War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


I don’t like the war suggestion, if u r part of the team u can backup as much times as u want… but on that subject don’t let someone that wasn’t on the team while war was declared to participate in backing in war - a lot of teams use it to bring someone high just to backup war and leave.

Also if someone attacked same target as u at same time put an alart for the one that didn’t get the flames in war so he will know he needs to redo - like u do on pvp events.


I took no offense to it, I love your sense of humor ha ha


Someone thinks I’mJust plain offensive apparently. :joy:


But you are offensive :joy::joy::joy:


Only to snowflakes… to the rest I am just… honest


As a quality of life improvement if you could have the option to attack the primarch that has trapped you like you get when taunted that would be awesome.

Because at the moment I tend to have to do the following:

  1. find who it was
  2. leave atlas to mail them
  3. check which team they’re on
  4. go back to atlas
  5. find that team of the 70 teams there.
  6. Find the right player
  7. Pray that they’re still the one who’s trapped you after you did the other steps for the last 2 minutes.

Personally I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find whose trapped you given it should be obvious


Few requests. Sorry, if it is there already but don’t have the patience to read 300 threads.

  1. Reduce time for rider missions.
    It really bugs me that you can’t use your best drag to fly for half a day. I’d like to put my rider on mission before I go to sleep and would like to use him after I wake up in the morning. You can half the prize and half the time. Or, if you are thinking about tearing down the 300 wall, half the time only.

Alternate of request1.
Make rider mission something like the old assault, black blood or temple raid event which you have to destroy a challenging AI base using the drag with the rider of appropriate combat lvl and element. After completing the mission, have like a xx hr cooldown. It’s more fun and you don’t have to wait to use your best dragons for normal gameplay.

  1. When defending your teammate, show the level of towers, so we know which island to put SS on (and when to give up)

  2. Salvage shop back with timers pls.

  3. Someways to make old towers viable.
    I requested for evolved archer~lightning towers using ice/fire shard sometimes ago.
    Evolving an existing tower instead of introducing newer flaks

Another way might be give an option for temporal boost (10~ 20% depending on the cost) for these tower using wood. That way, It gives us some use of wood outside of fort too.

  1. Get RID OF MEGA COIN! Let us all play FAIRLY and not who can afford to win!
  2. The 300 wall! Please do something with that! I’m not there yet but from everything I’ve read, it’s horrible. There us no reasoning for that.


Go to details -> primarchs -> your team -> click the “i” next to your trapped Prim. It will tell you who trapped it. Once you do that, it should just be a quick glance…


Not if there’re 10+ teams at the castle and the name has nothing to do with the team though.


Faster than mailing :woman_shrugging: I’ve done it at NML.


But slower than a
“You are currently trapped. Would you like to attack the trapper trapping you? (Y/N)” pop up message? They already have a pop up when you’re trapped. Unless the time to find the trapper is an intended mechanic? :man_shrugging:t3:


True. :woman_shrugging:


A quick glance? Do you understand the situation I’m describing? Earlier this week I was trapped by someone. There were 60+ hostile teams how am I meant to find the one who trapped me quickly? Please try and understand the situation described before replying.

The lack of ability to easily attack the person trapping you allows for protection via anonymity which is stupid.




Perhaps I’m just a faster reader :woman_shrugging: I’ve been trapped in NML before with hundreds of teams. Please try to understand people are different than you before replying.

Never said it was a bad idea, by the way. Was just offering a way to help while Pg spends the next 9 months doing nothing about it.


I would love to be able to combine multiples of one level or rune to upgrade it to the next level. Say combine 10 commons to make a rare, etc.


to change this a bit, how about add a builder per building hut level, and the ability to apply more builders to one building reducing the build time


Yeah, I’m open to that. There could also be a research tree that unlocks more builders. I think there are a lot of ways to work that capability into the game and to help address the 300 wall, as well as giving people a reason to shoot for it.

I’d also like to see something to encourage more base variety. I’m getting tired of the micro-bases where someone has 10 maxed out towers and a whole lot of empty space. There should be more benefit to using all the tower slots. It’s a little silly that the game starts out encouraging new players to open up all that land and then older players immediately teach them to ditch all of it. I think the runes were supposed to do that some but they aren’t significant enough to really drive people to deploy lower level towers. That’s not as important as the 300 wall; just a pet peeve after flying over the same base design 500 times an event. Atlas has really compounded the issue because anything less than the ideal design can be so significant in troop losses.


Massive undesirable pain point for me would be in inequality of atlas access and how I think things are beyond the point where a little addition here or there that would be happening in any other game for something new.

I joined War Dragons after clicking on an add while playing TWD but I stayed for my team. Since joining in Dec 17 I have become aware of the amazing capabilities that developers are working on for this massive multiplayer online environment that fits in my pocket. Wow it was free. A real time filler. I had no idea I would be here for a long time. Not only did I become accustomed to the balance and the time required to keep ongoing progression but they were happier days. We never worried about mysterious dates for game expansions and if we were even recognised as good enough. Atlas (in my beginning) was this thing and wasn’t yet ‘becoming more a part of the main game’. It never mattered as much if players had it or not because we knew the games top end champions had this and it made more sense back then. That isn’t true anymore and we are left squabbling over whose fault it is that atlas isn’t stable or whose fault it will be if access becomes more equal.

After further additions (including an under announced lottery that was only open for a limited time) more and more teams began to feel excluded. People began to realise the benefits of these big plans that PG had been working hard on and as natural response many who didn’t have it wondered when they could, why there were such large gaps between additions and became upset that they were often left battling with peers that did.

My concern is that we are now at a point that regardless of what the original atlas intent and plan is there is a disparity within leagues in regards to access. Even though teams were granted access depending on their rank (or lucky lotto attus was) ongoing merit and capability doesn’t seem to have much to do with it and the online community is left bickering over whether that is a big deal or not. We tell people that don’t have it that they don’t want it or shouldn’t have it or they aren’t good enough like this is all the online community’s fault. If they want it too it gets treated like a doomsday wish. Any negotiation is about meeting in the middle- maybe we shouldn’t exclude everyone left… just most of them?

We should not be bargaining or suggesting who we are going to exclude or revoke access from in desperation that a team we have in mind is not excluded. I feel like this has positioned us to not think clearly and worry or argue about things that shouldn’t even be a big deal.

Improve quality of life by being capable of the atlas plan and dream you had desired. Bring equality back to teams and make sure your servers are capable of handling the load so like a bunch of teenagers fighting over wifi so everyone can play fortnite we aren’t left fighting over something primitive. EXPAND! Fix atlas and recognise that post suggesting exclusions are based on players no longer believing developers can sort this out anymore and THEY ARE SO DESPERATE for a solution that they are worried about game changes, improvements and any positive fresh ideas you want to pitch because atlas now feels like a half finished task on an idea that was amazing. Until you sort this (stability AND inequality) genuine good ideas will be undervalued and badly timed because all this time has passed and you have instead left your community divided. Carry the expansion on, make your game capable of carrying the load and follow it through. Sort it out. I am sick of hearing about it! Hearing the statement that it is now becoming more like part of the main game grinds my teeth a nice little jaw ache.

*Kudos and acknowledgements to the strength of all the current platinum teams that are not new but instead have been adjusting to these exclusions and survived being rejected by other players in favour of teams with atlas for a long time. They have been a candy bar for recruitment to all those upper league teams and have still not disbanded. Here they are still in Platinum.

PS your add for war dragons I clicked on when playing TWD in 2017 is absolute garbage. I came here to kill 5 mins thinking I would be applying cosmetic changes to a dragon :eyes: Yup that’s what your add said. 1 year later I finally got an ugly piece to actually use. What the heck? New add is much better.