War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


All they need to do is put a “move now” button on that error so that you can perform the action required from the error page. They need to implement this for all the error pages in Atlas


You’ve missed the key part of the problem. When they have no primarch to move, a move now button isn’t going to help them. They need to have a different message completely, or more messaging/UI elements elsewhere that makes it clear they need to re-summon.

(I actually would not want a Move Now button in the dialog. Don’t want people mindlessly or accidentally clicking to move to the wrong place. And it wouldn’t even be clear where to move. If I was tapping on a beast or mine, which castle in the region of that beast or mine would I be trying to move to?)


Extend the ledger by a column for received resources. It’s less interesting who has sent them and more who has benefited.

  1. Update emojis! Those of us with the updated emojis can’t see any emojis in chat anymore and you would be surprised how much that impacts the ability to communicate.

  2. More feeding/training events. One per season is not enough. I constantly have dragons left to train.

  3. More elemental embers. They should match the increase in number of towers requiring them for building.

  4. Elite purchasable with rubies?! Yes please! That makes so much more sense! Standardize purchases for everything with rubies and those who are P2P can buy extra rubies while F2P will still be able to experience benefits using rubies they collect by playing the game. Winning!

  5. Pog!!! There’s really nothing I want more than the Pog avatar :joy: Maybe more cartoonish special avatars?

  6. Seeing which teammates’ base we are defending while defending would be super helpful.

  7. Fewer teams per map for Kingdom Wars? I love the concept of this event but its just not executed well.



Now that I understand what you’re looking fo QoL improvements, I’d like to recommend;

  1. Make quests easier. I already spend 3-6hrs a day grinding in Atlas, for events, for gold/XP, etc… quests should be much easier and designed so that if you are active in Atlas and for food runs, gold, etc, they should already be done. Maybe replace 15 follow and destroy with “mine for 2,000,000 gold” or something. This would also encourage people to spend more time using Atlas and transitioning to the new game. The follow and destroy and defense supershots are most annoying.

  2. Make prizes scale up as you spend more. Seriously. If you really want to maximize your profit and make your customers happy this could really work. Kind of like a bonus meter for spending. Scaling is based on total lifetime spending. $0-100 = 1.1, $100-500 = 1.25, $500-2000 = 1.50, etc… It’s the most fair way to scale up prizes and easiest to implement I would guess, and a sure bet to increasing profits.

  3. Make perch damage at least 50% higher. With no way to supershot them, they don’t nearly compare to the other tower types in terms of damage. I have a level 74 perch with a leveled up vangaurd dragon and it’s still not very strong compared to my level 65-69 flak towers.

  4. Create a moving average score of how valuable a player is to their teammates defensively. Like 7-day, 30-day, 90-day. It could take into consideration how often they defend, how many supershots and hammers and boosts they put on their teammates bases, how successful they are in defending, etc. So when recruiting a new member we have a method to determine how well they are defensively, right now it’s almost impossible to judge this as there are no metrics.

I’ll think of more later :slight_smile:


#2 would only increase the gap between spenders and non. That won’t help the game as a whole.


Well this was for QoL not for “making gap between spenders and non less”

In terms of Quality of Life, “heavy” and “light” spending is all relative. And you want to get good value for your spending. So if you’re getting more the more you spend the more happy you generally are.

You will never make the gap between spenders and non-spenders less. And if you try, you’re just going to upset the spenders because that goes against the natural order of the world which unfortunately rewards those that spend more. We live in a capitalist society, and this earth is transitioning more and more to capitalism, even in communist China, so don’t try to fight it :slight_smile:

It’s a simple concept, and it is applied in many things outside this game. When I buy smoothies at a certain local place, the more I spend, the higher rewards I get and the cheaper the smoothies get over time. When you get a car washed you can get your card punched and every 10 washed = 1 free wash (10% off), and if you spend more monthly, you get more discount. When I spend more at Nordstroms I get rewards notes, and I get into spending teirs where they send me more special offers, I get free tailoring on clothing, and other perks.

So whether you’re a light or heavy spender, everyone will appreciate the boost they get when they hit that new tier.


Here’s another one:

  1. PLEASE for the love of God, make the font bigger. I’m going blind playing this game even with my glasses. I bought the biggest android phone I could get just for this game … Pixel 3XL and still way too small. The decimal places in atlas coordinates should be dropped asap as they make this font impossible to read when scrolling in the 1000s.


6.) you can see who you’re going to defend when you accept the invite though? And does it really make a difference if you know who you’re defending?


It would be useful to me, mostly so I know who to talk to if the base has issues. I generally don’t check and remember the name in the half second it’s on the screen before going in.


Yes but we always forget :joy: We constantly return to Team Chat asking each other if we caught the name of the teammate we just defended so we can give them feedback on their base. :slightly_smiling_face:


That makes sense, thanks :slight_smile:


Haha fair enough. I just don’t think it is a good idea to boost pack values more to those who are already a higher level. I also think it’s important to think of consequences. Not considering them is how PG currently runs the game and well we all know how well that is…


Just thinking on this a bit more. Why not make it league depending instead of level or prior spending dependant? Ie give D1 a special pack (a sweet one like those offered to only a select few recently), then D2 their own as well but slightly less good. Maybe stop there. Let’s get those spenders in the top leagues where they belong!


Some people get their lamborghini detailed once every 6 months… and some people have their hyundai washed weekly… to the car wash, the hyundai owner is the bigger spender :slight_smile: but I know what you mean. there are many ways to incentivize higher spending while giving those who spend better rewards. but everyone should know they are in a teir of some sort and that they are all getting the same prize boost… not give weaker spenders more incentive to spend more and bigger spenders less rewards just because they’re already spending. that’s communism :wink: and will quickly upset all the big spenders and get them to quit the game faster resulting in less spending, more animosity and more problems long term.


You might have been thinking of that as a joke, but I wonder if it isn’t a bad idea.

You wouldn’t want packs, to prevent people from joining a team for 30 seconds, buying a pack, and dropping down to another team, but you could make it possible to buy bonuses (e.g. egg token bonuses) that would only work as long as they stayed in that league.


I meant it seriously. I’d prefer that over any other sort prize scaling based on level. And no I stand by packs. If your worried about people joining then leaving I doubt that will be much of
An issue in high leagues. But if that if an issue just make it not kick in for a week.

I would limit how many could be bought though.


The big spenders are largely already annoyed. They want better value, but most don’t care if that same value is offered to those spending less. And if they do care, screw em.


Maybe if we brought back old seasonal dragons for a limited time :man_shrugging:


Shut it you