War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


I don’t know if it’s already been posted here, sorry if it has been, this is a lot to read.
But something that is getting a bit annoying is that when running egg missions in Atlas, we now need to leave Atlas, collect egg, and than speed up the egg mission again.
Can it be arranged that we can collect and reset the mission while we stay in Atlas?


How about adding gear shards to the RSS shipment menu.


Or we could not make every resource in the game shareable and exploitable


:thinking: I’m not sure I want to play that game…


I think increasing the level requirement for egg mission would be a good thing!! Would be better if 500 can’t just attack a lvl84 and get rewarded for this bad behavior @PGJared


The 500 only gets eggs. It barely gets any food or wood from you, so what’s it to you? Changing 84 as the min egg level would mess a lot of things up as most egg farms are 84 and it would undo all their effort.

Changing the min level from 84 causes more problems than it solves and is a terrible idea. They’re taking nothing from you so think nothing of it.


Changing the lv from 84 to something higher removes the chance of lv 84 to see cool dragons going through the base. :sunglasses:


Really they should be thanking those that do.

goes to hit Gia with aster


Nah, use Noctua, she’s pretty :heart_eyes:


Pg wanted balanced game!! this would help that imo … :flushed::ok_hand:


Why do you want this changed ? It doesnt affect you in any way, and you dont loose anything.


I don’t think it’s really important, but in the same breath we’re seeing changes to Ryu based basically on the same thing. Scaling.

I have always thought that an 84 level requirement for even for myself almost halfway through the 300’s was just not relevant. It should be increased, otherwise why have a level requirement in the first place for anyone? Because people have created these bases for easy completions of egg missions so that they don’t have to actually try and complete them - making the gathering of eggs more of a grind against time than it is an effort. I’ve always thought that XP and egg bases were cheap ways to get ahead. Newer players don’t even learn about them unless by accident or someone who’s in the know passes the knowledge along.

It just feels like a lot of people here are clingy to what has always been and less interested in things that make sense, probably because they don’t want any challenge to their grind as they have become accustomed to. It just doesn’t make much sense in terms of gameplay and challenge to have egg mission bases be the reasoning behind the lack of movement on something like this. Things like this should scale with your level.

While we’re at it how about some Flaks, Turrets and Mages on the Invader base :wink:


I dont use missionbases, and i dont mind players that do. They would benefit from experience on real bases, but its their choice.
One thing is, the when level increases, the number of bases deceeases. So you expect lvl 600+ players, to only be able to have a few handfull of bases to hit for token missions. Bases which, in many cases, they cant clear if defended?


It also doesn’t make sense to change things just for the sake of change. The level requirement for token missions is arbitrary, so suggesting it scale more because reasons also does not make a lot of “sense” imho.


People say that they hit down 100+ lvls for egg mission !!!I know this is totally not the whole truth but I would like this change because it would be another reason for them not to attack someone such low lvl then themselves :woman_shrugging:t2: Makes sense to me


Who said anything about it being mirrored to your level? It should be scaled better than it is currently, and as you go up in level extreme, the less of a reflection to your level it looks like based on the available level pool. A 600 I imagine would be fine running 400’s for their tokens like I would be fine at around 330 with like 260-280+ being the required level. I can’t kill every single 260-280 out there, especially defended - like maybe every 400+ base isn’t easily downed by a 600, but there are still enough of them out there to where finding one you can do to get your eggs isn’t impossible & promotes more regular attacks against live players.


It’s not “just reasons” it’s the fact that xp bases and egg mission and chest bases shouldn’t have ever existed in the first place. One reason, like I just pointed out, is the promotion of attacks on live players and defense. You’d see a ton of banners and would be actively hindering other teams from making progress. It is a war game after all. Cutting into people’s time and energy to finish egg missions through defense should be a part of that war.

Still, I assume people would just grind up or convert some higher level bases to egg mission bases just to go around the system, so I also propose a reasonable defense rating in conjunction with level based on your attack power/level to determine eligible bases. And a badge on the attack screen on bases that marks them as eligible for egg missions.


So, if you can easily kill every lvl 280 defended, whats the difference from a lvl 84 then ? Only difference would be it takes more time. You wouldnt take any rss from either of them, and neither of them would be challenging.


Well I actually said I can’t easily kill them all, and in my next reply here added on a level/defense rating standard so that you couldn’t just find the longest, poorest set up 280 base out there to run your missions. Also, defenders.

I do get rss from 280’s at my level as well, so not following you there.

I guess the easiest fix is just making it so you have to defeat a “challenging” base as they are currently marked for your egg missions. Problem solved.


Or we just leave egg tokens base requirements the same as they are. It literally hurts no one. Or you lost 5k lumber when a 400 lazily flew you level 120 base. Really we are crying about a small amount of lumber or food. Snowflakes these days are getting ridiculous.