War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


How is that chart even relevant? It makes no sense.

You have a tower upgrade vs a tier, but have two different graphs for L53 vs what?

You confuse me


It’s showing how 300 wall progression is a issue with progression speed an actual error of gameplay, and not a what is correct value of rss like embers.

Blue is current as it says. Orange is if towers gave XP increases past lvl 53 at a rate equal to pre 53. Basically showing how just making towers past 53 give more instead of the same XP doesn’t change the spike.

That’s the gist, a little more here.

I did test a little but without taking each upgrade into account this has you as example upgrading like a DF lvl 45 at one lvl then a lvl 55 at the next.
Possibly your fort calculator and it’s error notices can help create a full breakdown of best possible leveling from 0-330, def towers and huts, storage, builder, etc too?


but you can buy them, they’re just ridiculously expensive


I think Honor means that they should let players buy them at a lower price


but you can though


Since I get 10 rubies rather than bronze chests in event drops (put a ticket in - PG response - sorry, known issue) I assume the “intrinsic” value of a bronze chest is 10 rubies. The bronze chest value in the armory is 100 rubies. Crazy inflation.


Its been mentioned already but lets make it happen PG


Remove cooldowns on Skoll and Hati.
Thx :slight_smile:


Formalize the season dragon nerf or rather specify certain boosts/abilities are good for the season or for xx weeks etc after which they lapse. Nothing changes within that time period. If it’s OP it’s OP until after the time period. The ToS may allow for devs to make changes to products as they see fit but it’s far better for player happiness to not buy something early for an in game advantage and suddenly have it nerfed. This is already informally the case for players like me who have experienced it through several seasons but if you want to keep customers let them know what to expect rather than figure it out


Security works in layers. There is no such thing as a theftproof security system for your car, and yet you probably have one.

It’s about reducing the amount and severity of cheating. You may not know this, but the human immune system works on the idea that it can’t keep everything out, so it is designed to function without keeping everything out. Generally this is done by compartmentalization and layers of protection.

I often feel this game isn’t doing enough about cheaters/hackers, but I definitely would not wish to see them give up or stop doing what they are doing. It could be so much worse if there was no active efforts to reduce cheating/hacking.

Knowing that you cannot make your car completely secure, tell me, would you park it in a bad neighborhood leaving it unlocked with the keys in the ignition?

Like all things it’s a cost vs benefit situation. The benefit to the overall game of a “marketplace” or “salvage shop” etc, is going to be far less than the cost of securing, supporting and maintaining the equivalent of an unlocked car in a bad neighborhood.

I probably agree with your view on too many currencies, but I don’t agree with your view on massive elemental ember shortage. But let’s forget about my opinion and consider that the availability of embers is controlled on purpose, and anything done to reduce currencies would be done while maintaining the existing availability of elemental embers.

I do think embers are still treated like a premium product and should be no longer after all this time. Flaks as a tower are ended. No more new types of flaks will be created. It seems to me that elemental embers should be farmable in some way.

I personally think you get farther by stating the issue rather than demanding solutions. Keep in mind most farmable resources can be lost as well. If embers became farmable or somehow produceable by existing or new resource plots they would probably be possible to be stolen. Mostly what I’m saying is that most anything comes at a tradeoff/price which maintains risk and reward, so keep that in mind.

I personally don’t see embers as being a big deal to be treated like lumber or food. I think possibly asking for many other items might doom your request. Good luck, I hope this gets some attention this time. One of the big issues with this game is the lack of grindabilty for certain resources, and I’d love to see some improvement with that.



edit: gonna have to wait before i use my rubies for gold chests until ember/sigil drop rates fix? :smiley:

no more wastes! xD



Please tell me that PG is not dropping the ball on this and the tier based discounting is being addressed when the new tier is released today?? Following through on your word would go a long way to prove to players PG is making an effort. A failure here would show us PG really doesn’t have any desire to follow through on these items. Forcing pink hearts on players who didn’t want them is not a very useful use of time by developers when these core issues are still issues!


At the risk of getting myself into even more trouble on this thread, I don’t think PG views the list as fait accompli and this is an Amazon style wish list. Maybe we get them, maybe we don’t, and the time frame is far from certain. Correct me if I’m wrong but the tier discount started with Red and the boycotted breeding guide, not as a PG led initiative. There is no incentive to discount on the same exact event as the new tier, far from it. I don’t think they are trying to boost players up in the tiers but rather keep folks from quitting when the mountain top gets too far away. Two very different goals if you ask me.


Hwrd this is exactly my fear. I don’t think anyone is asking for Vanguards to be discounted but moving up to the next tier in relation to the new tier would be exactly what the player base expected when PGJared announced this was a top ticket item to be addressed. And unless PG plans on releasing another tier this year this is their chance to show the player base they care. Just as an example I will be breeding Storm for 176k tokens this is event (yes he’s a mythic, but now he’s 4 tiers below endgame) when the new dragons will be costing 175k tokens. Someone please explain how that makes any sense whatsoever…I am seriously considering skipping event if discount isn’t in play because well, I’m nowhere near endgame and one event won’t make things much worse!


Divines :dragon_face:
HUNTERS ==> Setup Dragons
WARRIOR ==> Anti Nucler Tank
SORCERERS ==> Strong (but balanced) White SpellS. ( A sorcerer should not fear the mages towers, no? )


Last event I hit number 56 for breeding trying like heck to get into the 300 wall so I would have a different complaint. This time around I can go the same route or just not spend. No discounts and a new tier moved my mountain top too high and I’m too discouraged to do anything about it. :sob:



Per Arelyna, they’re not extending the tier-based discounts yet.

So if they’re following through on that, they’re not doing it yet.


Maybe they’ve decided that new tiers will always have the same cost, thus eliminating the need for any further discounting…?


That doesn’t work with balloon increases, more tokens same price is faster instead of slower that it should be.


Unless they cap the balloon at Vanguard? I dunno.

It’s been said multiple times in multiple threads that the scaling needs to coincide with new tier releases or it’s nothing more than a bandaid, so I’m trying to fathom why they would intentionally fail to adjust cost scaling with the release of a new tier and be so typically (and aggravatingly) tight-lipped about it…