War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Allow us to have one more “battle category” beside random matchmaking and bookmark.
The category will show all of our teammates bases (due to the recent UI, there is enough space, so why not using it?)


A great feature would be allowing us to run against teammates and or your own base to see if layout changes are effective. And/Or allow a team practice base with no rss exchanges


You can go into forge while its upgrading. Go to shop where you buy just rubies and the last item takes you to the forge even if its bui6


I think they fixed that loophole.


Still there


I’ve never received an egg mission for ryuu or his spells before


My post was about quests and not about egg token missions. I have had several quests that only Ryuu could do given the active dragons in my roster.


Quests ignore your roster completely.


Ok then, I’ve never gotten a quest for spells.


They fixed it. The button doesn’t work while the Forge is upgrading.

  • Elite purchasable with Rubies for all.
  • Atlas for all. At least make it attainable for all teams.
  • Reduce dragon heal times by 70%. Or remove them completely. It is one if the main functions of the game and having a limit to how many times I can do XP runs, multipliers and play them game might discourage new players from staying in the game.
  • Allow us to change/remove dragon runes and glyphs. Even if it costs rubies.
  • more embers, sigils, timers from Gold Chests & event prizes.
  • fix bronze chest drops, remove useless materials.
  • allow us to forge more heal pots in a shorter amount of time.
  • upgrade research and add more reduced construction times and reduced incubation. Including tower buffs.
  • allow us to see health on farms & mills. Even when upgrading.
  • allow us to see stats of all towers while upgrading.
  • upgrade forging times to be quicker.
  • input coords in atlas to go to a desired location.
  • we need a button to share atlas castle coordinates with others in chat.
  • remove rss notifications from TC and put it in its own chat. Same with war notifications.
  • we want to gift other players on our team.
    Please make this possible.
  • recycling towers for 25-50% return of rss. As long as it doesn’t effect player level and :dragon: however that can be done?
  • give us more 24h, 48h :clock1130: and add a month :clock1130: and please imclude them in events prizes in place of :timersilver: & :timergold:.
  • Allow players to tactical view their own base.
  • It might be cool to be able to attack your own base and teammates bases for practice and self improvement purposes.

War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives

There have been some good ideas here, I’ll ad a few I haven’t seen mentioned.

The fonts used on maps and the event screens are tiny. Zooming in should make them readable, However they scale down. Pain in the behind reading some of the numbers, team names,and the like.

Also timers, where to begin. Cant tell one from another when receiving drops from things like the bounty harbor. You could use clock hand position to differentiate timer. Also a slider to use multipe timers. Or have a way to convert thousands of 1, 3, 15, 30 minute and 1 hour timers into more easyly used denominations. Atlas event rewards why all 1 hour timers? Over 24 1 hour timers in the reward give us a 1 day timer,

Why can’t you access riders or active dragon roster in atlas?

Dragons den, nice having tabs for dragon type, but add a tab for tier to easily find your dragons. You should be able to do simple dragon maintenance in the den just by selecting the dragon, not having to swap into roster.

RSS events: Since moving the start time is unfeasible you need to level the playing field by initiating RSS protection until the player has become active in the event. This will keep the playing field level for those who cannot be online at the event starts due to work or sleep requirements. It would also be beneficial in reducing server load at event start.


Make this embers. Or heck, even bronze chests.


More access to pearls. It’s good that you added them in rider lines, but those are small numbers and have been far along otherwise less desirable lines. Many suggestions have been made to deal with the divide between long time players who are drowning in pearls and newer players who are pearl-starved. You’ve made perches critical to competitive play with changes earlier this year, why keep them so scarce or expensive for many of your players?


Let us go to any building that under construction and use its menus.
Give us gold when backing in atlas not just on regular hits.
And I want to see all my inventory like eggs fragments inner fire elemental ice shards in one place .


Doesn’t work if forge is building. Try it.


I am looking forward to seeing our wishes here come true in 2019. Make them happen!


Did someone resuggest the (X:Y) search function in atlas , that can help a lot :v:


I cant ever try it since I’m at the max level of forge for about a year now


So there’s a few things:

  1. Syncing errors - I get them all the time it’s annoying. They also create disparities in reclaiming things in Atlas.
  2. “Bad connection” I have done everything ZenDesk told me to do and nothing ever changes. Usually happens when I get the server error in game too but they insist it’s me.
  3. Defense being wrong. So this is something you are all aware about but yes it’s troublesome especially in matchmaking for eggs, you pick your angry fire lizard according to base layout and defense so for it to not be reflected properly sucks so much.
  4. Beasts… Why can we no longer Hunt in Alliance grounds? I don’t know how many people this effects but I used to be able to zoom around the map to get different materials because my 5TA have castles in different material regions. I can no longer do that.