War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


My bad…maybe they just need to schedule more meetings?


You have to bribe with pets, maybe food and booze. :stuck_out_tongue:


They can meet as many times as they want, as long as Ryuu gets fixed!


Amen! We REALLY need to have Ryuu fixed, he’s a game changer.:grin:


To be fair, they did place player happiness at the bottom of their roadmap for the year, so… :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah and the 300 wall is well not on the list but in some indeterminate location of not getting done.

But hey so long as Ryuu gets a pretty hat or something everyone will be happy and whip our the CC.


First thing first! Ryuu!
I cant believe no one has offered to create support group for players disturbed by Ryuu
Also, a bit off topic Has Ryuu gotten hearts as well?


They can just get rid of that useless annoying ryuu


Definitely need to fix element shards. Only time you can get them is during fort events. Only time you get them in a pack is for 99.99 and it’s only 5k which won’t even be 1 upgrade at higher levels.


Everyone wants $1M. As in not everything should be given out with ease.


So are you defending the fact that someone would need to spend 100 dollars to get 80% of a tower comlete?

Edit: to be clear I’m not saying that it should be easy to get the games most valuable currency. But there should at least be a way to actually get it through hard work and not just spending. You using the analogy of 1m dollars is absolutely asinine and shows your actual understanding of anything in the game. But I’m pretty sure everyone here already knew that


You haven’t a clue about anything. You’ve repeatedly shown that time and time again.


I do spend, but not able to build the ammount of flaks i need to finish setup. Would need rob a bank to get it done or spent my rent🙄
The ammount of timers we get of gold chests etc, its based on tower levels below 50, it never got changed… but tower building times raised.


This :point_up_2:

Embers from gold chests, gold chests from season lines and rubies, season line from hard work, rubies from season lines.

Only with the dream of a base full of flaks as the only way to play. This is where I say $1M, most can’t make it there, but have $500K? Be happy. Have $100K, be happy. No one is happy with what they got and want more more more…

Is timers your issue more than embers?


Im not talking about dream base, im talking about my base and even add the flak that slowly build wont be able get to 75 period.
And you serious have no idea what u talk Bout nothing. To use embers need timers, to use timers need embers.
Also the healing potions need to get off the gold chest drops! How is 20 healing potion worth as legendary drop?


Flaks are the highest damage towers in the game so in order to be at least mildly competitive you will need more than a couple. Or should we just build a base like yours and be beaten by a 2.1m
Gold gunnar DRUNK with an ember backer?

If you want video proof I have it :joy:


Now i want see that video👀


Definitely wasn’t my best flying :rofl:. Apparently when I’m drunk I forget that cloak exists :joy:


Investing money in the game should get you faster progression, however imo it should not get you more than someone who takes their time or grinds… someone who spends can currently not only get faster progression, but more building blocks… I’m all for spending but someone who spends their way to 300 and someone who grinds their way there should have the same building options, currently that is not the case.


Do we have a new training base for low tier drags? :eyes:

I think you meant epic drop.
That said, I do hope that “healing time/potion” issue can be solved, so that we can remove healing potions from chest drop and replace it with more useful stuff.