War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Big teams can hunt for any random castle now. This would allow a gold or platinum team to take their castle to L5 and get better rewards. There really would be no incentive to conquer because the castle would reset on conquer.


If there’s no incentive to conquer then there’s no reason for castle turnover. As a result, Atlas stagnates.


I don’t know if this has been said already, but a real help in Atlas bookmarks would be that u can make folders… like preferred enemy’s, or enemy castle lists, Alliance castles etc…


atlas has already stagnates, literally nothing happens that’s progressive lol.


This means those teams out there with 1 castle now have 0, because all those teams with 15-19 castles that don’t really want more 2s to get to 20, now go take those Castles from the smaller teams. This further separates leagues in atlas.


I’m kind of looking forward to the 300 wall :sweat_smile: means I can level whatever I want without risk of over leveling lol…or am I misunderstanding the wall :thinking:


Yes you can upgrade towers without thinking of overleveling🤣


Not at all. NMO disbanded. All their stuff now belongs to Dread. How much more dynamic can it get?


NMO has not disbanded.


They just gave up all their forts :upside_down_face:





Can you elaborate?

Because it sure looked like a chunk of people left NMO, and then Dominium 5ta got passage to all their 5s…

Not sure what else you would call that besides ‘gave up their forts’…


@SuavMcDreamy exactly


They didn’t give up their forts. Their new TL surrendered their L5 and many of their L4s, then quit NMO and joined another team before landing on LD.


Surrendered… gave up :unamused::unamused::unamused: lost… misplaced…

Who cares what word is used. They no longer have them.


Timers are biggest issue in the game.

If you want to level past 300 at the same rate you leveled prior to 300, PG requires you to to burn 4x the timers. After 300, you need 400k xp per level. No matter the level of your towers, you’ll only get 106k per upgrade. It does not scale as it had at lower levels.

I’ve never heard any explanation for why this can’t be resolved. Sure have not gotten 4x the timers from events, chests, monuments or boats.

Due to the lack of resolution, you are required to spend 4x more money than you did prior to 300 to maintain your rate of progression. Is this why it hasn’t been resolved?


What is the difference between surrendering and giving up? I’m really curious to know.


Believe Elle is saying an individual was the lynchpin, and the team wasn’t able to stop it.


So, it was one player’s decision that made this happen?


Unicorn please!!!