War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


I can tell you that it is already being worked on, but I don’t have any further information past that yet. It is the team’s #1 priority when it comes to Quality of Life requests, and nothing else should bump it out of that position until it is fully addressed.


@PGCrisis I understand. Thank you for finally addressing it and for responding so quickly. Hopefully it will be addressed soon. I will wait and see.

Thank You!


Can you go into the incubator and check on egg progress when the incubator is upgrading? I didn’t think you could TBH.


gotcha. No thumb use here, that would get me in all sorts of trouble.

My phone is pretty darn small 63 x 124 mm


You have to click on the egg itself rather than the time remaining hovering above it


learn something new every day…


I know this is a mobile game, but if PG develops some kind of site where you can login and get all inventory /ledger information available, doesn’t that overcome technology issues for in game presentation, making also much easier to use for us as players, and to maintain for pg?
Trying to think out of the box-ish

@PGJared I guess PX doesn’t cares with implementation right? So how one can submit such thought to dev/mgmt team?


Using the same tools as the one showing war participation record?


Is it still useful to post suggestions here, or has this thread already been combed and sorted?

I’ll make a vague suggestion of “Recruiting for my team is currently the bane of my existence and there are many ways this could be improved” for now, but can go into detail if this thread is still being monitored. I think this is a pretty wide spread pain point for every team in Plat and below. Finding a way to improve matching up active players looking to move with teams looking for players to fill their rosters would go a long way to making Plat and Gold teams more stable/active, which would seem to me to be a Good Thing for the longterm health of the game. All the current solutions are brute force, as far as I know, and require far too much time and wasted effort.


I’m not sure what you mean by that. Making implementation suggestions to us will get those suggestions in front of the rest of the team. The PX team might not fully understand specific technical aspects relating to game code, but that isn’t to say we don’t care.

Still useful. We are going to keep an eye on these threads going forward.


I mean that implementation is not in your plate. Anyway, you already answered with the second part, fair enough


I believe I’ve read somewhere that Ryuu is so entangled in the game code that fiddling with it breaks the game. It’s still on this list. Admirable.

I believe I’ve also read somewhere that the cloak bug is another one of those coding nightmares. If Ryuu is on the list to be changed/removed, how about cloak as well?

I’ve recently acquired Hauheset and encountered quite a few bugs in my few weeks of flying.

  1. Cloak bug is the bane of my existence. Timeshift in particular is weird because sometimes when I die, I’m still able to cast spells in borrowed time+timeshift, which shouldn’t be possible…

My proposed solution is that since the concept of cloak is to hide your dragon from towers and avoid damage, and cloak/tower code is too messy to change, cloak variants should apply a brief invincibility buff while cloaked. Half a second, perhaps. This doesn’t functionally change the spell in any way, and completely removes the unintended behavior of the cloak bug.

  1. Dessicating sand has some of the silliest windows of all time. I’ve had situations where

A. Sand does damage and applies the effect
B. Sand does damage and doesn’t apply the effect
C. Sand doesn’t do damage and applies the effect
D. Sand does no damage and doesn’t apply the effect.

I’m aware the first situation is ideal behavior, and the last one is because I wasn’t in range for the damage or spell window (not complaining), but the middle 2? Wat. Sure, you could say “git gud” or “practice” or “find the right timing” but shouldn’t there be some sort of consistency here? If the spell damages a tower, it should apply sand. If it doesn’t damage it, it shouldn’t apply sand. Right?

  1. The other day, my crumble to dust spell unsanded an entire island on the first cast. Not sure what else to say about it.

Edit: should this go in bug bashing? Because it’s technically a bug. But it’s been around for YEARS. And I don’t even think the sand issue is a bug. Just wonky damage/effect windows. Meh.

War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion

Cloak is a bug, and not a QoL thing. It’s on the bug list. :slight_smile:


Fair. Wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t also qualify for this thread because it’s been a nagging issue for years and creates unnecessary pain points. Either way, c00l

Edit: did a bug bashing list ever end up getting posted? Can’t seem to find one.


Nope! We’re trying to do everything on the bug list.


What about lowering the costs of the sapphire wall down a bit? Even after the whole tier discount thing, it’s still quite expensive.


QoL - stop nerfing mythics after their release. Test them with the GPF extensively, release and leave them alone. That may mean the dev team needs to push these to GPF a little earlier, but it’s worthwhile. I know a lot of people who will no longer spend for mythics because of the tomfoolery with the last 3. I expected Pathox to last me a long while but am already waiting for the next hunter to replace him now. Plus Surt is so OP it’s bound to happen soon with him too.


Well put. Pathox was my first mythic. And with rising prize prices and him being nerfed 3 weeks after I got him, I wont be worrying about pushing for a mythic again.


What about the 500 wall? Currently, I know during fortifications it costs approximately $100 per level. Will the progression fix be applied equally to all tiers or will it be like the “fix” for the Sapphire wall that only applied to a certain segment of players?


If I’m still playing this game by then please kill me. :rofl: