War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


LOL @forScience At least none of those are pointing straight down, with a downward thumb! There’s still hope! :grin::+1::joy:


I posted this as a seperate suggestion but was advised to post it here as well. Some post details relate to PVP last weekend.

Change “back” sequence




My absolute pet hate in the game is when you press the “back button” it rarely returns you to the screen you were last looking at. More often than not it will return you to a root menu and sometimes, worse still, it just takes you back to your home screen.

I absolutely despise this clunky aspect of the game.

An example of this in the current Guantlet vs, I want to view an opponent’s island (which I actually have to click on to view, rather than just seeing in the background as in other parts of the game, which is also very annoying, but could form a thread of its own), if I view and decide against it I click back but instead of going back to the opponent list, I go back to the root menu of the vs battle where I can see all the islands.

Some may see this as a small thing but it’s so frustrating.


Please, please make separate rss chat


It would be much better to be able to differentiate defense and attack equipment. I’m tired of having to click on all the equipment to know if it is defense or attack.


They are doing that. It was listed in the 2019 goals.


Well 2019 is getting 4 weeks old…since announcment,…its like 12 weeks? But nothing, like exspected🙈


I can imagine that you are faster than The Flash himself and do everything instantly. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


2019 consists of 12 months… around 52 weeks… they are probably fixing all of it to release 1 mass update . Be patient . I’d rather have a long waited for GOOD update then a rushed update that brakes the whole damn game.


52 weeks in a year. :nerd_face:


That’s why I said “around” :roll_eyes::joy::rofl:


@PGJared @Crisis

Can we get cost of heal potions reduced from 500 rubies to 100?


This may have been mentioned before, not sure, but can we get a way to lock gear or runes that are important to us. This way we don’t accidentally salvage it. I know it’s not high priority but it might calm down my nerves every time I fiddle with the things😅


And make it take you through a “are you sure you want to unlock this?” screen. And then have a second “are you really sure you want to unlock this?” screen with the yes & no buttons swapped positions from the first screen. That way you can’t accidentally hit “yes” two times in a row :laughing: (or if you can it’s a lot more difficult to lol)


Could we get a display of the rune name on the confirmation screen for salvaging? Right now we see it on the inventory screen and the selection screen, but not on the final confirmation screen. See below:

Might be nice if it said something like “You are salvaging Rare Poison Striker Rune - Level I to gain 750 dust” rather than “You are salvaging this rune to gain 750 dust.” Right now, the one place where we don’t see that information is the one where we make the final decision.

Obviously this particular rune isn’t a very valuable one, but it’d be really nice to have the certainty of what rune you’re salvaging on that confirmation screen. Especially for those moments when you’re salvaging legendary+ runes and glyphs.


Here’s a QoL Item I have given a bunch of thought to.

Make images cacheable on the device, like a checkbox to enable this in the settings where we can choose to
enable/disable trees, damage numbers etc. With the size of internal memory on devices these days this should be something most, if not all, can
utilize and would reduce the bandwidth required for PG servers and increase loading screens speed for players. Where I see this as being most beneficial is
the Event, Atlas Event, and Castle screens. I can literally watch the image load at times on a castle screen or event screen and close it and open again
only to watch the image paint again. These are for the most part static images with some text around them in borders. Updates could then just wipe those images
and replace with new ones for seasons images etc. Again this would be optional and by default turned off but I think you would see a lot of us turning it on. I know that some
caching of assets is done now but I am pretty certain the above list is not included in what is being cached.


Or at least cached during the session


How about making castles scalable? A team can build up a castle from level 2 to level 5 through investment in infrastructure. If a castle is conquered it drops back down to L2 and the conquering team bears the cost of fortifying?


Doesn’t that literally makes Lands worthless?


No because they all start at level 2 which makes all 2s more valuable because they have the potential to be level 5.


Then big teams can hunt or kill any random castle. As a result, everyone in the top xx will have maxed amount of lv 5 castle, which means sandbagging is encouraged even more.

Also, in your example, the land don’t have any value other than a mere place to build castle (which means castle is valued even more than lands)