War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion



Is there a way to make the game not reload when opening tabs to use other applications?

List of changes I’d like to see:

A few great ideas I seen posted:

  1. When your storage is full, and your farms have food or wood in them, you cannot start a farm build. You have to get rid of food or wood first, completely empty the farms of rss, and then can start build.

  2. To look at teammates’ bases or info page, you have to go to league menu, scroll until you find your team, scroll through the teammate list until you find the person, click on their name, click attack and then see it. When you are done, clicking out of that screen takes you back to the home screen. So if you also need to look at that member’s info page or multiple teammates in a row, you have to do it all over again. It is such a pain. Please let clicking out of that attack screen take you to back to the same page you were on. And let it be accessed from the main roster. Please. :pray:


As great as this idea is, it will really only work for iOS devices. I think that a lot of android devices take between 30 seconds and a few minutes to actually load the game :woman_shrugging:


vary between 10 seconds (once in a while) and hours (stuck at 99%)


I wish we have this feature in forge.


Hours?!? :scream:


Sometimes it doesn’t load at all even after waiting for minutes, and I’ll get bored after some minutes… (probably saying it is not loaded is more correct…)


Sometimes when it takes to long to load like when stuck at 99% I press the back button you get a black screen for a few seconds and then the game loads.


Allow copy and paste in game and open new tab without reload/restart


Um I don’t see anything useful about this. In wars this will be a very easy tactic to manipulate to gain flames so I doubt it very highly.


I think this is useful if you get a text or a phone call and you accidentally click on it and leave the attack. This would allow you a couple of seconds to swipe back into the game and get back into the attack without losing progress. I used to be able to do that. When I got a phone call I would answer the call and then double tap the home button, swipe back over to the game app and select it and go back into the attack. Same thing when I accidentally tapped on a text pop-up. But at some point that stopped working and when I went back to the game the attack would have ended in the middle (kicking me out).
I wish it would go back to the way it worked before.


The luxury of running the game on an iPhone… On Android accidentally hitting a different app means three solid minutes of loading screens :grin:
Wouldn’t mind seeing that fixed as well.


Fix defense and attack power on info and attack screen - doesn’t show rider and gear right now and they add a lot.
Let us see attack screen of our temmates from team view not only from chat
Send to/from bank button from team building not in atlas
Autocomplete @ for - teammates in team chat/group members in group chat/Alliance members in alliance chat


Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but what about PvP issues in bronze,silver and some low gold leagued teams?

Most can’t get points in PvP events in those leagues because a lot of people tend to be inactive.

Wars in those leagues can also be an issue due to inactivity.


I’m going to be honest, if you’re in those leagues… You’re there because you’re brand new and hit the join this team button from the quest or you don’t care enough to play. You get out of those leagues by either joining a team that is active or by having 50 people log in long enough to do a war run.


If the game can’t retain brand new players that’s a problem. If they can’t participate in half of the events they might not be bothered to continue playing, many will just give up and uninstall.

Edit: as for a solution, I definitely think that PG needs to do something to consolidate the lower leagues, and they should probably also limit who can make new teams as well.




Faster egg breeding :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Make them take a quiz before being able to start a team. Less than 85%, too bad, so sad


Id like to see the castle roles pass down to all castles not just level 4 and up

it seems pointless defending a level 2 castle its not strong doesnt have a high level guards doesnt have a strong fort
whats the point of a marshal if hes not defending a castle regardless of level

Scolar as far as im aware is useless
and so is the foreman

Currently the banker and governor are only things usefull for any castle

also be nice for some restrictions on alliance level to attack other alliances some sort of scaling