War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


honestly we already spent on the resources to make the tower in the first place so the fee should be minimal. It is not like runes where we basically get them for free.


i am willing to spend $70 to salvage a level 50 tower :slight_smile:


Wow…just wow…


ya this sounds great but it’s also wishful thinking… if that’s the case they will never release anything tht recycles old towers… there has to be a big incentive for them to release this new feature. otherwise everyone would recycle their towers for next to nothing and not spend a penny on packs for months or years.

i actually really want the feature to be released so i’m willing to pay for it.


Well for 20K rubies each I will just keep my crappy storage buildings. Then they still don’t get anything out of it.


well i said 20k rubies for level 50 tower.

a level 30 tower might only cost 5k rubies or something without doing any math, just guessing. it would be scaled accordingly.


While a recycle towers idea is great. There’s already a few threads on it. Here’s some:


Legendary gear element drop chances should be enhanced for the season’s mythic dragons if not all in the season. Give us more incentive to go for it


How can we be happy? They took away the whale, there’s not even a squid😢


What a joke. Some of these are good things but I can’t believe these were chosen over things like Wars and Atlas. You’re telling me Ryuu is a priority?

You combed through 22,000+ responses and you’re seriously going to sit here and pick Ryuu as a focal point for our happiness?

Try again. Pathetic.


Unfortunately, Quantity measurement is valid to be used for measurement.

That should teach us to prioritize which feature needs to be fixed first I guess.


i would like to able to swap dragons runes and glyphs just like we can with the runes and glyphs from the towers, that would be very beneficial to all players


Updated 1-11-2019 Today is 3/11/2019 Current Report Card:

  • Fix Expedite Economy Grade D- Small amount of timers added to season lines. Needs serious improvement. The level 300 wall adjustments are meaningless without additional timers to be had in game.

  • Reduce / Remove A/B testing Grade D- Looks like extra value B packs removed. So, just standard packs plus the REALLY bad Daily garbage

  • Continue Tier-based Discounting as we roll out new tiers Grade F - Zero discounts to date. New tier rolled out. This is FAIL on so many levels. BAD PG. No treat for you!

  • Fix issues with Ryuu (or remove Ryuu if unxfixable) Grade F Terrible choice out of the gate. No progress on this at all.

  • Improve Wildfire Attack / rebalance Grade F Pending Assuming PvP is next and still the same. You have a few days to improve.

  • Fix Elemental Ember Economy Grade C Fire/Ice removed from season lines except for base defense but still drop in gold chests. The “extra” shards in season lines works out to 1/2 of a level 56 flak. Minimal gains indeed. Needs improvement.

  • Add ability to rename Riders Grade F Not accomplished

  • Scale Sigil Prizes and Drops Grade B+ Current season smoothed out. Feel free to ignore the idiots complaining about having to purchase portraits without looking at the Emp evo stone cost.

  • More Fun Branches like Headless Horseman Grade N/A Dunno guys? St Patrick day, Easter, 4th of July?

  • Improve Runic and Silver Chests Grade F Mega expensive Runic chests continue with worthless poison/lighting runes.

Not a good semester, PG…

Elemental Embers in chests for all events?
No Targets In Gauntlet

I would give that grade A, please proceed to waste no effort on Ryuu.


@Hwrd your post deserves it’s own thread.
I’m sure most folks have muted this topic a long time ago.


adding more simple stuff to PHI :

  1. Add possibility to use the '"@" button in 5ta chat
    2.Add an anouncement button in team chat that pops up when active so team leaders and officers can plan waves in wars , raids in atlas etc . ppl often dont read chats or emails and it is very annoying for leaders and officers .below is a graphic :

    when an officer sets an announcement


How about this, announce changes that affect an event (e.g., release of new towers/levels/dragons) before the event starts.


That’s crazy talk


Another 3 days and not even a response from PG to the details you outlined and which I completely agree with beside one thing:

This states Tiers and so far they released just one tier :wink:


Has anyone mentioned / is anyone working on updates to Team Gauntlet? I’ve seen various threads complaining about how Gustav becomes a snoozefest after you’re way above the PVE island levels and how bases need to be scaled by league (or provide a team of Blackbloods to choose from like in Kingdom Wars).

Also this 24 hour cost reset is killing me. Team Gauntlet seems twice as expensive as other PVP events in terms of number of energy packs and inner fires spent to reach the same tier of sigil prizes.