posted somewhere or just being presented to, whom?

I went back to the original roadmap announcement and there are no updates there.


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Here is the post


Seriously ?

Ryuu ?

THAT is a priority ?

And to think, we were actually hopeful :roll_eyes:


Literally a lot of players post it as low leveled ticket. That amount makes its importance goes up lol


Ridiculous :roll_eyes:


Well, I assume that in this case, the team check quantities more than qualities…


Can somebody dumb down the second item for me? (“Reduce/Remove A/B testing”). What is that?


Instead of giving us the really good packs, they’ll remove them. That’s what I got from it.


Def not quality in this game :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They did something just for one part of playerbase.

Like level up reward, 24h bounty, etc.


Testing reward stuff with a random select few only instead of the whole player base. For example, there was a test of level up ruby rewards before selectively and there was the 90% discount packs too


I doubt anyone asked for it to be reduced… what EVERYONE WANTS, Is for it to be given to everyone as a “test”.

“Randomly” choosing a section of the player base to offer these A/B testing packs is not going to make anyone happy no matter how much you reduce it.

And FYI… this is the easiest and fastest fix for player “happiness” just offer those special packs to ALL OF US.



I love the marketing strategy by PG in this scenario.

If they offered this to all at the same time, Sure the spenders would go all crazy on it but then it just becomes the new norm. While, the non-spenders, well its nothing special for them.

But Pg decides to PG it and,

They offer this to only certain people, seemed mostly to those that don’t spend.
They feel special, thinks it’s a great deal since it’s not offered to all - they Buy.

While the usual spenders, get mad, but some still spend anyways and some don’t but almost all are now craving for these packs and ready to spend a bucket load when they get it, from the looks of it :grin:

Marketing - 100%
Player happiness - Well what does that mean ? :joy:


Thank you. I went back and found it.

Have a Nice Day!


Thanks. Also @OrcaFrost and @RainbowCrash
I agree with @EzAsh

  1. Fix load time for Atlas (my lord…5 minutes just to login in. No joke)
  2. Offer the same discounted packs to all. Just do it. No excuses. You know that we all talk to one another, so what is the point of only offering to some???
  3. Stop adding new features until what you already have is working (stop thinking like tech entrepreneurs and start thinking like customer retention specialists)


yes the water dragon is stupid. replace with a badass lol


Surt like!