War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Ya know @mechengg … We could use a clock tower on home base that would be similar to the egg token balloon. It could provide 3 mission types with simiar time periods that the egg mission balloon has. Maybe 1-Hour, 3-Hour and 12-Hour speed-ups on 1, 4 and 20 Hour intervals? Speed-up sizes and quantites could be adjusted as appropriate. Possibly even upgraded/adjusted/scaled based on builder hut?? That would give everyone (both with and without Atlas) a great option to grind out those precious speed-ups.

Anyway… Just thinking aloud. Please forgive me if I’m out of my mind. :crazy_face::joy:


I don’t know if this was suggested before, but I think is a good idea


Yeah mechengg. Get right on that would ya!


Yeah Mech exactly this👍


It’s mostlu that a cheater could give them to a “legit” player. Who do you ban then? The cheater or the one who got the cheated items?


The one who cheated…if they get caught. If they don’t get caught, then they weren’t going to get banned anyway. I get what you’re saying, but it’s still punishing honest players because of cheaters who are ALREADY cheating without getting caught and MIGHT continue to do so…

Still not “our” problem…if PG wants to tolerate cheaters, then that is their choice :man_shrugging:


So you realize what people will do right? A team has one hacked account. They use that account to give shit to the other accounts. Hacked account gets banned. They make another. Repeat.


Yes, and you realize that people are already hacking. It’s already here. It’s already happening.

But getting back to the larger point here…this issue is Elemental Embers. I don’t really care what PG’s solution is…there is a shortage of these. Let us trade or give us a way to get more of them…

Hackers be hackers. But an honest man still need a little love. Why you hatin;? :wink:




IF the hacked account gets banned.

And that’s a big IF.


Well PG did say one of the things they were working on in 2019 is security, which I interpreted to mean cheaters.


But they were working on that in 2016 :man_shrugging:t3:


PG might notice something when a ton of elemental embers start flooding the trade markets :laughing:


Yeah, but throw us a bone already! (Directed at PG, not you)

If you need another buck just to pay your rent because you chose to lease your development studio in San Francisco…then let me buy the embers with rubies! Just give me a solution for Pete’s sake.


Is it a shortage or supposed to be limited?

Totally can buy with rubies, that’s the point of limited, if you want a lot of them you have to spend for them or take the long road.

Gas goes to $10 a gallon, you gonna sue (not price gouging) because you can’t afford to travel how you want? Airline flights are $1000 same thing.

The embers are set at an amount PG obviously thought/thinks is acceptable so none spenders can gather an amount decently. Then spenders can buy their amount over that if they so choose.

Complain about the gas prices all ya want, as long as you get that’s all you’re doing. In the game world if you complain enough things change often, doesn’t mean they should.


Yes things should change when the player base is always screwed which is why they are making all of these initiatives. Also if you paid attention pg mentioned fixing the ember shortage so obviously they also think it’s an issue due to so many complaints about it…


I literally asked LET ME BUY THEM. You’re saying I can…well, yeah, but not really.

What I CAN do is buy random bags of loot that sometimes contain them.

What I CAN’T do is buy them directly with rubies, the way that I can with lumber and food.

So you’re little trite comment about gas prices is kinda unrelated.

YES, there is a shortage. That is the whole reason why people are requesting that in the happiness initiatives there be a way to get more…so some players asked for a marketplace…but a cluster of players rose up and hushed this idea, because hackers this and cheaters that. Then I put forth that maybe we can simply BUY THEM if we can’t have another way to get them, and here YOU come to chime in about “well, isn’t it supposed to be a limited supply?”…

Can’t PG speak for themselves? Why are you the self-appointed gatekeeper of suggestions?


I’ll add, that you’re bringing up a completely separate conversation about how available resources are supposed to be in the game. That’s an interesting idea for a general discussion thread…


Yes I seen them have it mentioned, was wondering why no one had quoted it yet actually. Still doesn’t take away from the complaints that everyone wants a garage filled with Lamborghinis is low, and I’m against the give me give me attitude. A readjustment possibly, but current lvls in game seem not to far off. But enough so everyone owns a mansion would be ridiculous.

If it’d make you feel better they could make a pack of only embers at a rate comparable to gold chests?

Of course they can and I’m sure they’ll chime in, or just do a change considering the mention in their upcoming things list. I just try to give a different perspective to maybe open a few minds from being closed.


I just think it’s funny that the high level players are upset about the 300 wall, but when a level 100 asks for more embers he’s met with condescension.

Yeah, I hear you. Opening minds is great.


300 wall is different issue, but your not the only one with the complaint of embers.