War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


That’s why you make friends with (future) moderators :wink:

So, shall I start a kick list? :rofl:


Not sure if this is the right thread for this suggestion (I don’t really understand the differences), but I’d like to add the “Atlas instance area for PVP” as a suggestion here because I really hope that’s being considered. Here’s the original thread for more detail:



Advertise your game more to increase wd players rather than making packs and prizes more awful and costly(people are loosing interest in it)and do some research on broken parts of the game like stability,bugs,crashes etc…


Ok theres a few things Ive got an issue with that I haven’t seen others post here.

  1. Normalize where the back button is. On some pages its top left others top right.
  2. I’d love to see the ability to colectomy egg missions without having to return to my main island. If I’m running an egg mission in atlas. I have to load back to atlas, load back to my island, collect and speed up my mission, load back into atlas and attack. That’s a ton of loading.
  3. Lastly the attack next button is super inconsistent. Idk if this is a bug or what but I hate it.

  1. Agreed.
  2. Even better. Hope it can be claimed automatically.
  3. It’s pretty consistent. It vanishes once you open event page or attacking in Atlas (confirmed). :woman_facepalming:


but why ? :roll_eyes:


Nah, I said consistent, but I didn’t say it works as intended :grin:
Not really suitable here, as it’s closer to bug than unwanted feature IMO…


Feature that shows if a prime is at the castle or on it’s way. Sometimes I don’t know if the primarch menu is bugged, my connection is shit because of the train or incoming enemy prime hasn’t arrived yet.


How about a simple QOL/Happiness crumb like keeping the “treasure hunt” enabled at all times? Those extra chests will help a bit.


They used to show a primarch on its way but that feature was removed unfortunately


Get rid of ice and fire shards and convert them to elemental only. Including exchanging players existing ice and fire shards to elemental.
Include 24&48 hr timers in chests
Raid buttons on pvp


I have no idea if this has been suggested but here goes REDUCE forge time. Seriously. 4 days?! Thank you in all seriousness for the new timers but 4 days to forge the 2 day one?? Really ridiculous especially considering some of my buildings need a month and a half’s worth of timers.

  • 1 minute timer - 1 minute to forge

  • 5 minute timer - 5 minutes to forge and so on and so forth.

  • Maybe add a minute or hour if that’s really all that necessary to exceed it’s actual value.
    Other games that have this action work this way. Not quadruple the value. Doesn’t really help any of us waiting nearly a week. Just saying.


Better yet, just allow us to forge more then one item at a time.


A received rss in weekly summary would be nice.

It’s already there in Ledger records, so just a tweek to add it :slight_smile:


I thought of another one but I’m not sure if it would be feasible…

Could it be possible to make a “widescreen mode” for tablets so that the aspect ratio on the screen is closer to what you would find on some of the phones? I do realize this would put black bands on the screen at the top and bottom (like what happened with old standard sized TVs that played wide format movies), but it would be nice to have the widescreen aspect ratio on the larger sized tablet screen.

I would want this feature to be a button that you could toggle on or off (probably under the settings menu). I do realize the programming would probably be a nightmare, but it would be nice to be able to shoot from the turns on an iPad the same way you could from a phone :sweat_smile:


Can we get the option to use timers for additional build time beyond the remaining elite subscription when trying to upgrade two buildings at once with one or both requiring more build time than elite time left? Currently the only option is to use rubies to build instantly at full cost or extend elite.


Event reward timer prizes:

  • I think there is a benefit to getting lesser timers like 1h, 3h over 12h-48h timers. It’s dependant upon player level. Someone above level 300 needs thousands of 1h timers to upgrade one tower but a lower level player like sub100 could better use 15m-1h timers to not waist speedups. If my building takes 1d and 1h to complete should I use 2x 1d timers or 1d + 1h timers?

The slider option is a good idea but don’t we have the option to complete at once? Which uses the required amount needed but I’d like to be able to choose what type of timers used in auto complete.
But the convert timers option is a great idea and you have my vote

"No way to tell what timer is dropped"

  • They have them a color scheme: :timerbronze: for 1h, :timersilver: for 3h and :timergold: for 12h

But I am still getting familiar with the 24h/48h timers, don’t get them often.

  1. Yes we need to have dragon roster in Atlas.

  2. Yes, that den UI is terrifying I much prefer the roster, it would be nice if they changed the den up and made it more user friendly with more features and menus.

  3. I don’t like the idea of changing start time since it’s my way of planning as a E2P player. Resource protection doesn’t sound good either. I make sure I’m present at start of every event (especially Fort) and this affords me the opportunity and advantage of getting multiple builds on first day. I don’t think it’s fair for the players who are on during start to be punished, everyone could just not log on since they don’t have to.

Some options to protect base and mitigate resource loss:

  • Have teammates defend your base,
  • have teammates give resources to those who got raided,
  • pull from bank,
  • boost your towers before event starts to make it harder to raid,
  • Wait till day 4-5 when everyone runs out if timers then do your upgrades and raid bases.
  • Boost your farms and mills protection/production.


Great ideas


If we leave the game in middle of a run (crushes/goes into a message by mistake) pause the game give us 10 sec to retuen to it.
If game crushes in middle of pvp event run return us the energy/inner fire
If game crushes in middle of a run return us a healing potion/no healing time for dragon