War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


+1 on the exportable ledger.
I’d also say that perhaps being able to see last week (or previous weeks in general would help.) if you miss the end of week, it can be a pain to work out how things look.


+1 on deactivating old dragons, I’m sick of scrolling past dragons I can never get. Not just the den, but in the divine tab in breeding castle. That orange section is starting to get long :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea and to add too.
They should really fix the UI of the den. Add more filters and features make it have options like roster plus more.



Or let us sort them

  • Personal bookmark page in Atlas - in addition to the team bookmarks
  • Show castles shard type in castle menu(color the castle name in the shard color/add a pic next to the name/any other way…)


Fix the god damn 300 Wall. Seriously, this is a BIG issues, hopefully ppl have talked about it a lot up above as I haven’t read many of the comments. It’s a very serious issue and a big pain in the ass. The amount of xp needed to get from 300-330 is CRAZY.


Here’s a very easy one to implement: Proper advanced announcements of which event is next.

It’s generally easy to predict but it would be beneficial to everyone if we got more than 72 hours notice on which event is next. Surprising the player base with two minor events in a row and not mentioning which is after Fort is irritating. Let us plan properly, please.

Other than that, reassess building times across the board and look at certain buildings that become bottle necks such as the incubator. Reduce times for building upgrades and egg incubation, paying attention to proper time scaling. It shouldn’t take 30 days to hatch a dragon you’ve spent months grinding out through breeding.

The easier PG makes it to level up through lower tiers, the more competitive and full this game can be in higher levels. I know you guys needs to make money from this game, but try to have some understanding that frustrated players don’t continue spending.


While I agree, you didn’t say why that matters in your suggestion. Exp needed to max dragons is out of whack


I would love a pause option for this unexpected moments like phone ringing or potty break​:joy::rofl:


Learn some bladder control woman!!! Your not 3

To whomever flagged this; lighten up, it was clearly a light hearted joke. Jeeze


No I am a senior we revert you know as we get older :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok first the water dragon ryuu needs to level up! It’s useless
Second, in wars, each player can only assist two on a team which makes it way more competitive win , then having one person back every player on their team to win. Third, the gifts need to be scaled! In event gifts and the bounty harbor etc… if you are level 250 you need more than 23,000 wood packs example Fourth, lower pricing of packs so that less fortunate people can still buy things and compete with the big spenders. Or separate the game in half from big spenders and little to no spenders lol :joy: need more defense gifts please! Thanks


Ryuu is and will always be useless for any other than roster filler.

This will make the gap wider.

The game won’t be fun without those puny f2p anyway…
( while mumbling to myself “I’m not puny, I’m not puny…”)


You didn’t answer the war suggestion? How come?


There’s a whole topic about it and why it should/shouldn’t be limited. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry if my thoughts are scattered but something else that would be absolutely fabulous to have: A call on allies target. To request help from allies we need to jump through so many hoops. What if we had the same system in place, when I call on our team to go help, that we could mark our own fort and allies would get the info and target listed in their bookmarks? Would make for better and much more efficient way to support one an other. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ll let u explain it for me since u more knowledgeable of the situation. I just want it fixed before I get there :eyes::joy::rofl:


can we please please add the location name in the atlas defense banner??? even the generic name would help other than looking through all the own castles to see where the team is being hit.

now when we thought people are being hit aligane, we actually being hit at the castle. and when we thought castles were being hit, then realize people are in aligane after frantic search.

this change will make life much better and response to battles much faster.


Might be a bit tricky to squeeze that into the banner, but adding an icon or color or something to show whether the attack was at one of your castles or somewhere else should be doable, and I think it would be enough. If you see banners for “own castle” the battle log in the ledger can tell you where it was reasonably quickly.


Need for Heal potions(dragon heal times) need to be removed or reduce cost of buying them in forge by 400 rubies.

Make 20 Heal potions cost 100 rubies at minimum if you won’t remove dragon heal times.

Out if the many requests I’ve made this will be the most beneficial to me and many others. We are limited in this game by how many heals we have.