War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Possibly. I think they genuinly believe they are doing good things. Thats the scariest part of all. :rofl:


I think there’s just a disconnect between the people who play/talk to the players, and the people who actually have any input on the final decisions.

Players: WTF? Here’s a list of a thousand things that are seriously screwed up and need fixing. Without them being fixed, we’re not going to play as much, we’re going to spend less, and we might quit playing.

Jared/Crisis/etc.: Ummm…so the players are very unhappy with all these things.

PG Finance: People are still spending money. It says so right here.

Jared/Crisis/etc.: But…but they’d stay longer and spend more if we fixed these things.

PG Finance: People. Are. Still. Spending. Money. What don’t you understand about this?

Jared/Crisis/etc.: So…we’re looking into these issues, but I’m afraid we can’t give you any details right now. Or a timeline.

Players: :woman_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Wish I could do more than like this post. There are probably three metrics that matter: 1. Spend; 2. New players; 3. Players quitting.

We can break those down further to spending per player, spending per age of account, pending players who quit, etc. but at the end of the day, the complaining or thoughtful solutions or whatever are all drowned out by the money.


Got a new one…

Please for the love of all things, make the PVE islands in gauntlet somehow scale to the player’s level. 320 hitting level 50 base is just boring AF. Not even a timer drops.

Yes, I do use an autopilot dragon because of this, but still. If going to keep it this way, how about a button that says take my energy and x amount of IF and just give me my points. Even if a cool down so I can’t progress too quickly.



That’d be cool, but since I do pve runs while watching Netflix, I’d probably forget to launch the next attack if it was just a button that turned back on :laughing:


Adding to the current event, please make energy cost reset time shorter :sleepy:
It was brought a lot of times here and there throughout the time (maybe just not this thread) with constant beating PVE islands and PVP islands popping out every 3h, reset once per 24h is, well, not enough. It nothing but forces to hold off on attacks (unless you have tonnes of rubies saved that you don’t mind using).



Even using K2 I have to swipe a tower once and a while though.


Same but it’s easy to notice what islands she starts to drag on (you know what I mean by how dragons slow down and drag forward almost painfully slowly when a tower is left alive) and an earthquake would kill the tower no problem if you can’t swipe it anymore.


It’s why eques is a stable drag for me


I’m sure Atlas performance has been mentioned? When trying to get glory in NML, it is pretty frustrating when glitches in the game cause you to loose your troops with no chance of getting in an attack.

You get better glory when attacking than defending usually (picking correct targets for the primarch you are using). I want to put my primarch in harms way but pick a target, attack and finish that attack before someone can finish an attack on me and kill all my troops.

  1. If the game moves me to the castle but has me frozen in the center, it seems that people can attack me but I can’t attack anyone. FRUSTRATING because now I lose my troops with no hope of finishing an attack first.

  2. Game crashes when I’m trying to do an attack. In the 30 seconds it takes to restart the game and enter atlas, my troops and primarch are dead. FRUSTRATING.

  3. sometimes when trying to attack, you can’t attack and you get feedback that the primarch you are attacking is already dead. Other times you click attack and there is no feedback but nothing happens. You just can’t attack. This results in wasted time = troops/primarch dead = FRUSTRATION

  4. Oh another scenario that I don’t understand. Move my primarch and start an attack all within 10 seconds and don’t see any banner of anyone attacking me. My base is full length. I fly though someone else’s base but get no glory, as soon as I return from the attack I see that my primarch has been freed. How does that happen before I finished my attack? What I’m looking for here is better feedback. I want to know if I didn’t receive glory because my target ran out of troops before I finished or if I ran out of troops before I finished.

I get that if 10 people attack the same primarch only first few that kill troops will get glory. It might be nice to get a minimum amount of glory but I can handle if that isn’t the case. It is more the performance issues the prevent me from executing a plan quickly that is the main nuisance and results in me putting away the game and doing something else fun because glory hunting is not fun right now.

Sorry if this is a mix of bugs and QoL issues and if these have been said already.

Thank you!


Disagree with dragon buffs! Just makes it easier for 500 level players to dominate. If you grind to make vangaurd level should allow players the chance to take on the whales in the game.


How does reducing the relative power of each tier compared to the previous make it easier for level 500s to dominate? Or reducing gear buffs make it easier for level 500s to dominate? Isn’t that the exact reason why they dominate?

And you can…

Did you just not read the post or what.


And then you can’t get glory for them…ok don’t remove it from main game, but a tab for riders in atlas would be great.


It doesn’t make sense at all to remove it. You use that tab to exchange your seasonal shards in, use it to bond seasonal riders to dragons, you use the menu to equip and view gear, you use it to fill out your stat tree.

Having it in Atlas is pointless because you can’t view your dragons from there and switch them around either. Your gear is in the main game as well.

Why are you trying so hard to fix something that isn’t broken?


Uh I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize I was being a try hard for making 2 post about something. Riders, gear, crafting all are mostly centered around atlas. I just thought being able to do those things in atlas would be convenient. Go ahead and be able to see your roster in atlas too idk. I just find switching back and forth mildly irritating. Loading on my device is slow.


Can’t hold pg responsible for your device. The coding is probably not super easy and I for one dont want this game to take up a lot more space than it already does. I agree it’s a simple I button push away and is not broken so don’t fix it.


Can we please have an easier/faster way of opening all the Atlas Badge Chests that accumulate quickly and are tedious to open? Often it errors out while collecting and either has to re-sync or I have to leave Atlas and go back in.

Also when breeding, can there please be a faster way of just skipping to a complete egg?

Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Any idea when PG will be able to share its plans for this with the players? I realize this is likely out of your hands, but just curious.


I have no clue at this time. It’s still going through a lot of iterations, so I don’t think we’re close enough to live solutions to have a chat about it.