War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


I have only one request. I want to be able to salvage buildings in storage. Why can’t we salvage buildings yet? It has been years and it still hasn’t been implemented. Sigh :roll_eyes:


Same :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I have a qol for the forums. How about the ability to silence certain people that do nothing but spam threads with incoherent babble 90% of the time?


There’s a “mute” option under “notifications” on your profile, if that’s something you’re looking for. :woman_shrugging:


Not quite but good to know. I was more meaning something that prevented someone from posting 100 times in a 900 post thread saying almost the same thing everytime. It gets ridiculous to say the least.


Ah. Fair enough. Nothing in place to deal with that yet, as far as I know. Though maybe that’d be the sort of thing for the new soon-to-be mods?


Allies list when marking a castle to attack/support so the leader/officers can mark allies teams that the team can’t attack while on the castle.

Allies list on pvp events - same as above.


Oh you are looking for the duct tape button or zip d lip button?



I would like to see banners return to the pre-attack screen please.


In Atlas, allow Officers, Govenor, Marshal to mark visiting non 5TA teams as friendly or enemy on your castle.
May be nice to have option of friendly teams, enemy teams grouped together in Primarch view.




The quest chest at level 10 is pretty useful but there are two things I’d like to see change with the quests:

  1. Players not to be given defeat xxx level base 25 times any higher than their own base. At least that way invaders will count, not having to hit an extra 25 bases.
  2. Players to only get one follow quest at a time. Getting two is frustrating and time consuming and in my experience, the most likely to not get done. For instance, today I have to do 21 follows because I got two join quests for different element dragons. 21 is just ridiculous. Everyone likes a bit of a break between events and yet we now have to find a helpful teammate or few to do some pointless runs.


Sorry if it’s been said, I would like the rider tab to be in atlas instead of main game. You can’t do anything with riders unless you have atlas so it makes no sense to me to have to go to the main game to train them or mess with their gear.


People without atlas can get season riders for sigils


Like @SaintCheeky said, people without atlas can get riders via the seasons. My alt for example as a couple of riders, but doesn’t have access to Atlas (she’s in a silver team all by her lonesome because I don’t have time to play with her). Your suggestion would mean I would never be able to change around my riders to different dragons on that account *because that account lacks access to Atlas.


:roll_eyes: Staying in D1 must be hard…


It is time consuming but I’m having a lot of fun. I have awesome teammates :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The runic chests show just how serious y’all are about this QoL initiative. It’s a big hard smack in the face.


I know. Its made me realize that, no matter what, this game will never improve. PG will continue to try but unless they start listening to the players and stop putting their own spin on things, its going nowhere.


If by “try” you really meant “pay lip service”