War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


How bout instead of wildfire you get a mega coin, that is saveable and able to be used at a later date, allows f2p or e2p save them and be useful during events. (Edit: maybe cap it at 3 or 4 mega coin accruals throughout an event) Wouldn’t require mega coin to change much, maybe adjust times more but other than that can stay as is. Or just get rid of it lol

Now that surt is getting nerfed I’m totally cool with Ryuu becoming the original release surt


Why is this even in the Top 5? It impacts almost ZERO day-to-day gameplay. Just because lots of people have brought it up doesn’t make it important (I assume this is the ONLY reason why it could possibly be in the top 5)


Totally agree on what you said


Hitting random people I know with Ryuu is a critical part of my day. I can’t live without it.



Lol you may be grumpy, but for this I agree.


I just ram Ryuu into random level 200 bases for fun.


Unless they mean by “fixing the issues with Ryuu” they’ll make Ryuu like super Kelvin then I say go for it…



Have I just been Ryuu’d?


This is the key to playing.

This is the vast majorities hard truth, but that doesn’t mean

You play your way and everyone else plays theirs, lots choose the same way already enough. Make it easier to choose the same way and yaaay more of the same bases… even in the moderate play lower leagues.


You’re joking right? As is castles are impossible to conquer as 70+ teams show up with tiny prims and troops to prevent… you must not be very active or involved if you think increasing passage will help atlas in any way


I think the conquer mechanics should be changed such that if you have a prime with more troops than all of castle owner’s primes combined, you can conquer. It does not make sense to be able to kill all the castle guards then not conquer just because the castle owner is able to muster more than 10k troops continuously.

@pgEcho :point_up:


A lot of atlas mechanics need reviewing… your suggestion certainly is one of them… if only there was a forum where this could be discussed in a civil and intellectual manner without insults, spamming, and trolling :thinking:


What is this paradise you speak of?


Hey, is there a person that speaks russian in PG?
I, myself, never used russian translate for this game, I’ve always been playing either in English, or in Japanese. But, it has come to my knowledge that many russian people are not satisfied with translate (not on a russian team but meet people in LC and run through google and apple reviews). I just checked out of curiosity and cannot not to agree with them :see_no_evil: You even have minutes and months mixed up. While this might be not a big deal, a fix of translation of all words to more… accurate meaning would definitely make at least certain amount of people happier (I believe there are quite a lot of people playing using that language).


In addition to all good ideas here: increase amount of ember in prizes and chests


please, you should add :
Earth and Electro Flak Runes and Glyphs ( HP, ATK )
and Ice Turret Striker Runes and Glyphs, that increase the Ice’s Shield HP

All Flaks and Towers have these runes, I do not see why Earth//Electro Flaks and Ice Turret should not have them.


A good idea, but this goes against the entire philosophy of app design and monetization.
I keep saying this but we shouldn’t confuse an app developer with game developers (PC and console). They have fundamentally different.


Please remove team quest level 3 5 7 dragons

Sarcasm note: these days easy to replace with reinstall the game 3 5 7 times


Is that even a thing anymore? I haven’t seen or heard of a level dragon quest in a long time.


My mini at least once per event, if not more