War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Nicely put, I am in the very same situation.

The latest “improvement” will give you one type of shards for crafting Atlas items. How many types do you need to craft an item…

+1 Player Unhappiness


Interesting in game mail about crafting packs being selectable to the type of element starting this week.

Maybe, just maybe there’s hope?

Edit: Damn, did I read that wrong and just project positivity onto the message? I will read again


This isn’t meant as a criticism against your argument, but I don’t think you should be comparring an app with a full priced game, the business models are very different.


Or maybe make 5000 fire/ice shards = 500 to 1000 embers?

Or some sort of exchange to that effect?
Black pearls the same once you have 3 maxed perches the black pearls are useless… or if you have a small base and will never have the cash to expand all islands black pearls are just clutter in the gold chests.

Make them all interchangeable and be done with it.



This and the daily check in remind me of that Elizabeth Hurley movie ‘Bedazzled’ - where satan gives Brendan Fraser 7 wishes with full intention of twisting them all into nightmares.


Or making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.



Just head up before new season start, it will going to be increase in sigil requirement for each dragon because of new tier. If it remain same amount then we are good but if you going to increase it then please work on personal prize and team prize for sigil as well. It will be very hard to get those many sigils for one dragon. This is case if sigil requirement increase next season. Thanks


That’s on the road map for 2025.


Agreed, and make it better for the lower tier prizes, not just adding sigils in super high tiers where most players don’t benefit.


Improve how dragons are released. Stand behind the dragons as they are released, or don’t release them.
Having your customers feeling betrayed and not trusting anything you do or say is not a good business model.
Wonder how many you will lose because of your mismanagement and deceit.


Deceit… maybe, but I don’t personally think so.

Mismanagement… absolutely, on multiple fronts.

They can change things whenever they want, and I believe they should tweak things from time to time because, as the game grows and progresses, imbalances will naturally crop up.

However, when they religiously decline to disclose timelines to users and then consistently release updates that feel rushed, sub-par, and not fully implemented (sub-league prizing anyone?), there’s disparity there. Compound that with poor communication (improving ever so slowly) and it sure looks like blatant disregard and money-grabbing.

I’ll say it again, PG: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be. Proactive.


How about increase the sigils in the sigils chests.


Ok. Clearly the chests for fortification have changed… with more embers and more perls it is a good Thing. But now there are no speeders anymore! Therefor the 300 wall is getting even more ridiculous… How about getting rid of those damn fire and iceshards. No one uses these old towers anymore anyway! Or let them all be Same elemental shard and change the useless trillions of fire and ice into others.


Can you screenshot your drop?


There’s a big juicy cluster of ember and pearl legendary drops in this week’s gold order. For the ~30 chests (13 legendaries) in that region it’ll feel great. Outside of that, you’re getting clocks, lumber packs, fire and ice shards. (And a few sigils.)


I just got allmost all speedups, must be bad luck Han.


I think I saw this idea and really liked it so I wanted to put it out there again.

Add the ability to test our bases within teams.

Does not effect resources, heal times, hammers ect. Just attack a fellow teamate to test their base layout, click the “allow teammates to join” and maybe you can have your teammates choose to watch (or an advanced feature, allow them to defend or fly second). I would love this for helping players find the best base design and learning new dragons vs different layouts


would be nice yes. Just remove XP, and let teammates defend. Then we still spend boosts, hammers etc etc, but can’t abuze it for XP.


I use to play Clash of Clans and they added a feature like this. All troops and resources spent were all replaced like it never happened. Made just for practice so they wouldn’t need for us to spend our hammers and 30% boosts. It’s a hypothetical attack haha


The thing that would make me happiest is seeing the true defense value of a base when I am looking through them to attack.

Those values have been inaccurate for years and need to be fixed please. I pick a base with 700m defense but it’s actually 1.4b defense once the proper boosts are applied. It is frustrating. :grin: