War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


And another thing came to my mind.

Add a way to sort the bookmarks. Just as simple as that =)


And not only gold. Even the caps on sending lumber and food to teammates are stupid. Shouldn’t the amount I can hold be cap enough? No, I can only send a certain amount depending on my level in maximum 3 shipments and have to wait 20 minutes until I can send more. That should be changed, too.


Yes, please :+1:


Possibly the worst idea I’ve seen on the forums this year, congratulations.


Care to explain why?


And another thing I don’t like: I only attack bases in matchmaking with max xp and have always to scroll a lot. So, please give us the possibility to select that only bases with max xp are shown in matchmaking. :slight_smile:


Do I really have to? A gold spending cap as “quality of life”? Oh want to upgrade a primarch? Guess you won’t be building troops today. Oh you’re too low level and your cap is too low, guess you won’t be upgrading it at all.

Why not add a food-spending cap too? Can’t have people getting half a dozen levels on a dragon in one day! How’s that fair to the people in silver league who barely play?

And of course a lumber spending cap, a tower-level a day should be enough for everyone.


Thanks for your explanation, it shows you completely misunderstood my post. I’m not proposing a gold spending cap at all.

I’m proposing that the existing caps on building troops, i.e. the 8000 little hat things that regenerate every 3 hours, be extended to a 24 hour period, so that everyone starts every new 24 hour period with 64,000 little hat things with which to build troops.

Where the quality of life aspect comes into it is that it means if I have a spare hour to go hunting for gold I can build all my troops during that time rather than having to log in every 3 hours to go hunting for gold and build new troops.

In terms of the mechanism it’s different but it is no different in terms of the caps already in place.


You have a terrible way of wording it then…

Ah so you want low actitivy to have the same rewards as high activity. Well at least that’s clear. And still a bad idea.


Isn’t this the “Quality of life” discussion? I consider this a quality of life issue in that I want to be able to play the game but I don’t want to have to spend every waking minute in the game.

Also, activity levels would need to be the same regardless in order to complete building all troops. It just means I can do it at times that suit me and fit in around my real life, which is more important, hence, “quality of life”.


Re: recycling towers, I would suggest that there also be an option to reset your entire base. Let’s say you’re level 300+ with a base defense rating of 100 million when your teammate at the same level has a base defense rating of 1 billion. You used to be a moderate spender but you’re so sick of your base and your outleveled dragons that you are on the verge of quitting the game. It’s way too late to start over with an alt on a new device.

Being able to reset for say 50k or 100k rubies (something steep but affordable if you save up for one season or spend $20-$100) would give a new option instead of having to start from scratch or quit the game entirely. It would work something like this:

  1. Are you sure you want to reset your base for X rubies? Y/N

  2. All towers on your base except for farms and base buildings (den/storage/etc.) are deconstructed into the equivalent number of “blue” lumber packs, elemental shard packs, pearl packs etc., like the blue health on a dragon when they heal during battle. Upgrades built with blue lumber and shards give you 0 points during fort and 0 xp.

  3. Rebuild your attack towers to your liking using the packs provided.

The basic idea is to be able to restart and construct a base with an attack power in line with your level but still be able to use your existing dragons that you worked hard to breed.



I don’t think that it should cost anything. I never would spend that amount of rubies for resetting the base. I would be afraid that new fancy towers are introduced after I spent that amount and my base is crap afterwards. If PG wants to make sure, that you’re not resetting your base every day they could also limit the towers you can receycle every day.

I think, the most important thing is that you can build something new without rising in your level. If you can save a certain amount of special ress (like elemental ember) that would be great, but I could live with loosing it.

Also, I would prefer, to receycle certain towers and not reset the entire base. I’m happy with my base setup now, but it could be better if I could get rid of those useless towers in storage and use their xp for something better :wink:

That was my idea for receycling towers:

I also like this one very much (without the rubies):


Is this where I should say that the rewards in the new “Bounty” harbor should be multiplied by a factor of 100 - 1,000 or so?

More like Mutiny on the Bounty (harbor)



First thx for the roadmap.

Is it possible to have the chat visible in the event page? Mostly during pvp events


I have an idea to adress about the 300 wall , since I read many comments in all threads . what if we can add a new feature :


since seems very difficult to fix the 300 wall without ruining the balance add new feature that can be unlocked after reaching 300 , same like hatching harbingers , make 2 riders to stack their bonuses with each other . For example Atlas DEF rider 12% + 10% BJORN would help a lot
my 2 cents @PGJared

p.s : I know many will complain why ppl under 300 cant get this feature , well pg also decreased tokens x dragons but other ppl took them full price and when decrease happened they didnt get compensation.

300 wall discussion


I would love to be able to put bookmarks/castles into a folder that can be managed by officers… This way the bookmarks can be organized and collapsible, instead of just broken down by land/castle name.


Owned Castles

  • Ice Castles
    • Castle 1
    • Castle 2
    • Castle 3
  • Dark Castles
    • Castle 1
    • Castle 2
    • Castle 3
  • Wind Castles
    • Castle 1
    • Castle 2
    • Castle 3


  • Glory Targets
    • Castle 1
    • Castle 2
  • Hit List
    • Castle 1
    • Castle 2
    • Castle 3

Personally I would love this… Being able to create our own categories and move said castles to specific categories would be awesome.


Does your team not have banks? Isn’t this their exact purpose?


We don’t have a castle, only relatively new to Atlas. Any gold gained beyond 800k will likely be lost in attacks in while hats regenerate. Completely pointless at this point to get gold beyond immediate requirements.


Due to these castle raid approach in Atlas, I suggest that each team without castle have one bank, which is accessible through all NZ / at the capital in NZ
However, noone from another team can access it (donate, etc…)


Allow us to hunt beasts on allied teams lands!