War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Fort is this week with new tower levels. (Assumption, but likely) and at least some folks are going to plunk down thousands of US dollars chasing elusive embers in chests and dropping years worth of speed ups.

No one from PG responded to a whole new tier being rolled out with no discounts and all I expect is pure radio silence for another event or maybe even the rest of the season.

We might get a “we have no new information to share post” but I doubt even that happens. Someone at PG prove me wrong. Shame me in public. Please. You missed your chance last breeding, and now here is yet another opportunity to demonstrate that there is more at work than another cynical cash grab next week.


I completely agree :100:
They need to make Flaks accessible to F2P and E2P players.
Paying players have maxed out all flak kills while I’m forced to use just one Dark Flak with Ice/Fire Turrets Storm and Mages.
And I barley have enough embers to build that flak. I made a second Flak early on and have since left it at 25 since I don’t have enough for two Flaks with current Ember Economy.


You simply don’t get it or you are delusional. I’m starting to believe you work for PG finance department.

New tiers drop almost every season. Towers cap increase exponentially faster than F2P can keep up. I may be E2P but it should be a system based on balance between F2P and P2P.
You are talking about 1.5 years to level 3 Flaks to 75. By that time we will have 3-5 tower cap increases from 90-100 as the new max.
As we know the ember cost of glass increases exponentially currently it’s about 128k embers to max 1 Flak from 1-75.
What will it be after it hits Tower level 100? Will you be ok with 200k embers to max how about 300k embers.

Despite what you believe Embers is a serious problem. So much that PG has openly stated that it is and they have placed it on thier top 10 in (QOL/PHI).

Literally no other game that I’ve played charges $300-400 to buy one character(Dragon). For example my favorite game that’s been out over 30 years: Mortal Kombat franchise.
Their last game MKX was $60 for the game with all base content. There was 8 DLC costing $40 so total cost if game with all it’s content was $100.
One year down the road they discounted price for full game called MKXL for $30 that included base game, DLC, Costumes, all characters, maps and downloadables for 30% of original cost.

PG does the opposite of almost every successful game:
They charge large sums for Dragons, Consumables, Atlas, new content, Value packs and special offers only to decrease value of your dollar down the road by adding more tower caps, towers, dragons, tiers and never change cost when it’s inflated.

So we stay at 3 years ago while the end game progresses years past our reach.

I don’t see how anyone can justify in game cost vs reward per $ or effort.


Then don’t tell others how they should build and what’s optimal. If you yourself recognize you are progressing way to slow to catch up then why argue with others who are asking for help?

If a player at your level makes it through your base defended there is something wrong with your setup. Flaks are the only way to go end game 400+. We don’t need 40x L75 Flak towers but we need at least more than Ice/Fire Turrets.


Thought to check if hes silenced, guess no :pensive::sleeping:
That thread is about player happiness, not about what u keep posting in every damn thread of this forum. The game needs spenders, or the non spenders wont be able to play a game that doesnt exist anymore, simple fact.


Let’s please steer the conversation back on track…


Any suggestion on this part?


After this suggestion they came up with 12k ruby chests. What’s next, 24k ruby chests? A random legendary lighting glyph is not worth $100 USD.


Any update to the loyalty type incentives?


:roll_eyes: I bolded the silver, not runic…
I guess the “monument” list hasn’t ever been updated since Turrets are introduced.

Current situation

  Runic Silver
Price for 1 2.4k 300
Price for 10 12k 2k
Leg. Rune Drop 32/112 2/101*
Leg. Bonus Drop 100% 20%*

* Half goes to a list for outdated towers.

My proposal will be

  • Increase the Legendary Rune Drop from 2/101 to 4/120 (increase the length of the array for a bit), with 2 Dragon and 2 Monument.
  • Update Monument rune list for each event. As for now, only Ice Flak, Fire Flak, and Lightning exists, and they are listed under “Dragon” list.
  • Make sure that Dragon and Monument runes are separated properly.
  • Increase Legendary Bonus Drop from 4/20 to 4/15, with 2 L. Monument, 2 L. Dragon, 1 epic dust, 5 Epic Monument, and 5 Epic Dragon.


Just get rid of runes from silver chest. Have a separate runic chest for runes. Silver chest should return to its original content.


People around here have been talking about security issues being why we don’t and won’t have a trading post.

As a developer, I can see how such security issues might arise… “Let’s off-load the random number generator and all the purchase validation to the clients, it will save cpu cycles on the server” and then hackers read the packets between client and server and figure out that if they issue their own commands and edit them so that an “Add x resource” isn t accompanied by a “Subtract y resource”, hacked transactions can only be detected by running analyses on the main game database, though I would expect PG to have such processes.

Now, to tighten security, instead of letting the client roll the dice and say what was gained, the client should just call a function on the server and let it do the work of figuring out what is removed, what is added and validate if it can happen at all. Do that, and if a hacker changes a quantity in-game, the client and server will disagree, and if it happens too often… Ban. With the server exposing only functions rather than tables and views, it becomes very difficult to hack. Techniques such as SQL injection can be Invalidated simply by denying permission on currently updateable tables and allowing only the approved functions to do the work.

So… why don’t PG do that, you all might wonder?

It comes down to server capabilities. Offloading the RNG and validation to the client allows PG to spend much less money on their server, which need not be nearly as capable as one that can run all those calculations on top of everything else it does.

So, in short, PG’s issues with the security of the game are of their own making, in that they have been too stingy to shell out for high-end servers when they could make - or tolerate - sloppy programming choices that allow lower server load at the cost of a much higher risk of hacking. After all, if someone does hack the game, they would still have to do it under their own account or for the benefit of a particular account, and that account can be banned… can’t it?

However, if security is really that bad, then we are all lucky that someone who isn’t trying to benefit only themselves hasn’t come along. While there isn’t likely any money in it for such a hacker, a determined hacker could potentially hack everyone’s account, and when we all get an extra million rubies and diamonds, or even worse things are done to our accounts - you don’t want to know what - PG could be hard pressed to rectify the situation.

An attack of that nature could be quite obvious - broken accounts, everyone’s Christmas come at once, all dragons unlocked, that sort of thing, and all PG would have to do is roll back to a backup. However, an attack of this nature could also be very subtle - drop rates for some game resources increased a bit for a randomly selected fraction of the total player base, and reduces the drop rates for others, also randomly selected… but the intended beneficiaries would be benefited a bit more often than they were inconvenienced than everyone else. Who could tell who was an intended beneficiary and who was a victim if enough random numbers were used by the attacker? PG might not be able to pinpoint exactly when such an attack even began, and could they ban everyone who benefited if many did at some point, and many weren’t inconvenienced. There could be 250 to 5000 intended beneficiaries, but it could look like many thousands that didn’t include the intended beneficiaries were benefited more.

It would kill the game… or it would have to be overlooked.


I will bet my bottom dollar that any new premium tower will have a brand new currency to go with it.


Starting at 100 Grumpybigbird Feathers.


Only if I get a cut from PG :rofl:


I’m sure there’s a backstab joke to be made here but I’ll resist in the interest of not getting a suspension :roll_eyes:


Ok so to bring this back on topic. PG please change all of the odd ball building currencies to only embers.




Since i started this game the packs in forge for many things are unchanged …
In older days where the highest levels was arround 100, that packs was a nice help…
But actually for example timer- packs are not up to date… for what you pay, you get the old time value…
I would like if you can adapt “better” packs , which gave strong timers… You cant even end with the highest timer-pack a high upgrade… if you arent wide in research and riders, not even 2 max timer packs will help out.
That are the ones with Rubies you can buy from forge… i hope you can greatly adapt them…
In times where most player cant go forward because of the level, while you people take that every tier 30++ level higher .

A other wish i would have, is with pvp events… i know there was supposed a member of yours who look into this… but i try to tell you , so you know what it is.
There was in past “skill-based” events… Like many different “assult” styles od pvp events with good gain aswell… That was taken from us… and i wish to be able to get a full price line, when i am very very skilled… Of course that need energy and stuff too which you use… but at the end people can be happier…

So please look over these long wished things,… and the “update” of the timer-packs…
2-3 years before i bought many of them… but for the actual situation they arent good enough! …
Maybe you mix up as extra few of the new timers… so it can be good!



They need to find a way to scale the contents or make them a-la-carte.

I feel like when they improve something they charge more for it. Like with the “improved” runic chests for instance.

Again, not looking for end game content but as yet another fortification approaches, my 465 days of timers will only raise me from 330 to 333.

Insane to think this isn’t going to discourage me from continuing this game


I’ve given up. I will always be 1 - 3 tiers away from “end game”. I simply don’t have $20K USD to toss at a video game.