War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


@PGJared is there any update to be able to remove runes off dragons for rubies yet?


The raid button was the best thing ever, aside from the bonus meter. Both of which I would love to see come back. I personally would love to see Fight Pits done away with and bring back KOTH. Personal opinion, best PvP event ever. The bonus meter, raid button, and KOTH, give me them and Christmas comes early.


Make it so that if a player joins after a war is declared they cannot assist in war attacks. This will stop people from cheating by bringing in a ringer after the war starts. Before everyone says “that’s not cheating” think about it. If a team wouldn’t have declared on them with that player there then the introduction afterwards for the explicit reason of wining the war it is cheating. If they didn’t joing just for the war then they won’t have a problem waiting until the next war to be usefull.

Let the trolling begin.


Please make the dragon runes like the building runes where we can remove them with rubies for example I can’t get my choas runes off my sanguis and I can’t get these runes or glyphs that I worked hard to get through the silver chests so now that empyrean tier is out this dragon will no longer be viable to me and all runes and glyphs on him that I need for a new dragon are now wasted and I won’t ever be able to obtain them agin threw chests or events so please fix this ASAP


I agree here. They should be removable like the building runes.


If the tier discount made it’s way down below platinum where it should have started in the first place, the 100k cost for Gold legendaries is still absurd, there wouldn’t be an issue to complain about here wrt gold/green eggs for research. But beyond that, the number of gold/green eggs required in the first place is the better place to start. I have a choice of spending 72K tokens on gold eggs to get to USEFUL platinum research or continuing to progress to dragons on my level.


I agree with that. Why wouldn’t they extend the discount all the way to at least gold if not green as well? Maybe some of the more number savvy guru’s can answer that.


This one is easy. Because there is going to be new research and almost everyone will have to roll up old eggs to get their branches going again. Discounting those is not good for PG.


They did lower Gold-Sapp research eggs amounts and times to help with that.


That doesn’t justify having to spend 100K tokens on a dragon that was relevant 3 years ago. I guess I was looking at that more than the research aspect of it.


If you’re referring to Whale/Cons, it’s really 50k tokens each because IIRC you get both for your 100k.


And they’re WORTH 50k tokens?


Did I say that?


But take a look at previous and later than that

Green - 2 legendary dragons for 36k
Gold - 2 legendary dragons for 100k
Platinum - 2 legendary dragons for 64k

I do still think it’s the odd one out and the price should be 50k for the pair.


How are you spending tokens on divines, Mech…? :thinking: You shady sheep!

I think 50k-60k is more reasonable for the pair, but that doesn’t need cost scaling of the entire tier…




LOL, no, the whole thing is just absurd. And yes @Bambam27, they did cut some of those costs, but, per usual, not enough. On most breed plans, you come no where close to having enough, especially when you factor in the need to use them for the builder hut as well. I don’t mind the times so much. Why, in the current meta, do we need still need to research poison? Unless the ballista is magically going to become relevant again. The required 14 tokens as a gateway to an additional supershot (which I have platinum eggs aplenty for) with an identical platinum egg count just doesn’t make sense. I don’t even mind spending the rss on the next level of research upgrade if there’s a commensurate overhaul of crap like this.


Pain point.

They know you want that supershot research, and they know you’ll do what you need to get it. They hope you’ll get frustrated with grinding out the tokens and just decide to spend to get over the hump.

No incentive for them to change it. Sucks, but it’s true.


This is the point I was trying to make without having to type it all out.

I could spend and get Archimera and Rhyo (203K tokens for a dragon that is nothing but a big speed bump!!!) I’ve spent more than enough recently so just Arch this event.

But wait, I neglected all of that gold egg research so I used almost 100K egg because I flat out have to get the building and incubation reduction as I’m headed into the 300 wall in 2 months.

They get me one way or another and yet AGAIN if there are no discounts next breeding. PG has every cost accounted and they collect stats and know folks simply have no choice.

Again, someone correct me but token cost reductions started with Red and her protest, NOT PG! Putting cost reductions at the top of this thread and then going on a month long vacation is perfect. It will take concrete action by a vast number of players to force any change on PG’s part. Based on my admittedly limited experience around here, expect a battle on every single issue every single time. No one at PG says, “We gotta fix this” until the player base drops and they have to offer free vanguards to get folks back.



All this talk of player happiness and QoL is just that— talk. I don’t believe what ppl say, I believe what they do.

So far all I’ve seen PG do is finally add one long-requested feature to Atlas and crap out another new tier without any consideration for the surrounding infrastructure (level discrepancy, tier cost adjustment).


EDIT: I must however give props once again to Arelyna for the massive improvement in communication regarding questions about new tier release. Thanks for that at least.