War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


They were indeed thrown away at some point after community claims :thinking:


If I remember correctly, this quest is level-locked, and only shows up for players below a certain level. Same as the “breed 1 dragon” quest.


Must be a level related thing. I guess it’s not so bad below some level (not sure which one) but when everything is den capped it’s terrible.


No, they do not.


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I said that already on a diffrent thread. Thought it was this one and probably ended up in the wrong one. So here again…
A thing that could help a lot would be folders in Atlas bookmarks. Like preferred targets and their castles all together with a headline that tells u what it is. Alliance castles etc etc.
Think that would make players happy for sure

Also get rid of mega coins and the boring quests… they are both a pain in this game.
Ah and make green and gold research eggs cheaper… the amount u have to pay for those is crazy…


Yea quests just aren’t worth it. Was ok before they nerfed them. They reduced requirements while reducing rewards. Most idiotic move imo. We were complaining that they were too tedious for what you got, so they reduced requirement and rewards. So dumb


Need an way to grind timers, we can grind Token so why not timers also? Make the very active players happy for there work!


There is a way: Atlas.

The monuments drop 1hr timers, the event prizes have lots of them, too.


Monuments drop a pittance amount of timers.

For kicks and giggles… that later turn to tears :cry:


Really? All I get are 1 minute timers. During event. Which shouldn’t happen, I think. :thinking:


Atlas tends to be pretty generous on 1h timers, way more than the main game.
I also get 1 min & 3 min from time to time, rest assured! :wink:
Maybe I was born under a lucky star, or just have a selective vision. :man_shrugging:
Anyway, I have quite a lot of them. Like 30k or so.


I meant that during events, 1 minute timers are supposed to be replaced with 24 hour timers. So I shouldn’t be getting any right now, but I am.


Softly whispering:

So am I…


But it’s opposite, 24h should not drop during event, according to PGMichael


All of which shows us that PG are actually pretty good at messaging, it’s just that they know if they told us the unvarnished truth there would be more outrage.


Oh trust me i get lots of those 1h Atlas timers, but try level your base from 336 to 360 :expressionless::roll_eyes:


No i think he means like a real way to grind out timers for rubies at a higher exchange rate than gold chests (similar to how i enjoy grinding out token missions)


I am responding to this notion that having some sort of marketplace is a security risk…

This is circular logic. “We have cheaters in the game. Therefore, we can’t give paying players what they want because cheating players may take advantage of it.”

Either find a way to block hackers, or don’t. If PG can’t figure it out, then I fail to see how that is MY problem :man_shrugging:

The game has TOO many currencies, and there is a massive elemental ember shortage. This needs to be addressed.

Either, let us trade for them with other players, or provide us with a mechanism to exchange rubies/wood/gold whatever for them. I can’t raid for them, I can’t mine for them, it’s BS.

This MUST be addressed. And, separately, I’m so tired of seeing other players come down on fellow players for asking questions they think they know the answers to. Let PG speak for themselves! The whole point of THESE THREADS is to open a dialogue with the developers so they can identify the real issues players are facing and come up with solutions.