War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion



Hmm. Well. Some hits and some misses, I think.

Building upgrade times and gold chest contents are absolutely big-ticket items that absolutely need fixing. Well-chosen.

An Atlas ledger was often-requested, and definitely needed, but it seems like that should have been in the “easy win” category rather than “big-ticket.”

An in-game inventory was also often-requested, but nowhere near being a “big-ticket” item, compared to some of the other suggestions. Again, this seems like it should have been an “easy win.”

Level-up rewards? Why is this on here at all? They’re absolutely not a big-ticket item, and unless they’re in the thousands or tens of thousands of rubies, they’re unlikely to have much of an effect on the game at all. And I somehow doubt that they’ll be anywhere near that big.

The easy win items…the slider and moving RSS notifications were both definitely popular ideas, so well done there. As for the others…they might be easy to do, but they’re about as much “wins” as changing the text color on some screens.

Overall, I’ve gotta say that I’m…not so impressed. But at least a couple of the requested targets will, at least theoretically, be improved.


It’s there because of technology issues.

Again, technology. It’s not something the PX team could easily label as an easy win.

Sheer volume of requests from other players. It’s the 3rd or 4th most requested thing from all the QoL suggestions.


The tech part definitely makes sense as a reason for not labeling it an easy win, though I’m a little surprised that the inventory in particular is an issue from a tech perspective. Most of the inventory items are already displayed on one screen or another, and I wouldn’t have thought it a major issue to also display them in another place. Guess I was wrong there, sorry. :woman_shrugging:

I’m very surprised by the level-up rewards part, though. I see the occasional suggestion of that, but I wouldn’t have listed it in the top 20 most-requested things. Maybe not in the top 50.

Either way, thanks for the reply!


I’m so very happy to see the Atlas Ledger made the list. I’m cautiously optimistic. :yum:


Think it’s worth clarifying for your team…we want the gold chests scaled UP from where they are as our level increases. Based on the daily offers that were put out, I can easily see them misinterpreting this and scaling them down or making them more expensive/rare after the increased output. Wouldn’t be the first time that happened…


Oh well. Counter catch-up mechanic…
(Assuming timer is scaled up)


Disappointed not to see “removing follow with “X” from quests”. I would think that would be an easy win.


Or just increasing the quest prizes to something worthwhile. That’d be an easy win too. AND it’d encourage player involvement!


PG logic is: we reduced the amount of work you have to do, so you should get less rewards as a result.

:woman_facepalming:t2: Even when team quests first came out, the amount of work for the pitiful rewards was ridiculous.


Seems like scaling gold chests would be a pretty easy win if we could get that done. Make a spread sheet deciding the scaling. Add scaling. You already scale item so I don’t see a tech issue here.


I have a wonder, would it be possible while in an atlas battle on a fort, for officers and leaders to mark the teams to target in the primarch tab?

Since this is allready something that can be done in PVP’s I think that could be an awesome way to get rid of many headaches. Would love to see that implemented or something like it sooner vs. Later :star_struck:


What is level up rewards? :sweat_smile:


How about a damned confirmation button on the incubator where you can expedite eggs? I once again lost 13k+ rubies to accidentally grazing the “use rubies” button while checking the time on my incubating egg.

I know better than trying to reach out to support as this is something I’ve had happen in the past. The game prompts you if you’re spending fewer than 1k rubies on bronze chests, so why the HECK is it so dangerous here? It’s like crossing a chasm on a rickety plank of wood every time I want to throw a few spare expedites on my eggs.


Not trying to be a jerk but isn’t the number hovering over your incubating egg the amount of days remaining?


If implemented, and knowing PG, absolutely nothing significantly useful.


I’m assuming he’s upgrading his incubator, in which case that is the time remaining being shown hovering about the incubator, not the dragon


And it is! Even if it’s not on the list of 5, every single request has made it into our tracking sheet. Every request is being prioritized against each other, so this could have been #7 or #9 for example on the list of easy wins. We compared the amount of support for each request (and there’s hundreds of 'em!) from both the Forums and through PX tickets, and determined the top 5 with all of these factors in consideration. :slight_smile:


Yes, but it’s rounded. Also, sometimes I like to throw some speeds on without expediting completely.

The point is that there should be some confirmation before it spends 10k+ rubies, as there is if you accidentally graze “Buy 10 chests” under any of the chests in the armory. Some of us aren’t playing on big tablets here, and moving my thumb across my screen sometimes registers as a tap. This is the second time this has happened to me, and I’m not the only person it has happened to (do a forum search!) It’s an entirely unnecessary problem.


@PGCrisis @PGJared had mentioned in his recent update to this thread that the L300 Wall wasn’t included as it is already being worked on. Do we have any idea as to when it will be addressed? I’m not looking for specific time/date, nor specific fixes at the moment, but could it possibly be fixed/improved first quarter 2019 perhaps?

This is a huge issue for me as it has almost brought my progression to a screeching halt. I have 2 Vanguard eggs in my incubator now that I cannot hatch until I reach L330 and complete the needed upgrades. It has sucked the fun right out of the game for me. In the years I have been playing, I have never been afraid to grind through breeding and building, while trying to maintain a balance to keep my dragons strong. Not being able to progress very well, since reaching L300, has been extremely painful and will likely be the reason I quit the game if it isn’t improved soon. If it is expected to be fixed in the near future, I will hang in there a while longer. I realize that I am not the only person that this affects and that others are probably just as frustrated as I am. I’m just more frustrated with this game now, than I have ever been,


Please forgive me if the status of the L300 Wall being addressed has been posted elsewhere. I searched but haven’t seen anything.