War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


With new currency possibly at same rate of elementals so if the top wants to stay current they’ll have to spend more again to rebuild and make themselves current again. PG makes money, game continues.


This is probably not high on the list, but I’d like to mention it. Note I have not gone through all 800+ posts…

I would like to see some change in the look of towers. My motivation is only to increase my defense stats. I wish I could have that feeling back when I first started “I wonder what my tower will look like in five levels!” … I remember when they changed to gold I was so hyped about it and thought what’s next!

Not the first thing on the list, but I think it’s important that if tower levels keep climbing then the towers should also get some visual updates too.


This is another reason that I believe that tower recycling should be a thing… something along the lines of:

Swap Tower x and Tower y, value 8m wood, 6 million fire shards, 2m xp

Pick Tower: Fire Flak, starting level 8 (equivalent xp to towers being recycled)

Cost to Upgrade to lvl 8 fire flak, 2m wood and 9k elemental, 200 rubies proceed y/n

This doesn’t mess with base xp levels, allows the recycling of old towers so bases can stay relevant and maintains cost of new tower and modest cost for change.

If PG introduces a new currency for the new towers this will allow them to continue to make money off spenders for the new currency and allow current players the opportunity to improve and update their base. It makes sense to introduce a new currency when a new tower comes out, but this should also be accompanied by creating a single currency for every tower that came before them.

Edit: Decided although it might be doable I by far prefer one currency across the board.


It shouldn’t be changed? Pffft! Don’t make me laugh. People use fire and ice turrets a whole lot less these days. Perches and flaks are harder to level with the pearl and ember shortages. TBH, PG should just change it as it is already hard enough to get pearls and embers. Changing it would benefit players who struggle to get the pearls and embers. Adding the pearls back to the point achievements and maybe even add them to the team achievements, would help a lot more than adding them on the second page of the seasonal riders. I mean, no one wants to claim a bunch of crappy gear just for a small, measly amount of pearls.


That’s a choice lots make, not a force your made to make.

The idea doesn’t sound bad, but the currency exchange rate would be a doozy as to make the exchange not be exploited. It would need to be a cost negative exchange probably, loose rss some.
Or wait I see you say FF will cost wood and 9k elemental, are you saying exchange towers would be mainly just exchanging XP, as in kill 1M XP tower for a 1M XP FF paying full price of rss for it to reach that XP range only negating the timers of upgrades? How would that work work with rss limits?

So with this you’re saying :fire::snowflake: shards should be lumber while elementals should stay the same until next type of towers is released? I can see that working at a glance, the ramifications would take a bit to iron out.


I’m ambivalent about this if I understand what you’re suggesting.

If you suggest taking everyone’s current stock of shards and pearls and convert them to embers I’d be worried that some people (myself included) would suddenly have a lot of embers. Well it would be nice for my base to be able to have a max of each flak, it would make the lives of my dragons quite a challenge.

If you’re saying remove the other currencies going forward with no trade in then I’m not sure how this would go over.

They could just increase the drops of embers to a reasonable level.

Edit: Or give us “Burger King” chests (have it your way) where we can select which material we want of similar things.

Like choice between pearls, embers, shards

Or tower boosts, dragon boosts, (maybe) hammers

It obviously can be totally a la carte but within things of similar “value” why not have a choice.


When you have hundreds of thousands of ice and fire shards (I’ve seen SSs where people have millions) AND they continue to drop from gold chests, something needs to be done about it. Having one currency doesn’t take your choice away. It gives you more options. Period. At the very least we should have a way to convert them.


This is hoarding cause they choosing to not use them.
Edit: it’s just over 100K to max a fire or ice turret, over 1 million would be 10 maxed towers.

No it doesn’t correct, but having multiple in current matrix forces diversity edit: for most.

Not against it, but the rate could not be 1:1 or even remotely close. Current best towers, flaks, should be difficult to obtain or everyone would have them filling their base.


Agree to disagree, I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture here, but :man_shrugging:t3:

It’s definitely not hoarding. That would imply that I am saving them for something when the fact is that I can’t do anything useful with them.

I personally don’t see how having a unified currency changes anything.


The tower exchange would include all rrs used to build the current tower, plus the cost of the “missing” rrs to reach the same xp between the old tower(s) and the new tower and then add a ruby cost for the convenience.

Regarding one currency, the money for PG is in timers, so changing to one currency should not cause any undo strain on their financing. Introducing a new currency will be extremely problematic tbh… established players need far too much of the new currency to create relevant towers, ultimately it makes the most sense to just transfer all non wood build rrs to elemental.


Its like you play a different game.


I see a large picture as I’m able to see yalls play style and the games mechanics too, we just don’t see the same picture which is fine.

Not necessarily, hoarders have piles upon piles of junk because they just don’t throw it out, still hoarding.

It makes it to easy for everyone to have the best latest and greatest all the time. Instead of having to keep working to get better.

Same game, just from a different perspective than many others that fill the forums.


Players shouldn’t have to spend to get the rrs needed to build new towers… there is nothing wrong with players having access to resources needed to keep bases relevant. Why should a new player who knows about new towers be able to build with these new towers in mind while playerrs who have been playing for a long time have to live with the mistakes and growth of living through the games development. This penalizes players who have been at the game for a long time and that is an issue.


The difference here is I don’t like spending money or rubies on things I don’t want or need or will ever use.

Embers are nice because you can use them for any type of flak. Ice shards and fire shards can be used on exactly one type of tower each. That’s a waste. If people really want them so bad, fine… make it so you can only buy them directly with rubies. But at the very least take them off the drop table for gold chests


The tower exchange is an interesting idea, still wondering how rss limits would effect. Maybe they wouldn’t be problems as anything later than wood only has other rss to cut wood cost of it making an exchange always less wood. The other rss don’t have a cap.

How do these work together?

I see you changed your mind with an edit… I mention single currency in my reply above.


Not really a diversity, since Flaks basically are upgrades of old towers.

Also, there is a difference between having more options and being forced to have variation (which gives more unused currency in return)


Looks like Orca’s struck gold and diamonds! :smiley:


Yep, decided that although something could work, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s own problems… why create new problems when a more simplified system would work.


A lvl 1 fire turret is a new tower, and rss are given to build it. Nothing is stopping anyone from building.

Still have to play with availability of rss in mind too keeping it even, replace all to one plentiful currency then no thought is put into it.

Not penalized just a need to adapt, it’s what life’s about. Trust me I know long time lol

Currently you get embers and pearls from sources, they around, you just have to spend more to get the amounts you want which makes PG money if that’s your choice to have only those towers.

Is when most have to choose their flaks because they can’t afford them all.

Same problem repeated it would be. How would single plentiful currency keep a forced choice of how to build a base instead of everyone builds the same stuff?


What happened before all these other currencies were introduced? People chose the towers they felt would make the best base for them. It would be the same thing. More currencies only add complexity that doesn’t need to be there.