War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


Can we remove the daily „gift“ from what was the bounty harbour? If I get another 2 x 6500 food or wood I am going to cry. The daily checkin is an insult, I would be happy if it was removed.


Been a while since someone from pg commented on this thread if whether any of the suggestions are already being worked on or are new and will be considered etc. Would be great to have some feedback. Was great the 300 issue was worked on before ryu and hope other things get taken care if before ryu too


Frankly I’d rather have the null chat fixed before Ryuu.


Make us happy. Don’t let the second event of the season be Feeding. Give us PvP!


Schedule change has happened in the past, so let’s have our fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


PvP next would be without a schedule change. Minor, major, minor, major has PvP next.


True, but feeding usually takes the major event spot AFAICR.

Just saying I want an actual pvp event to be held instead of feeding, nothing more. x)


A few have shown event history and there is usually a gap between breed and feed, plus they already had last time they tried no PvP in first two weeks, odds are in your favor :+1:.




Mama said PG is the devil meme goes here? Lol


Can be used when arguing against PG or other forum goers alike :eyes:





So when will the year subscription for atlas elite be coming around? I feel this would be something that would be easy to accomplish so figured I’d ask.


I’d love to know about the date for



Make different options in the settings for turning off destructible boats and huts. Boats drop items, Huts don’t.


I think they actually do, at least bridges and the gate do. The drop rate is just crazy low for huts.

Not 100% sure though, maybe @OrcaFrost can confirm.


this is the easiest way to recycle towers…

Create a new commodity like virtual wood.

  1. Click tower, hit recycle.
  2. It asks “Are you sure you want to spend 20,000 rubies to recycle your level 50 cannon?” or something like that.
  3. You click yes and are billed the rubies.
  4. Get refunded virtual wood that can be used to build another new tower from wood only. NO CLOCKS NEEDED for virtual wood, and NO POINTS IN FORT EVENT so this has no effect on prizes or your level.
  5. Build new tower - select virtual wood, done.

Virtual Wood = 100% whats needed for regular wood, it just requires no cost in timers. The cost to the user and the benefit to PG is the rubies (hard cash).



I suggesting something similar to this. I think even the suggestion of 20000 rubies is ridiculous.


i just made up the # of rubies… maybe level 30 tower costs 5000 to salvage… whatever the cost is it has to be balanced, supply and demand… expensive enough for PG to happily release it, and cheap enough that users want to pay for it.


Then why not suggest 5 rubies? You are just making PG think you are willing to spend $70 to salvage a tower.