War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Here’s a thing: Apparently Apple ruled that PG had to disclose the drop rates of chests more or less so that the odds in a game of chance would be known.

So, I propose that any in-game item that may currently be dropped from a chest instead be assigned a fixed price in some new currency and be made available in an in-game store whenever a player has sufficient of that currency.

This new currency would be gained at a known rate by playing the game, with the greatest quantities awarded for 5-:fire:attacks on bases with defence values significantly above that of the sum of the attack values of the dragons used, taking all boosts into consideration, or by winning base defences.

This currency could of course also be purchased with rubies at a known rate of exchange

No longer would we be gambling with rubies, hoping that we’ll be lucky and get the particular thing that we need right now. We would know, get a certain amount of this currency, from playing the game as it was intended to be played, and we can get just what we want. Of course, we need many things, and if the balance between accumulation of the currency and the cost of items is correct, players will either have to do a lot of grinding to get everything - though this should not be impossible or even impractical - or spend rubies to get this new currency.

Alternatively, regularise the drop rate of rubies, and make everything purchaseable using them.


Everything has a drop rate corrrect. Lots of games have a chest type function where majority of items are not what you need/want. Using the drops knowledge of Orca you do know what you’ll get. Everything is purchasable with runes as far as I know it.


What the authorities are challenging is the “randomness” of the items, that drives to a gambling like behavior. If you show exactly what you get (in example, making Orca information available in game) that should clear things up in terms of gambling.


They got % listed and you can rough calc what you’re getting with just that. Used to not show anything.


i was skimming through this thread and i think a market place would actually be cool ( some of you have mentioned this already) to trade certain items (like ice/fire shards) for needed items that are short on hand like the elemental embers and black pearls. also, it would help mitigate frustration if they introduce a new tower to counterbalance the dragons with elemental resists, since they could put the item needed to make the tower in the “market place”. I actually think calling it more of a “Conversion isle” would work better because they could even add a function that converts towers in storage into expedites based on level and average building times. dang they even could have a “set time” it takes to trade or convert items and just have a ruby expedite, so that both parties benefit, but maybe i shouldn’t push the envelop? lol


Is there any way to eliminate the votes for Ryuu that states along the lines of “Defenses during PVPs aren’t counting towards Ryuu?”

That’s a known thing for anyone that actually knows anything about Ryuu and his “issues”.

I mean, seriously, Ryuu being in the top 5 of any changes to the game makes me seriously reconsider how seriously this was/is being taken.


If it’s a %, there is a chance of getting or not getting an item, therefore the gambling component.


May I add, I would love to meet players complaining about Ryuu, maybe even try to help them improve their in game experience because if Ryuu is their only issue…


Quick reminder to PG… this 100%! Especially with the failed daily offers. Please take this seriously. This would help player morale a huge amount, and increase sales across the board.


I don’t mean above 300 wall or anything just if it’s being changed or not.
Not sure about everyone at 300+ but me at 103 I’m struggling to have enough heal potions at my level to do:
Event Quests, Egg Missions, PVP Attacks, Daily Multipliers, Level dragons to breeding, Atlas Quests, Gold Hunting, Glory Hunting ect without running out of heal potions.
They are needed for every aspect of the game just to play the game and it costs:

2500 Rubies to get 100x heal potions in the forge.
500x 1h timers to get 100x heal potions.


I remember there was a time I had no heal potions. Now I have 2200 + and help team mates a lot.

I don’t spend, but somewhere along the way the problem shifts from heal pots to timers.


I remember those days and I will always support making the game such that players should never hurt for healing potions. Everyone should be able to fly and those players that really want to become good flyers should not have to buy their ability to do that, there should be enough healing potions available that a player grinding his way to becoming a good flyer can do so without spending rubies or cash.


I can’t remember really being short of healing potions. In the first few dozen levels dragons heal so fast you wouldn’t need them. After that I remember being a bit careful about using them, trying to use natural healing as much as possible up until level 100 or so. Once I passed the 1000 potions mark I kinda stopped worrying about it and just use them whenever.


What level did that happen to you?
Myself I’m practicing dragons specifically Skoll and Hati: which I believe is a very difficult duo to use and master. Having low DPS during Solar Volley I’m doing so many runs trying to break through tough bases.

I’m sure some of you used harder dragons. I have done 500 or so runs with Skoll & Hati on base levels 110-135 trying to master spell timing and tap speed and 4 finger tapping on S&H.

But for sum reason I’m running out all the time unless I spend Rubies or Timers or Gold Chests/Bronze chests.

Many on my team have the same issue a level 88, 73, 233, 195 has said they where out but they had 50k or more rubies to load up?


I have a timer problem too. It’s Timers, Pots and Embers then Black Pearls that I’m always short on.


I still have ember issue, no way to keep maxed versions of all of the flak towers. I have maxed dark, fire and ice only. Just got the ice and frankly not sure I will be able to keep them all maxed.

Pearls I don’t care as I only want my perch high enough for my mythic dragons. Rather spend timers on offense towers beyond that.


Around 100 as I mentioned.

:astonished: well that explains how you run out at least. I would just do runs when the dragon is off cooldown, and wouldn’t do my practice runs on bases that killed my dragon, you can practice timing on easy bases just as well.

I guess if you want to do that many extra runs, it’ll cost you. I prefer using my forge and rubies for timers, my fortification planning for 2019 is looking quite intimidating on the timer front…


Please NO, unless they are optional or free and NOT burried in an event dragon tree and costing valuable siguls.

I disagree. You pick the skills you think you need. You don’t get a do-over.


No, they said to post it on the forum. Not to specifically tag us. Relax, your feedback was received by our team.

Also no. That’s not a thing. I’m the PX Manager. I head up the PX department. The CEO heads up everything.

Absolutely not. It means your feedback was received and added to all of the other feedback we receive.


Are there any plans of including Europe and other continents to WD Summit?