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there has been a lot of talk about the “300 wall” in here, so i figured id share what i just wrote in another post:


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can you reduce the beasts in NML to 1 per territory? it’s more difficult to see prims on castles with all the beast clutter. seems unnecessary to have hundreds (thousands?) of extra beasts.

I’d also like to be able to hunt beasts on castles in allies territories.


Maybe it’s been addressed, but I don’t need to seem my base regenerate every time I log in and it’s been destroyed…


Hey Mike,
What level is the dragon progression messed up obsidian-vanguard? For example Is it 300-357?
Or is this not directly tied to player level and tied to another mechanism like Den which is restricted by player level?


Well it’s den requirement which is tied to level. But Obsidian-Vanguard is when breeding willl catch up to level and willl cause issues.


Interesting take… Yes, it does intentionally slow down max dragons in harb/vanguard. I wouldn’t so much add in obsidian to this as while I have already been den capped in obsidian, the base levels are still easy to achieve.


Would it be possible to exchange riders on perches without having to pull the dragon into the stable to bond them? I don’t have to spend rubies to do that process, so it seems like it would be simply a convenience.


True Obsidian is when you reach it. Harbs+ is when it’s an issue


Just realized there’s another one we need to add…

A confirmation button for joining teams through a mail invite. This is an issue that keeps cropping up, so can we please, please, please finally do something about it?


And until you mistakenly do it, you can’t believe it really happens.


I don’t get those auto invites on my current team lmao. But when I used to be on a Plat 4 team I got them fairly frequently. I always deleted them without opening them because I lived in terror of accidentally hitting the “accept invitation” button :scream:

I get quite a few of those invites for my alt… who is the leader of a team of 1 :sweat_smile: I delete those invites on the alt as well :rofl:


I just thought, how the heck do,these people “accidentally” hit the accept button. And then, one day I did, :man_facepalming:


It’s because the freaking “accept invitation” button is in the same place as the “reply” button :rage: Any mail besides the team invite mails has the reply button in the upper right corner. But that’s where the “accept” button is for the invitations grrrrr.



I have actually hit accept and left my team because of it. Thank god I had an officer on who got me back immediately. The moron who invited me to the shit team in the first place mailed me saying “you shouldn’t have cursed out TC out” to which I replied “you shouldn’t have sent an invite to the leader of a Diamond team”.

I was so beyond angry.


Maybe just look at the email next time :wink::upside_down_face: paying attention helps.

In all seriousness tho…yeah I’ve done that countless times, even during a couple wars, so a change to that feature of some sort would be awesome, :pray:t2:


I want to see a better way to communicate. PG included.

  1. Chat in PVP. I know it’s been brought up, so let’s so let’s make some noise. It’s time consuming and stupid to have to get out if event, go to TC , go back in (loading) ect. And guess what your team mates are doing or can’t due b/c off sync errors ect…
  2. Get a damn translation, even if you down load a separate app, it doesn’t work.
  3. PG…wellllllllll…that’s let’s start with basics b/c we all know how well you work your auto reponses…
    A) Be clear and consistent. You say things, change things, and never follow through i.e…the discount rider who was 10%, went to 7% then back to 10%, this whole “oops my bad” is lame and childish and frankly you look stupid on behalf of your employees who are doing the best they can, when you cant tell your ankle from your elbow, to say it nicely.
    C) Clearer agenda. The way you run the game is like a pingpong bouncing around. Be consise.
  4. When you receive a ticket, actually receive it. Don’t b/s us.
    5):point_up:what Red, Odin,and Liz said as well

Communication is key to QOL. Gaming, work, relations ect…and this does all apply to this headache of game that is becoming less enjoyable day by day.


I would like a personal kick button to kick anyone I feel like from the forums. Thanks.


I know that was a joke, but I actually wouldn’t mind a blacklist option where I don’t have to see certain people’s posts anymore.


On the attack screen, change the zoom so we can see the map and don’t have to minimise it or scroll to see the towers.

And fix the hanging on the attack screen, it often happens if you select an opponent too fast and then becomes unresponsive with only exit working.


Sadly Discourse doesn’t allow that option :frowning_face: