War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


That you for your post. One of the rare true responses without bs.

I don’t quote my way as best.

Top towers shouldn’t be able to be built a full base out of unless you drop a literal $1M lot of cash.

Total agree here, what I don’t agree with is give me give me.

Edit: I know I’m difficult to understand with most people. Even though I consider my points quite simple usually they are taken very far off track, like overthinking a simple problem. If you are a rare crazy one to understand me would you mind translating to others? If no it’s ok, I understand. (Like seriously this goes back to high school were I could learn from teacher when most couldn’t, and only one classmate could interpret me, who would then help the class).

I really am sorry for that y’all, but if ya stop the bs and ask about what is confusing to ya then I promise eventually we’ll come to a mutual understanding, even to those that don’t get me most the time, with communication it gets ironed out.

Don’t really give guidelines as said above. Only a voice from the flip side of the coin so options are sorted out and not one sided. Edit: Baseless cause all I’m stating is numbers, as in they are available, and please keep them as a luxury instead of the new normal. Ya I’m not gonna tell anyone how to play so guess it is baseless.


Baseless argument then…




Just for perspective…

  • I have been playing 4 years
  • I have always been a heavy grinder
  • I have spent, but not recently
  • I’m on the top team

I have exactly 3 flaks at 75 and approx 14k embers

I can’t wait until I can collect the bounty harbor again in 2 weeks. Those 30 embers will really change the tide for me. :roll_eyes:


Sure, but most people here want more ways to earn things. Yes, a lot of people just want things for free but I’m sure you’ve been able to discern who the brighter minds on this forum are. None of them are asking for free things.

Err, why? Just because that’s the way it’s been? I’m not saying I want a cheap and easy end game base, but I’d like to eventually catch up, or come close, with my little micro base. Is 1 maxed flak really all I’m allowed to dream of because “that’s the way it is?”

So your way therefore isn’t a good measure for most things. I’m sure you’re also content with new tiers coming out faster than you can move through old ones but for others who want to compete, they’re not okay with that.


Not the argument that was being made.

Yet you’ll misquote someone else and paint them as greedy…

Yes… we’re all the ones shoveling bs… :expressionless:

Your conversation history disproves this.

So trolling.



And this is when I stop reading the serious threads … sideways again.


This is so far beyond what we are asking for. Hell look at what happened when PG gave away things to players who quit? What we want is a way to progress at a reasonable rate regardless of spending. Yes spending will and should get you to end game faster. But at the same time it SHOULD be possible for elite to play to reach end game within a few years. We aren’t talking months. We aren’t talking about giving us free stuff. We want a chance to earn this.

We want rewards to be fair to the current game, not the game from the past. Give us a way to grind these premium currencies that is meaningful. If that’s a gimme gimme attitude then so be it.

As a side note I don’t think it’s other people reading your posts wrong. You posts come across very differently to your intention if you aren’t expecting these reactions. I mean dude You are currently telling experienced players who have reached end game and know the economy to “stop the bs”.


PG said right in this thread this guy isn’t an employee yet he is allowed to troll, mislead, and outright shill for them with impunity on the forums and I don’t know why.

NO one thinks the current economy is workable. Spenders are here saying they do not see the value in spending anymore. Everyone else is being left behind faster than they can type a complaint. Just wait a few days for Fort when the upgrade tables for new tower levels are published.

For the record, Bambam is either being told to astro turf (bit of advise bud, this works better if you get lots of peeps posting at the same time that the economy is great), or an very much out of touch, or both.


Yes, touched on this above. Those need to speak up to the ones that are taking it to far, but they don’t.

Not cause it’s the way it’s been, but because normal shouldn’t be millionaires. Currently I think three flaks for average is not bad. You have 5 choices, choose 3. Said before I’m for choice creating diversity, make embers plentiful and everyone owns top towers, this is the new normal and everyone is millionaires, it shouldn’t be.

This isn’t a conversation of how to play, but of the value of items which all have a say in. Top towers are grand prizes, yes I’d like lots of grand prizes, but honestly I know it won’t happen. This is where I differ from even the brighter minds as they see a mark they can’t reach, only in a timeframe they set impatiently, and it’s unacceptable. Instead of you don’t always get what you want.

I honestly believe that, said above I’m sure the meaning isn’t so, but the wording of lots comes off that way.

Only possible with a catch up mechanic implemented in various parts of the game, which past progression changes or this embers changes is not. They’ve fixed the game at various points to be playable is all. If you want elite only grinders to reach endgame then progression of lower should be faster than a good rate, not at a good rate. Reason is like y’all’ve pointed out is they keep creating new content, if it takes 3 yrs to reach endgame now then after those 3 years it won’t be endgame anymore. They would need catch ups in various places so it took 2 years? to reach say 75% completion? regardless of how many lvls and nothing to achieve that has been implemented yet.

Meaningful is subjective as to amount of fairness, the give me is when people ask for to much where it’s no longer a luxury, but normal. Above talks about grindablity of embers (gold chests are in seasons, 9 months per)

This I know and say sorry. The bs is all the negativity with a closed mind where only their way is acceptable. Your response was fair and lacked the bs thank you. I think the bs clause also “came out very differently to my intention” as it was meant more as a closed mind so the responses aren’t progressive to conversation but mearly just hey moron you’re wrong.


That’s a blatant lie. Many ones have speak up proposing solutions that are not “gimme gimme” . Stop the bs


Who is posting a solution that keeps embers at luxury status instead of new normal? Think the gimme is being taking past it’s meaning.


I’ll stop to feed the troll. Sorry forumers


Okay, now I know you’re trolling.

Please keep this thread constructive.


But maybe people want to take the advice of a level 200 with a full 8 island base setup consisting of exactly one flak. :rofl:

It’s no wonder he doesn’t need embers, he has this thing figured out and I’ve just been doing it wrong this entire time.


I second this. Enough is enough.


Here’s a possible “easy” solution…

Remove garbage like food and wood packs and put embers in all event drops, not just Fortification. :man_shrugging:t2:

Or how about combine some redundant currencies like Fire and Ice shards?



This should be easy and doesn’t break the game.


They said the earth flak was the last flak, would be great if whatever the new towers are use all those fire and ice shards that are currently cluttering up inventories.


No, please don’t. Combine ice/fire to ember. Make the new towers also use embers, one currency is enough