War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


We should earn interest on our bank deposits too!



I think this issue could be solved by adding a button. As it stands, I see a like button, link, show more, and a reply. What if PG added a button that you guys could click to show that the message, idea, concern, etc… has been added to a list that you guys are reviewing? Everyone would be able to see that someone has truly looked at a comment or suggestion. Right now, all we get is crickets and dust…leading us to believe we are being ignored.
This assumes that you guys wouldn’t be jerks and just click the button without actually having read the post. This fear could be alleviated by having all of these on a “laundry list” that shows PG notes with date/time stamps for entries/reviews. This would give tangible evidence that “your team is compiling the feedback”. We could see the work leading to the “key takeaways”. Then we could follow it while it is checked out by the “rest of the War Dragons team”.



Your second line needs to remove the spaces in front of it. It’s infuriatingly hard to read.


A couple easily accomplished things that would definitely be an improvement would be:

Reset bank ledger on Tuesday between events… reset in the middle of events causes logistical issues

Add a team total for troops… if it’s there I’ve missed it


I’d say that improving the rider gear in Atlas to at least a Legendary, even if it can’t be upgraded, would be a good step towards offering some balance for players without Atlas…


I hope that is better. Thanks for the heads up.

The fact that you got 2 likes for a correction is infuriatingly frustrating. It makes me wonder about the crowd…


Make it 4 :upside_down_face:

People like to scroll vertically, not horizontally :man_shrugging:t3:

Quality of life suggestion is to be able to collect eggs from egg missions in atlas (probably already suggested).


He wanted it to be like one of those electronic billboards. :joy: :rofl:


Here’s the latest from my team.


This has been said before, by others, by me, by my cat, and I don’t even have a cat. But for the love of holy Amarok can we PLEASE get a debit column in the ledger summary in Atlas? People have been asking for this since centralized banking became a thing. I’m all for the glorious Communist Platinum Mission, but please. Fix. The. Ledger.

I agree with those who suggest not having it switch over in the middle of events, although this wouldn’t be a problem if it always carried over for 2 weeks or a month or whatever.


Are you keeping the mega coin so teams CAN NOT compete fairly? I’d like to do a pvp and actually compete! Not lose to who can spend the most. It’s unfair and frustrating and I’m seeing a lot of people just give up trying. I get that PG arecmoney mongers, but that was a horrible idea, all the way around. Im hoping this is on the agenda to discuss.


How about a max boost button for shrine boosts. 14 days in 6 hour increments is a bit much.


Or a Slider!!! Take the slider from the troop build screen in atlas, and apply it to the monument screen!!! (Not a new idea)


Yes! Just because it isn’t new, doesn’t mean it isn’t good!


Roll back this crap update that made super noobs able to fly max bases and ballistas OP…tools…


I would love to see the opportunity to turn off notification of bank transfers. I’m pretty sure we can all read a ledger and it interfers with team communication.


Having a separate rrs chat would work better… sometimes it’s important to time what’s incoming.



Hey folks,

Just a head’s up. I’m closing this thread just for the next couple of days so my team can finish compiling our notes and we can present our findings to y’all. The thread will re-open by EoD Friday.


Please see the original post as I have updated it with new information.