War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Are you sure? I am an elite player and started with the season with tarand. I have a lvl 51 or so ice turret and 30 something (building mistake. I have about 30k ice shards. I have 35k ember and 2 flaks at lvl 60. I dont really get enough ice shards to keep leveling the turret. Adding another currency would make it harder to keep up with embers and I am already falling behnd. I will just have a string of towers i cant level at somepoint. The diversity of currencey is actually limiting my choices.


You are trying to use rrs to create base diversity at the expense of power and functionality. This I disagree with.

Tower design should be the single driving factor in creating base diversity. That is on PG’s team to do.


Sometimes i wonder if Bambam actually works for PG as a head decision maker there and that is why all these fcked up decisions are always coming down the pipeline.


Lets take my account for example. I have 66.8K Ice, 89K Fire, 107K Element, and 1400 Black Pearls.

I only have one perch built up to an ok level and that is 3 levels of dragons lower than what I am currently breading. I could already build another flak and the ice and Fire wouldn’t really change my thinking there because for me it is which flak will fit my base the best. I am however being severely punished on my perch because I don’t get black pearls.

Now if PG did what I described above where would I use my new resources? Of course I would use it on the perch that is 20 levels lower than my maxed tower right now. That doesn’t happen without timers though and I barely get enough of those to get 3 levels per fort event (damn 300 wall but that’s another issue all together).

My point is that it wouldn’t turn into all of a sudden everybody having a whole base of flaks. People would be able to place resources where they are needed in their base rather than hoping for miracle drops from heaven.


PX team can confirm I don’t if you’d like.

I’ll edit in a bit on the rest of y’all once I’m parked.

We only had lumber towers before and we had to choose how to build based off lvl unlocked or how to best get upgraded to unlock wanted tower. Then turrets came where we had to choose how to integrate or not, most used as they were the best then. This was adapting to the change. Then flaks came so again adapted.

Complexity, try Atlas and its complex necessity, but it shouldn’t be removed?

So you’re a year to 1.5 years after a few here.

This fits with everyone complaining about to many shards how?

Falling behind from what? IRL not everyone starts poor and becomes a millionaire, we can all try but choices and actions will determine where you end up, it’s wise to be happy were your at.

The choice to build only certain towers is yours.

The rss diversity is the only way to create base diversity or else you’re unlocking all dragon tiers at a low lvl eliminating parents but keeping token amounts. Everyone would just breed the top.

Your example is only your own as the vast majority can’t afford more flaks but want them. This is the diversity we should have. Your choice is your design where you’re sitting on a flak, but want a high perch. Others is two perches of lower lvl and high flaks so have pearls but no embers. Plenty of other types too depending on availability of rss for that particular person. Certain things are out of easy reach depending on the choices you make, you can’t have it all so pick your poison.

If single plentiful currency nothing is off limits, build all 3 perches strong with flaks galore. Can someone choose differently of course but take current gameplay as example, how many choose to build outside of the up not out flak kill island baseline, few? Most nearly trashed their entire base to follow it. They all did it regardless of all these pains and limitations.
So you think opening the floodgates people will choose to do anything else besides achieve what they had to sacrifice as their main goal because of rss limits?


Still hoping for that silence button on threads where people spam nonsense all the time. That would make a lot of people happy.


What would help if they change the chest drops to ‘resource tokens’ that you can trade in for embers, pearls or shards as you choose. That way you don’t have to convert existing stockpiles, but at least people won’t have to deal with trash they don’t want.


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That still opens the gates to everyone only doing one thing. It’s no different then having one currency, only difference is it’s a slower change to it.


Dread is too powerful. They annihilated nearly all of Diamond 1 in a few war waves when they were declared on. I know since I’ve got a few friends scattered throughout the leagues. Pretty soon, there will be no teams left for Dread and then they’ll go after Diamond 2 and so on. Also, judging by how NMO is being disbanded, RoyalRoad is up next.

On topic: Atlas isn’t too complex. The only currencies are Troops, diamonds, gold, and the seasonal Atlas badges. The regular game has lumber, food, pearls, embers, Fire/ice shards, rubies, egg tokens, and seasonal sigils. So you see, Atlas isn’t as complex, Bambam.


That’s not normal consensus found here. The juggle of Atlas combined with main game?


Moving runes is prohibitively expensive and inhibits creativity and experimentation in base layout.


It’s not that hard to juggle Atlas and the main game. Both are relatively easy


So is it worth it or not, same explaination as above with most destroying their entire base to go short with flaks.

Some agree some don’t, this stims from one saying current system is to complex.


It’s simple for me. I never stated that it was simple for everybody


the biggest issue for my happines is the inability to put together a large coalition to fight superpowers like dread. theoretically u could overwhelm them with enuf players but because of the limits on passage you cant get enuf of them in. change the passage rules so you can grant passage not just to teams but alliances. and make the list be 20 at least. then u might see some epic wars.


Ant wars? Doesn’t seem to work well against them when D1 did that with real wars. :woman_shrugging:


I dont want to take a year off from leveling while I collect embers lol before I can proceed to the next tier. (Falling behind, and I have no expectation of ever getting close to end game. No progression = quit and find a new game)

I select towers based on performance. Sure i could build a bunch of ballista andf never have resource shortages but DEFENSE is part of the game and I enjoy it. Let me know what non-flak configuration will even stop a crap dragon.

And the multiple curriences effect both ends of the spectrum. Just because I am on the scarcity side and not plentiful side does not mean I cant aggree with them.


Might add at competitive tier. Otherwise, they can argue to stop Sapphire / Garnet using lv 60 Lightning Towers like Andy’s


It didn’t. Dread destroyed all the teams that tried to gang up against them.