War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Other countries are welcome to participate if they can make their own travel arrangements. I know that sounds callous, but the travel costs are already pretty high for the player summit and it’s very unlikely we’ll get approval for international.


I am well aware of that, was sad when I couldn’t submit my entry for the contest.
If some of us do arrange, may I ask how do we earn an invitation?


Invites are based on top teams as well as CF / GPF and a couple of community-inspired choices.


oh, I guess that means Close, but no cigar



How about telling us when pretty big changes are made?
Like now ballistae are again causing huge damage.


I know I’ve seen it mentioned a couple times here and before in different threads, but I think one way to help improve the economy would be to open up a market place or trading center where either certain exchange rates are set for items or you can set them yourself to see if other players actually bid on them. This is useful when different players are sitting high on various items and players can help one another out for trading them a different item of similar value and etc. I’ve seen this done in other games, and dont think if would be too hard of a concept to keep resources rotating.


International players were able to submit entries; they just had to use filler for it,as asked and answered on the forums :slight_smile:


How long is it between announcement/invitation and the actual summit?

If it’s long enough, probably if the participants want it, they can arrange their own travel expenses to US (also related to VISA as well).

That way, PG just need to manage the accomodation in US…


The contest ran from July 31 - August 17 with the Summit on October 4, though bookings would need to have happened well in advance. The contest could be held earlier, though.


Too many security issues with this.


I wasnt that forums savvy back then.
Today, slight improvement, since I dared to ask (but forgot to check)


I am probably going to be burned at the stake for suggesting this, but what about changing the fire shards, ice shards, and black pearls to elemental embers? Meaning that you would only have 2 building currencies instead of the 5 we have now. The one to one conversion of the shards and pearls would alleviate any shortages we have now and improve the availability of the building material in the future.

I just feel like there are way to many currencies already and this would be a good area to condense them. Feel free to light the fire now.


I feel like the main problem with this is when everyone has all those fire and ice shards and want to convert them to elemental embers. IDk how theyd plan on fixing that, but i agree with you because of how these items are distributed and how the meta has been changing. theres not enough elemental embers and black pearls, but everyone has enough fire and ice shards. with the new earth flak its becoming more and more obvious we need more of elemental embers and reducing the resources we need to acquire could help with leveling and building. problem is people like to grind as well lol


It’s most certainly not the first time it’s been suggested.
It’s definitely not the first time anybody with any sway has suggested it somewhere.
It’s 100% something that i support as part of a change package :slight_smile:


Should not be changed as the current matrix keeps choice and diversity in the game. Implement 2 currency and we are going to see nothing but flaks even more so then we have now.
With current you are forced to choose a few flaks, one/two perch as a moderate player or spend to be a better player then the rest is up to your discretion to choose.


The current model restricts players choices by managing their inventory, which is frankly outdated compared to the direction the game is going. A players inventory should change with new options, especially when the game’s current resources are distributed based on what was needed 2 years ago, not now.


The only restriction is choice when you decide you won’t build certain towers. The resources are there to build, not restricting.


That is just not correct. It actually decreases options depending on the time you started playing. The availability of resources has changed over time.


A player who spends should get things faster than a player that doesn’t, however I will vehemently disagree that a spender should be in a stronger position at the same level as a non spender.

For example, currently someone who spends can realistically build 5 flaks at level 300 regardless of how fast they got there. A non spender will only have enough elemental to build and maintain 2 flaks at level 300. Money should buy time, not strength or relevancy.


They said they were done with flac towers and coming out with a new type of tower.