War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


A reminder to pg: when the mail to inactive accounts goes out about the level 300 wall being broken pls don’t include free dragon tiers (or any other mega incentive) as part of the offer to come back to the game. It will leak and will affect active player happiness


I do not post often here the coming changes sound amazing.
Aside though, I believe that manual player defense of bases are a little over powered


I’m a long time player of the game, having joined roughly at the end of March 2015, right around when it was first released on iOS.

I’m not a frequent visitor to the forums, but I’ve read most of the posts and replies in the 2019 Roadmap threads.

These are my thoughts on the player happiness subject. Some have been mentioned by others (but I include them anyway to add my voice of support to the requests), some have not and I hope that they will be taken into consideration.

  1. Add a way for teammates to attack each other’s bases (and/or for us to attack our own bases) in “training” runs, so as to more effectively be able to test out new base layouts and dragon spell combos. These runs would obviously not take any RSS from the teammate being attacked nor be worth any XP, and the option for followers and defenders to join should be there too, to test all possible scenarios. These defenders would be able to use supershots and swords/hammers/shields as they normally would, but these would not actually be deducted from their inventory, and the attacker dragons would not need time to heal afterwards, nor would attackers lose any boosts that are applied to their dragons from their inventory.

  2. Give us the ability to send most (if not all) in-game RSS to other players, beyond just food, wood, and gold, including timers, egg tokens, ice/fire shards, elemental embers, black pearls, Atlas crafting shards and scrolls, runes and glyphs, dragon gear, rubies, diamonds, dragon and tower attack and health boosts, defense hammers/swords/shields, health potions, etc.

  3. Alternatively, at least add some sort of in-game marketplace in which we can buy/sell/trade these items for market-driven value.

  4. If neither of those options is feasible, at least allow us to trade one type of RSS for another in the forge, e.g. trade ice/fire shards for elemental embers/black pearls. Even if it’s at a loss, like it costs 10% of the RSS being traded plus some rubies, at least it would be something to get rid of all of the useless excess stuff that we have tons of in our inventory and help us to get the things that we need more of.

  5. At one point, there was a gear icon visible during incubation start/dragon hatching that allowed the animation to be skipped, and then that icon disappeared. Please bring it back.


And maybe some egg tokens ? :wink:


This allows for hadkers to ruin the economy and will most likely never be implemented


These changed haven’t been confirmed


I mean, hackers should be being banned anyway, so not sure how they would ruin things.


I did say egg tokens


Unless there is a formal announcement from PG, I’ll keep linking this.

@DragonPunch since this statement is one year old (outdated), can we have PG’s answer for this?


Didn’t see that :slight_smile:


Or even to fly your own base


Oh. Well, that’s disappointing. Maybe improving app security against cheaters and hackers should be the big ticket wish list item for the player happiness initiative then. Lol


Personally id be so happy that the literal term for my joy i believe would be gay IF ballista was FIXED and if i could be informed on why temporary havoc only buffs +50% i mean thats practically a battle cry if im not mistaken which is a lot more permanent than havoc in a run as long as blues disabled…

But no rush its only been turning into months


Give us the chance to recycle / destroy the towers; maybe losing x% of lv exp per destroyed / recycled tower. It would be really great !!


I would be happy to loose all the of experience so long as I gain the timers and rss as packs back. At least then I wouldn’t be at a constant disadvantage because I’ve been playing the game longer.


Not sure which way you mean to lose the xp, but either way is a recipe for abuse.

If destroying the towers loses you the xp, it lowers your level. You can breed Empyrions, then drop your level to 200 and own everyone in Atlas.

The other way around, if you keep the xp, I can simply destroy and build and destroy and build the same tower until I can breed the Empyrion dragons I want, without spending a single extra timer.


I would say that if you do it and it drops your level then it locks out what would not be available for your level (i.e. Empyrions). I would not mind this mechanic at all. It would enable me to put those resources toward towers that matter and thus raise my level back up to unlock said level dependent goodies.


Lots of other problems with that. You get a billion points every fort event. You declare on a team of level 100s who are suddenly level 400s an hour later. Everyone always has the optimal level for dragons, zero consequences for mistakes.

A tower trade-in scheme like @mechengg has proposed is infinitely more viable than this trade-in idea.


Right but my mistakes were 3 years ago and I continue to pay for them. The players coming in now have the benefit of mine and others experience to know what not to do. They could make it so that you don’t earn fort event points until you are back to your previous level. They could make it a one time deal. While I doubt that the war scenario you describe would ever occur, how is this any different than declaring on a team of 100’s and them bringing in a 350 to help 5 flame all of your bases after the war is declared?

There are possible solutions for all of your “problems”. Just takes imagination to overcome them.


Sure there are, might as well write a completely new game from scratch while you’re at it. Point is there have been far better solutions suggested already, by people who actually know what they’re talking about, so why not use those instead, instead of trying a bunch of “imaginative solutions” that are likely to cause more problems than they solve again?