War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Update 01-11-2019: So, we combed through this whole thread as well as all 22,000ish feedback tickets from 2018. The list of QoL suggestions is huge, so we narrowed things down to 5 Big Ticket items and 5 Hopefully Easy Win items. We are sending the whole list of suggestions to our team, but we’re highlighting these 10. Here’s what they are:

Big Ticket:

(300 wall is already being worked on so we excluded it from this list though left a note saying "none of these things should bump the 300+ progression work off the roadmap.)

  • Improve / Smooth building upgrade times
  • Scale Gold Chests
  • Make Level-up Rewards global
  • In-game Inventory system
  • Atlas Ledger improvements

Hopefully Easy Win:

  • Left-Handed mode toggle
  • Font Size customization
  • Move RSS transfer notifications to improve chat flow
  • Offer Yearly Atlas Elite
  • Add Slider for expedites and base boosts

Original Post follows:

What quality of life features would you most like us to prioritize in 2019? For purposes of this discussion, quality of life can be defined as:

  • Quality of Life

    • Things that aren’t specifically broken, but are creating pain points or functioning in an undesirable way.

War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives
War Dragons 2019 Roadmap
War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback

I have two three:

  1. Remove healing times for dragons. It only limits the amount that F2P and some E2P players can enjoy the game.
  2. Dragon incubation times for lineage dragons are crazy long. There’s enough timer sinks in the game. Can we have all dragons hatch as quickly as the divine dragons?
  3. Can we have a HARD cap on the cost of a seasonal line? The constant inflation is awful.


This sounds great.

Some suggestions if I may:

-Ledger tracking for Atlas on a monthly basis in additon to the weekly tracking.

-Exportable Ledger.

-Have the Ledger show which player RSS are sent to from the bank.

-Create a button to scroll through Castle details screens without backing out to the main map. Or have all Castle maintenance actions on a single screen.

Thank you!


Readjust ruby costs to be reasonable for current in game costs. Currently, some packs would have people paying over $600 for a single dragon. A $100 pack should get you at least a single dragon at end game, and partial tiers in the middle game IMO


My last storage hut upgrade took about 10 days. My next storage hut upgrade is about 50 days. What the what? :scream:


Maybe make it easier to obtain badges in Atlas season such as putting them in the Atlas event prizes, rewards, and achievements.

War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback

Reduce point requirements for reward tiers in events. Players like to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they grind for events, rewarding their efforts would help.

Recalibrate gold chest drops for more embers and scale them for bigger towers, considering the new towers and tower level releases.


More Atlas servers or get one more powerful than the Pentium 4 that’s currently running it. Thanks.


I’d like to see silver chests overhauled. They should have glyphs as well as runes, and the 500 rune dust drop is pretty much worthless.


It’s very frustrating for spenders when you offer drastically better values to others. I still feel like you guys don’t want my money for some reason :yum:


Can we have “expedite or fast forward” button for breeding dragons? It can take some time to breed a dragon.


-Have all items and rss a player owns easily viewable on a single screen.

-Allow us to see the details of a building while it’s upgrading. Include the ability to use the Forge while its upgrading and RSS protection/boost items while the Storage is upgrading.


Maybe this should be here too



  • Would like to see a feature in game added that provides the players with the means to improve their own progression and performance using their time as a valid currency. Grinding egg tokens is painfully slow at times. Bronze chests are generally not worth going out of your way to grind for and don’t necessarily give useful supplies.

  • I feel like I’m playing a broken record given how much I’ve written about this, but I really like the idea of having a permanent event if you will, where we do something story/lore related and liberate villages or kingdoms, raid dungeons, plunder booty. Sort of an RPG element since we are theoretically playing the role of a Dragon Lord. Worthwhile rewards including expedites, embers, pearls, bokens, and maybe even atlas-related things.


  • Edit: I’m biased toward this as well but I think power discrepancies between tiers as a whole is too large and massive gear buffs only exacerbate this problem. At the very least gear is a problem on its own.

  • Nearly doubling the strength of the dragons with every tier makes almost every dragon obsolete instantaneously. Redrian, which by all accounts should be an awesome dragon, didn’t even last through the full tier.

  • My suggestion is to make each tier approximately 30% stronger than the previous, rather than 80-100%, and reduce gear buffs by 50%, but probably keep the seasonal gear where it has been historically at approximately 30% buffs.

  • Seasonal gear will have SOME value, it’ll be borderline competitive for those without Atlas, and gear as a whole won’t have such a huge effect on bases and dragons.

  • Dragons can also hopefully have a longer shelf life which can alleviate the stress of not being in the top tier, reduce the urgency of progressing through the 300 wall, and adding variety to the meta! I wonder how many high end bases are taken with Itzani over anything else these days. The 300 wall should still be addressed, but at the very least you’re not useless and pounding sand while you’re there.


  • More of a nuisance really, but I have some throwaway gear sitting on a rider that I can’t swap out for a different element unless I spend rubies to remove the old gear. I’d much rather just be able to salvage it while it’s equipped.

  • On the same note, is there something that can be done regarding salvaging gear? The return rate is dreadful and borderline not worth doing. Can the return rate on shards be improved or can excess gear be put to better use?


It would be handy to click on a player name and @them in alliance chat, like we can in team chat.


:flushed: You currently can’t do that? That needs fixing!


I have many requests that may span more than one forum area, but will list them here.
Please make ledger reflect who received RSS, not who sent them.
Please make everyone able to purchase the $20/15k Ruby packs.
Please update Atlas servers to elimante constant crashes in areas that are busy
Please allow us to change dragon runes/glyphs even it is only 3 per season and costs the same as moving building runes/glyphs
Please allow us to somehow actually obtain mythic glyphs/runes other than 1/300 silver chests (whatever the odds are)
Please allow us to trade things like fire/ice shards for elemental embers or pearls

Hopefully it will not take a full year to address the 300 wall. I’m in the middle of it plugging away 4-5 levels per build. At 342 I’m about to start breeding my last Vanguard. Assuming the new tier will start at 360, that will be 3-4 breeds where I will have nothing to breed…


Can we reduce breeding time, please?

  1. Atas ledger: monthly or even two weeks tracking. And a received column!!!
  2. RSS Transfers OUT of team chat and in their own place
  3. Ability to swap dragon runes for rubies like we can on monuments
  4. Ability to activate/deactivate dragons from my roster menu. The Den is tedious.
  5. Access rider stuff from roster menu. Separate tabs nice but I want both options
  6. working @ function in alliance chat. Also (and this might be crazy), but it would be nice to have a group @ tag that only goes to people currently online rather than the whole team (some things just aren’t relevant if you’re not online)
  7. The ability to invite all players to a group chat by team name instead of typing every player’s name individually
  8. The ability to assign group chats to owner of your choosing
  9. RSS transfers in their own separate chat (I think it’s worth repeating)
  10. The wiki. I don’t know what but something.
  11. A unicorn

  • Atlas: amount received in the weekly ledger
  • Atlas: auto-upkeep payment
  • Android loading times are garbage, even on high-end devices.
  • Android: There’s also only one replay. Disable it on low-end devices.
  • The rider UI needs the dragons more visible instead of mostly covered by text. New users also won’t be familiar with elements. It’s still clunky.

Too many things forgotten about.

Edit: Atlas: Commander view - view of all levels of infrastructure, all assigned roles