War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


That’s a fair point.


Since it’s Daily Rewards, why not making it so that we can claim the moment we played for the first time of the day?
Unless someone has never closed the game for days :eyes:


I could say a ton of things, some being very important to the quality of the game but most would probably be more suited for the quality of life thread.

But 2 things I think most everyone would love to see and it doesn’t seem like it would be a difficult thing to bring into the game.

  • Inventory - This has been mentioned lots of times and yeah it would be amazing to be able to go somewhere to see what all you have without having to check everything one by one.

  • Some kind of stat page!
    Right now we have no clue on what kind of buffs we get to our base or dragons with going through every single research and doing all that math lol
    Also every rune & rider. It’s just not realistic to even remember it all.
    I would love for a stat page! The more in depth and detailed the better but starting off it would be great just to have a tab to click in the research hall that showed what buffs we had from research.

Something like…
Hunter attack 7%

  • 3 starting rage bars
    9% increased red mage hp
    Red mage (supershot) steals 2 rage bars
    Healing while cloaked 5%
    Warrior Hp 10%

Something that puts it all together where we can see it and even adds the totals of anything that’s been stacked.

Adding stats for Defensive Riders, Runes, dragons in lineup, etc would be great too. Could have Tabs for research, runes base stats, dragons & riders, everything but not sure they’d ever go into this far.


Inventory is in the QoL section :slight_smile:.


Does anyone think its worth mentioning tiny alts with big backers being used just to mess with people? since the ones being attacked get 0 glory regardless of how it plays out?

IMO that kind of behavior specifically how people are using it would be a form of griefing.


It’s been like this for bigger players, except with midlevel players with vanguard backers since forever.

Or big people hitting down.

It’s all griefing, I’m sure it’s been mentioned at least once before. :thinking:


i just really wanted to hop on the bandwagon of something better than ryuu


I don’t see the issue with big players backing small players. It is what it is. Without it you lose wars, you lose Castles. Not to mention the small player needs to grow. That backing gives the smaller player xp and rss. I don’t care for a lvl 150 killing my base because a 500 followed, but I certainly got help when I was a 150 so I get it. It’s a team game. Takes a team to help the smalls grow.


Then you probably haven’d had a troll low level attacking you with a vanguard backer on atlas. Loose all the troops and get no glory for it :joy:

Don’t care about else where, but for they really need to consider the backers level in to glory maths.


Exactly this, dont have a problem getting owned by the backer but should get glory then


Set minimum chest drop rate for attacks
Regular attack 0-5 bronze 0-2 silver 0-1 gold.Super attack 2-10 bronze 0-5 silver 0-3 gold. mega 10-30 bronze 2-10 silver 0-10 gold. At least there is a minimal expectation drop rate can be random within the parameters. Here is reality and I have witneesssd it. Once players hear 0 drop for mega, many people stoped spending. They are glad that they didn’t spend and avoid the trouble. However if there is a minimum guarantee on high prize attacks, people will feel more comfortable in doing the attacks as they know what to expect. Players get what they paid for with a chance of getting more if they are lucky.


Not sure how to remove the frustration on this topic. Player unable to participate due to 51/50 issue. This needed to be addressed. All players should have the right to participate. It is wrong all the way around. I have heard all the reasons and all things to do to minimize the impact. At the end of the day Fix it so everyone can play.


Well the larger players backing the smaller player is definitely just fine. Nothing wrong with being able to back up players on your team.

However the glory scaling right now goes both ways instead of unidirectional. The lower player gets max glory against the higher if it initiated the attack, but glory plays out for the larger player as if the larger player attacked the smaller player, not that he was attacked.


I’d rather have a personal market place type of thing even if the ratios were not great at least it would be something to say trade ice shards for elemental shards at a 10:1 ratio


Some days, when I go to bed, I dream of this. A bright, sunny day, when PG enables the fire/ice shard <-> elemental ember trade. :tada::balloon::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::tada:

Then a few weeks later they release a new tower, using those shards almost everyone traded in :rofl: :wink: :joy:

I have a very wild and wicked imagination, don’t I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fix Black Pearl Economy
The Legendary Drop Cant be 225 Pearls…


Hi. Any luck with a go ahead to give us a peep?




Does this mean it’s been added to the top of the list?
Not sure who to tag? They told me to contact you about the on PC and I think Jared is PX CEO??

My request:

  • Reduce cost of heal potions from 500 Rubies to 100 Rubies for 20x Heal potions.


I hope not, there are a hundred more interesting things on that list…