War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


You forgot Surt, the game breaking OP mythic they pushed out despite the GPF and had to nerf (maybe again) after it was released. They did that.


I think the research scaling isn’t bad, would have to really look into it to see the rates, but it’s an actual catch mechanic for the dragons most would like I think. I’ve explained somewhere how progression rate improvements weren’t a catch up, but merely a fix to the bad initial scaling.

I like them :man_shrugging:, yes I’m odd, but they not irrelevant unless they just decide to take ballistas out of the game completely.

Choices for all, I’m opposite and nearly done with research during Garnet dragons.

The point with these I’ve said before is current system of dragons vs research creates a choice for players to choose different paths. More dragons, more research, or some sort of mix. This choice creates diversity in the game instead of a set path game which is a really cool part of WD I think, diversity.

Sounds like a keeping up with the Joneses reference.


I disagree with this in every single way possible. Research poison to get my dark flak buff? Obsolete BS left there as artificial speed bumps. Either you cave in and research useless garbage, or languish behind your peers. Spend, or suck at the game…


Are you playing a different game than I am? There is almost no diversity in this game, not in dragons that one can fly to be competitive, effective base set ups, nothing. Not for anyone who wants to do well. I mean, I guess if you’re just collecting dragons and only care to hit down and never shoot anything out of the sky, there are lots of options. And research certainly does not create diversity. It’s a set path and has things on it people need. It just creates yet more pain points in a game that already has too many such points.

Fixed it for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TY Moon and most correct. Even after all of the abuse, I still want to love this game. I spend hours and hours every day grinding and working my way up. Everyone has a breaking point though. Failure to evolve a game is a sure fire way to kill it off.


It’s not just about keeping up with the Joneses, it’s about building out a defensible base, which research is supposed to enhance. The whole meta progresses, dragon tiers, towers, etc. Sadly, like what @SuavMcDreamy mentioned earlier, it doesn’t actually matter anyway. It did feel good to vent the spleen though.


That is all we are doing here today. Shouting into the empty canyon. Maybe some other player shouts back.

The person who could address any of this never responded after the patch and is off on a 3 week vacation after being told he was spending too much time on the forums.


Maybe we should all take a 3 week vacation as well?


Same game, I’ve also mentioned how the majority, especially the ones here on the forums, of players choose to play the game all nearly the same way. Then complain there isn’t diversity when it’s choice that makes that.

The others of the PX crew still do their parts.


I would except my clan would be disappointed, forced to kick me, and find a replacement. Rightfully they might not want me back either if my commitment was that low. This dynamic is not lost on PG. They understand it quite well.


I’m gonna call shenanigans. They have no tangible results, no communications, and failed to create any change this patch. Same old, same old. More tiers, more costs, more OP Mythics to be nerfed. They very well might be working 40+ hours a week advocating on our part but apparently are NOT empowered to make any change at all.


I would assume this as true considering how often they talk about different teams within the office, each having specific tasks.


If you mean the competitive way, then yes.

Moon is talking about diversity in competitive play. If you want to be competitive, fly hunters. If you want to be competitive, get all your research done so you can shoot more and build faster.

There’s room for diversity in competitive play, but PG isn’t doing anything to maximize it.


Major Update: I’m still not happy. The “War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives” has been a complete fail in my opinion, so far.

All this compiling data was a waste of time.

You’d think PG was a government entity the way they are so proficient at talking an awful lot about promises but doing absolutely nothing with any real substance.


OMG they still have 10 months and 16 days in 2019! That’s plenty of time to make an announcement. :expressionless:


What?! Aren’t you happy with the pink hearts PG give us?

Complain 1: blah blah blah. PG makes a new visual
Complain 2: blah blah blah. PG makes a new visual
Complain 3: blah blah blah. PG makes a new visual

See, PG is working hard on resolving players complains.


Green, PG is made of different groups, one for fixes is different than one for visual.


The graphic/artistic team(s) are far and away the most prolific.


I know PG has amazing artists. The art department seems to run the show because other department either take too long to make things happen or introduce updates that creates more bugs.

My review of their departments: art >>>> other departments >>>>>> financial department


Your hierarchy is not correct. Finance department is the king.