War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Well right now there is no solution. So we continue to do nothing. Please do not fault people for trying to come up with new ideas. It is extremely short sighted and frankly rude.


Is your problem:

  1. Built too many towers
  2. Your tower types are outdated


I am a reformed long baser.


I do not currently play or know of other games where mistakes - levels - defense are forever with absolutely no way to fix or change it.

(We don’t need any white knights riding in to identify other broken games.) Yes, I know defense on say CoC is forever but you can correct a broken base with time/gems/effort and control your next level, and that simply can’t be done on WD.

PG is keen to assign a ruby cost to every single little thing in this game but they refuse to let folks fix this problem, even with rubies? Someone in finance is sleeping at wheel on this one.


Definitely bring it back!!! it was a great feature


In regards to tower recycling/exchanging, I saw a post from someone that seemed like a good idea to me, and I’d like to hear some constructive criticism/feedback on it and whether it is a sound idea or whether it could be used for abuse.

I tried to find the original post again but couldn’t, so unfortunately I don’t remember who posted it or in what thread, but it went something like this:

You have X number of towers in storage that you want to exchange for tower Y.

The system adds up the XP value earned from of all of the towers that you want to exchange, as well as what they cost in RSS and time.

You would be offered to accept tower Y at the level it would be if it had earned you the exact same amount of XP.

This new tower level cannot exceed the max level of towers that you can build on your base normally. If it would exceed that level, you must choose fewer towers to exchange, as there is no allowance for refund of XP.

If the new tower would cost more of a given RSS than you used to build the original towers, e.g. embers, then you must have enough of that RSS in your inventory to pay that cost. If you do not have enough, you cannot complete the exchange of the old towers for the new one, just like you cannot build a tower normally if you don’t have enough of the RSS it requires.

If the new tower would cost less of a given RSS than you used to build the original towers, e.g., wood, you forfeit the excess. It is not refunded to you, this is part of the cost of the exchange process.

As far as the combined time it took to build the original towers, it is basically the same thing. If the new tower would take longer to build, then it becomes a building in progress with that amount of time left to complete. You must have a free builder and slot on your base to go to work on it in this case.

Alternatively, if you have enough timers in stock, you can use them to complete it instantly. Maybe you still need to have a free builder to do it anyway, as part of the cost of the process.

If it would somehow take less time for the new building to complete than the combined time that the original towers took to build (unlikely, but I’m sure somebody could find some weird way), then you forfeit that time, you do not get refunded timers.

If everything works out, you pay some cost in rubies, and the transaction is completed.

Perhaps the towers you are exchanging also need to have been sitting in storage for X amount of time before you are allowed to exchange them (to prove that they really are towers that you don’t want to have any more), to prevent any chance for some vector of abuse.

Since there is no gain or loss of XP in this process, there is no change in player level, and therefore no chance for some of the abuse vectors or level-related issues that I’ve seen people mention.

Similarly, since there is no refund of any RSS of any type (wood, embers, shards, or timers) to the player, there is no chance to abuse destroying towers to artificially score more points in the fortification event, or to level up to where you can breed a higher dragon tier of dragons.

And, since there is a (presumably significant) ruby cost involved, as well as a cost in any RSS and/or timers you need to pay to build the new tower, the process is set up to be monetized by PG, because we all know that if there isn’t a vector for that then it is unlikely to happen.

I think this covers all of the possible abuse vectors for a tower exchange/recycling system, but I am not sure if there is anything that I am not thinking of.

I would appreciate constructive feedback on this idea.

Once again, this is not my original idea, I have simply rephrased it in my own words and added my own thoughts to it as to how it can be structured to avoid abuse.

Thank you.


I’m all for tower upgrades :grin:

And despise any form of “reducing base xp through selling towers”, even if we gain nothing and pay instead.
Sorry Mech.
Should’ve been a reply to JustBear


Unfortunately, in WD, level is tied to too many parameters.
Unless you’ll let your account to be rolled back (losing all progress but all bought packs will be recalculated) to certain timeframe.


One problem with this method is if exp lost from scrapping 2 towers is bigger than exp gained from one tower of max allowed level.


Yeah in that case, you aren’t allowed to do that exchange. You’ll have to wait until you level up more and can build bigger towers. Or you can choose to only scrap one of the towers and get a lower level tower of your desired type.

The idea is that thiis system would be a perk, not a right.

Frankly, most of my towers that are sitting in storage have been there for so long that they would not nearly add up to enough XP to build me a tower higher than my base allows now, even if I did many of them at once in this scenario.

I know that my situation is not everyone’s, and that’s why I asked for the feedback, in case there was something that I was not thinking of, but I think I have your scenario covered.


I like the idea and the concept, but I think it doesn’t work if you try to put actual number on it (practical example) :thinking:

Let’s say I want to change my maxed lvl 52 storm tower to the shiny Earth Flak (level and tower for practical exempla only).

  • Storm tower 0-52 = 22,3M wood + 770 days + 1,45M xp + 2,2M event points
  • Earth Flack 0-52 = 11,5M wood and 54,4K embers + 770 days + 1,45M xp + 2,2M event points

Since both towers are alike (time, xp and points) but the new tower needs 11M less wood I would loose it as part of there trade; I also need to have those 54,4K embers and pay XXXX rubies in order to do the transaction, right?

In that scenario, If I have enough Embers I might be interested in this trade, but only if the rubies cost is reduced, like swapping armor parts from a rider. It would be a quick update of some towers. And sure, the timer trade is a big positive part.

But, if I don’t have those Embers I’m stuck. I would be able to trade a Flak for another one for the rubies fee. I can’t see it appealing at all… I would rather start from scratch that tower meanwhile I get some embers and keep growing with XP, event points, etc.

So, my thoughts are that this idea is good but it won’t help many people… except for a fine tuning of our bases, but not for a major update.:thinking:


So maybe when you scrap a tower it becomes an alternate currency (we all know how much PG loves creating new currencies for the game). One that would be able to be used instead of lumber to level a tower, but when it is used the upgrade: 1. takes no time 2. gives no event points 3. gives no XP points.

I emphasized lumber because it wouldn’t be right to be able to use it for things such as embers. I would be fine having to use rubies to “scrap” the old tower to obtain the currency. The exchange rate would have to take into account time and lumber used for the old building so it was applied correctly to the new upgrade.


The problem here isn’t the resource . It’s the xp.

In this game, level is tied to base progress and intertwined with too many parameters…that said, if you mean upgrade a tower to a premium one with premium rss, I’m up for it.


Right so this new currency would essentially take level out of the equation. No xp would be gained or lost in the transaction of, for arguments sake, Drift Wood.

You have a level 30 ballista you want to salvage. Said ballista gives you x number of drift wood.

Now you want to level your level 50 dark flak. If it is in the wood level you will be given the option to apply drift wood to the build. This drift wood would then subtract the commensorate amount of wood, time, and XP from the build. If there is remaining wood needed for building you would apply that next. Your building starts with the modified time remaining. When it completes it give the modified xp for that level.

This would eliminate Level and XP considerations from the salvage process. So long as they don’t count drift wood as a currency for the event it will not affect event scores either.

So now you have essentially taken the lumber and time you spent on that ballista in 2016 and applied it to your new tower without affecting other aspects of the game.

That’s my vision anyways.


@PGJared is it possible to add a tower savage tool for maybe 50% of total resource and timers prior to its level? That will help out a lot


Why don’t we have a Zeppelin mission for timers as well as egg tokens?
Give the grinders something to do.


You need to make this stop happening. Getting kicked and losing all your troops because defenders join late is bs. I think everyone should have x seconds to join. The attack doesnt start until then. You cant join the attack after its started which is what happens when i usually see this bug. During the initial period test the network latency and dont let someone join if their network is so slow it will ruin the other players experience. I am just about fed up with this 5 times today. two reinstalls. 3 reboots. its a real game kill bug.



Need some place to moor it…


Same when game crashes during an run, after log back your troops are lost😈 Ledger showed 20% destroyed and my troops lost.


Can we get a change to “show damage numbers” in settings to “show tower damage numbers” and then add “show dragon damage numbers”?

It would be very helpful to see what damage was happening to the dragons so we can adjust our base according to what worked best. At the moment we just guess off of what happens.