War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


New to the forums, so I’m sure its already here, but I wanna know why its so hard to fix the xp wall after 300? How is it that you are unable to have towers past 53 give more xp, but they still require more RSS and timers to build them?
And why instead of working on and fixing issues like this, you go and make our dragons shoot hearts? that seems like a waste of programming that could have been used to fix real issues.

And on the topic of scaling/re balancing things. The amount of egg tokens required for research is ridicules. you could even do a “easy” fix, and allow mystic eggs to be used for research


For 300 wall, why dont you reduce 30% of building time and rss?


it can’t be that difficult to program it to increase xp payout as levels go up. It’s the same as having it require more rss and timers per level. This has to be one of the easiest issues to fix. And all we ever hear is “we are working on figuring out how to resolve the issue” it’s simple, give more xp!


Lots of info over here, upping xp doesn’t help much.


so you think it makes sense that a tower level 53, requiring x amout off rss and time to build, should be the same as say a tower that requires more rss, and more time to complete? How does that make any logical sense?


sorry, just realized you just shared a different post, told ya im new to these haha


Oh, PG finds ways to make it difficult.

If they can’t find ones, they create them.


Nope, have said against it already. I just said that it doesn’t help the wall much, not that it should be that way.

Edit: I just did the same and seen your reply. @TheKDogofWar check out post 156 of the thread I posted a second ago. The xp staying the same is odd, and correcting it does help a little, but the wall would still be there after fixing that. So, there is something bigger that needs figured out.

This something bigger and even the xp correction has multiple ramifications that all need looking into. This is what is leading to a lengthy fix I suspect.


I would love it if someone from PG could explain how it makes sense that for 22 tower levels, they all give you the same XP. if thats the case, they may as well make xp the same as level 1 towers


This is something that’s been explained a few times. The people who do the visual effects are not the people who work on things like the 300 wall. Art and game balance are significantly different areas.

So they aren’t wasting resources - they’re just having each team do their work. VFX people do some fancy visual effects for a holiday, while other teams focus on bug-bashing, game design, etc.


Why are you feeding the trolls?

PG said that they are working on the 300 wall, give it a bit folks.


True, they have said they are working on it, for a year. this should have been something caught and fixed after people started asking why the xp is the same. not letting towers get to 75, soon to be 80 I’m sure, without fixing the issue


What was there to catch? It was intentional. Kinda like the thing where you could upgrade towers but they wouldn’t actually get stronger. That was also intentional.


All true but not obvious to anyone who isn’t familiar with software development, which might be the bulk of the players.

No doubt this is a serious missed opportunity for PG to get ahead of the complaints and push player confidence. Instead we are on day 2 of full radio silence and many are reminded of why we have a “Player Happiness” initiative in the first place. Folks view the lack of tier discounts in conjunction with the new tier as a failed commitment, and the lack of any progress or updates while they continue rolling out new tiers faster than anyone without 10s of thousands of spare bucks can afford same exact policy and market approach that landed us on this thread in the first place.


why not have all groups work together for a bit, and smash out a whole bunch of bug fixes? Then once that’s done, work on dragons shooting hearts. From a business/customer service point of view, you think you would want to fix as many issues that are causing players to quit spending, or even playing the game, over “fancy” special effects, that do nothing to improve the quality of the game


Because the effects artist does effects. He/She does them better and faster than anyone else in the office because they are good at their job. Those “Lucky Charms” pink hearts were developed, tested, and deployed by a specialist. Forcing that person to say, re balance the drop tables for elemental lumber in gold chests would take them longer and potentially have a worse outcome than the person who does that in the first place and actually be counter productive for both us and PG. I completely understand the frustration. Pink Hearts doesn’t motivate me to log in and start grinding on War Dragons, but that isn’t the issue at play.

A major patch going out with no player requested features or economy improvements might be understandable if there had been communication around why and when we might see the things being discussed but this route just opens the door to questions like why PG can’t smash resources together to get a player requested result.


For the same reason most painters don’t also write novels or build skyscrapers.

It’s important to me that you understand this…


I wish I had the same confidence that you have in PG’s ability to look past their wallets to find a solution.


I bet Bob Ross could.