War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


How about a sort feature on the matchmaking screen? Allow sorting based on food, Wood, and xp. You could limit it to the ones that actually appear so every time you reloaded you would re-sort.


If this hasn’t been said already, food boosts need to be accessed somewhere other than just the storage hut, which as @mechengg explained, is almost always upgrading.

Food/lumber boosts


I’ve got a great one that would be incredibly helpful. Is there any way to add commas in the appropriate spots for resource transfers?

So instead of the game doing: Player X is transfering 1700000 gold from Team Y’s bank to Player Z’s storage hut @(name of team bank here). Transfer will be done in 20 minutes.

The game would instead display it as: Player X is transfering 1,700,000 gold from Team Y’s bank to Player Z’s storage hut @(name of team bank here). Transfer will be done in 20 minutes.

Just before coming here to submit this request, I had a player on my team have a brief panic attack because they thought they were getting more resources than they asked for because of a lack of commas. Commas make it so much easier to tell at a quick glance if you are just getting 100k resources or 1M resouces, which is a bit of a huge difference.

Edit: or even doing a period instead of a comma would be very helpful. Just something to visually break up that huge string of numbers…

Edit 2: I suck at spelling and apparently used the wrong word :sweat_smile: Strange how a single letter can make such a difference between a punctuation mark and a comatose state :see_no_evil:


I look at the right on banker stuff, but would be nice on person to person transfers


Yeah, donating to the bank or sending out it looks okay, but within team chat it’s kinda hard to tell :sweat_smile:


Getting a quick summary for the spell of a divine under the season tab. Would save me the time from having to look through the forums or something to figure out what a spell does. The name sometimes gives away its function, but not always



Flak towers have completely changed base building, so any time/rss/XP put into original tower types (except for storms and mages), has been made completely useless.

Don’t punish old players for being part of this game for longer. Give us some kind of option to “reconstruct” stored towers with a percentage of invested RSS transferred and with zero or minimal XP gained.


Some other game I’ve played before used to do this : u have a character lvl 80 max lvl for game. And their 80 lvl set … on news updates on game you used this set to make a new powerful set … u don’t loose any progress … war dragons can maybe start think this way for sure …


Let us converte high eggs into lower ones… like every 1 platinum egg = 10 gold eggs (for example) or maybe if we finished entier tier (got all the dragons of that tier) we get a fast way of getting eggs of that tier…
My research is stuck for long time and it’s hard to keep up on breeding so doing back breed for research + going forward with your own breeding is very hard…


I would like to see the ability to remove runes or glyphs from dragons when they become useless because drops are not good


· 50 members/team might be too much especially for lower league.
· “Swap” button: make it smaller, change position, or drag the swap button to enable (adding choices how to swap, instead of simply on/off the function)
· Layout of dragon spells in the battle: “Cloak” spell position is different by each hunter, so easy to mistake.
· Making battle invites possible while browsing the matchmaking list.
· Base level up: Difficulty increase suddenly after lv300. Please make it a bit kinder for players.

· Lower gold tier research cost. Breeding costs increase drastically from platinum, making it very difficult to spare egg tokens for research in gold tier.
· New research options for newer towers like flak towers
· Battle reports for season events and Atlas.

Translation quality
· There are various translation mistakes In Japanese version: e.g. “Store” is written “Storage” where it should be “shop.”
· Complete translation of runes and dragon skills

· Solve Atlas connection problem: currently there are constant connection failures
· Adjust Atlas icon position: it’s too close to WAR icon, making it easy to mis-tapping on Atlas while trying to do War attack.
· Adding @button in alliance chat too.

· Increase food capacity in Bank, as fortification and training events frequency are different.
· Shorten Ledger downtime. It’s inconvenient to have half day being unable to check Ledger record, and being unsure how much a person has saved/use from bank during the downtime. Will be nice to limit within 1h before cleaning up the history.


Please show Max Level currently available in the Building Upgrade window.



click farm>> window that pops up click manage >> build


My request is simple. I would like PG to have open and meaningful discussion about game issues that ACTUALLY results in positive changes.

25 days after creating this “discussion” thread, there has been ZERO feedback from PG. Hiding their head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich seems to be their blueprint. I find this dismissive, apathetic, and offensive to the players (customers). Ignoring issues do not make them disappear.

We previously had discussion groups with players and PG but someone decided they didn’t want to bother with their player base any longer. In my opinion this was the worst decision they could have made but it shows the concern PG really has for us.


I would like to see some sort of food/wood protection on resource boosts. Its certain every bit of what you were trying to build up is raided while you sleep. Extra protection would be appreciated.


No one is ignoring this or any of the other threads. I’ve said multiple times that my team is compiling the feedback and that hopefully this week we’d be posting our key takeaways and what we’re suggesting to the rest of the War Dragons team.


Distribute quest prizes like event prizes, easy to forget to get into event to collect the prize.



It would be nice to see the complied list of key take aways and maybe use them to do a poll?

List the items and let us vote on which ones we would like to see fixed first?
Obviously some are going to be difficult some maybe simple so maybe along with the list you can give us a difficulty level?

Like we all know Ryu is a non starter No fix coming due to 0 ROI and possibly breaking the game.
So we can accept that.

Just asking to keep up the transparency level you started and keep the player base involved too!


Poll is a bad idea. They should know by now what needs to be done it’s on them to do anything

Edit: I meant poll is a bad idea so it doesn’t prioritize the visual floor glitch of the dragon den over the 300 wall, as an example


It would be nice if you could add the ability to change ledger settings. For example not every team wants to reset the ledger when it currently does. Adding the ability to manually reset the ledger and to turn off the weekly reset would be nice.