War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion





Lots of ways to “lose” castles, all have different ramifications…

  • Gifting (alliance/friends)
  • Strategic exchange
  • In battle to enemy
  • Coup
  • Espionage
  • Leadership Implosion/Insanity


4th slot for primarchs please



Nothing about changes yet ? Are we now in February !!!



Does that surprise you?



+1 Thread can be closed and marked useless



Agreed, it’s obvious PG doesn’t really care about anything except making the bean counters in finance happy.



Improve how dragons are released. Stand behind the dragons as they are released, or don’t release them.
Having your customers feeling betrayed and not trusting anything you do or say is not a good business model.
Wonder how many you will lose because of your mismanagement and deceit.



Please stop the “null chat.” For those of us that keep notification on, the null chat means that there is constantly a notification showing on my War Dragons icon that cannot be cleared out.



I’ve said this before but I think it would be super convenient to have quests show up along side where our egg missions are in the attack screen. I know I’m forgetful and have to leave the attack screen go into the event and double check what my quests are.



And maybe it’s just me but it seems like if I don’t go check what my missions are, I don’t get credit for doing them. Maybe I am hallucinating but it seems I have made runs or defended or whatever and then go in to see those are my quests but haven’t gotten any credit up until then.

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Bring down 300 barrier :heavy_check_mark:



@PGJared I didn’t see this highlighted as something being worked on, but I believe it should be. In general, there are only a few players on a team who deal with this issue, so naturally you wouldnt receive a large number of tickets for it.

It takes 5 clicks to get from one castle details screen to the next. For those who deal with this on a regular basis, it can get tedious.



I’m a long time player of the game, having joined roughly at the end of March 2015, right around when it was first released on iOS.

I’m not a frequent visitor to the forums, but I’ve read most of the posts and replies in the 2019 Roadmap threads.

These are my thoughts on the quality of life subject. Some have been mentioned by others or have already been announced as being worked on (but I include them anyway to add my voice of support to the requests), some have not and I hope that they will be taken into consideration.

This is a long list, so I’ve broken it down into categories:


  1. Change gold chest content. Remove (or at least drastically reduce) the frequency and quantity of dragon and tower attack and health boosts, of defense hammers/swords/shields, of healing potions, and of fire and ice shards that are given in gold chests, as most of us have more of these than we will ever use already. Replace them with more and better quantities of things we really need, like sigils, timers, embers, pearls, inner fires, energy packs, egg tokens, mystic frags, food and wood packs (all during their respective events of course), etc.

  2. Or better yet, when we open gold chests, keep the current randomizer that determines how many epic or legendary chests we get, but allow us to choose what specific prize we want the chest to give us for each one, e.g., I open a gold chest and the randomizer tells me I get an epic prize, let me choose which specific epic prize I want from among the available options for epic prizes in the current event.


  1. Bring back the bonus meter and raid button in PVP events. Wildfire is not an adequate replacement, especially for the number of flames that it requires.

  2. At the very least, reduce the requirement for wildfire attacks to something reasonable, like 20, so that if you can 5-flame 4 bases with one round of 16 free energy, you get a wildfire attack.

  3. Eliminate megacoins and the abuse that they allow in spenders undoing hours of work by grinders. Level the playing field for real players, not deep pockets.

  4. If the previous 3 suggestions can’t or won’t be implemented, then you need to reduce the point requirements for both individual and team PVP prize tiers significantly. Currently, it is almost impossible to come anywhere close to achieving the same prize levels in PVP as you can in minor events. Many of us play this game casually and for fun, and can’t commit the time/money requirements to grind out high prize tiers in PVP.

  5. Unlock the mythic dragon of a seasonal branch up to the equal level (or the lower level of the 2 if they are unequal) of stones that have been collected for the 2 legendary branches, e.g. I collect stones through sapphire tier on the 2 legendary branches (or sapphire on one and garnet on the other), I should be able to collect through the sapphire stone on the mythic branch as well. This will open up these powerful dragons to more of the player base and not just the big spenders, rather than forcing us to get stones that we might never use on a dragon that will likely be obsolete by the time we get to that tier anyway.


  1. Include glyphs in silver chests and/or give us an easier way of obtaining them. It is ridiculous to have 3 slots per tower/dragon for a type of boost that is significantly harder to get than the type of boost that has only 2 slots.

  2. Alternatively, keep the overall limit per tower/dragon at 5, but allow us to slot whatever combination of runes and glyphs that we want to.

  3. Allow us to pay rubies to remove runes/glyphs from dragons the same way that we can remove them from monuments, so that they can be re-used on other dragons.


  1. Limit the number of times that any one player can join war attacks to something like 3 attacks, so as to encourage more of the team to work together to win the war rather than just riding the coattails of one high level player joining every attack run. EDIT: This is only for backing war runs. If a war attacker needs to make multiple attacks on their own target to try to 5 flame, I am not proposing any limit there.

EDIT: After further research, I would like to clarify that I meant that only successful, 5 flame war backup runs should be limited to 3 different bases hit. But there are many factors at play in team and war dynamics in many different leagues, and I am no longer sure that this is as good of an idea as I thought it was. Therefore, I am tentatively rescinding this suggestion.

  1. When defending a teammates base, it would be nice to see whose base it is during the actual defense (not just from the banner). Sometimes we join without looking at who we are defending, and then need to know who it was so that we can give them feedback on their base layout.

  2. When defending a teammates base, it would be nice to see badges over each tower showing what the tower levels are so as to better judge where to focus defensive efforts.

  3. When defending a teammates base, it would be easier to defend if the base was always rotated to the default orientation (the same way as your own home base), instead of oriented towards the incoming dragon. Having to rotate the base to orient yourself takes precious time away from actually defending the base.

  4. Please add a pop up after any war run that didn’t count because a teammate beat the base first before you finished. Yes, we should always double check that our hits counted (and I do), but some people don’t and this would help them to avoid confusion. The text of the pop up ideally should make it clear what happened, e.g. “Your war attack did not count because your teammate X defeated the same enemy before you completed your attack.”


  1. When breeding for research eggs (i.e. eggs you’ve already previously acquired), allow the autobreed feature to continue running without stopping until you hit the stop button. Currently you have to repeatedly press “autobreed” and “yes” until you have the number of research eggs that you desire.

  2. Add new research tiers.

  3. Reduce the cost of the gold research tier.


  1. Allow us to have the option to salvage equipped gear from riders rather than having to spend rubies to remove it, but still leave the option to remove it with rubies if we want to save and re-use the gear.

  2. Add an option to spend rubies to reset the selections in a riders skill tree and reselect the skills. Some of us made mistakes the first time or would like to reset the rider skills when placing it on a new dragon.

  3. When viewing the gear tab for a rider, make it so that the interface does not show offensive gear for defensive riders and vice versa. Or at least add a button to toggle between displaying offensive and defensive gear.

  4. When viewing the gear tab for a rider, it would be helpful if the interface only showed the gear currently slotted on the rider and the gear that is not slotted on any rider (but only of the same element and offense/defense as what is already on the rider), as opposed to all the gear you have (for the currently viewed element) showing up darkened even when it’s slotted on another rider.


  1. Smooth out the time requirements for building upgrades, especially when there’s a big jump in time required from one level to another, e.g. the way the storage hut jumps from 10 days to 40 days (or whatever it is).

  2. While buildings are upgrading, allow us to see what level a building is going to and from, what it’s stats are currently and what they are upgrading to, and what the next level after that will cost to upgrade.

  3. Allow us to see the health stats of farms/mills.

  4. Allow us to apply food and wood production boosts on the storage hut while it is upgrading, and/or to be able to apply these boosts directly from the farms/mills themselves.

  5. Give us an easier way to quickly apply the maximum amount (or any desired amount) of tower attack and health boosts to monuments.

  6. Allow us to place more than one totem on the base. If someone wants to spend the resources to level them all up, they should have the option to place them all on the base (or maybe only 4 out of 5 of them) if they choose to. This would actually make it worthwhile to spend RSS on building them. I understand that the original thought in limiting them to one per base was to encourage strategic thinking and not make them OP. However, as it stands, they are only even somewhat useful at best 20% of the time, assuming that your attacker isn’t attacking with a dragon several tiers above your towers. But let’s be honest, even if your base has a decently-leveled totem against your attackers favorite season dragon, and that dragon isn’t of a high enough tier to comfortably take your base anyway, they can always attack with their second favorite dragon of a different element. By allowing multiple totems to be placed on the base, they would actually become useful to the point that more people might actually build them. You’ve tried hard in the past to try to make ballistas more relevant, let’s see you do the same thing with totems.

  7. Alternatively, make it so that we still have to level each totem individually, but the totem automatically swaps to match the element type of the attacking dragon. Either way, there’s still some strategic thinking involved in deciding on which ones to focus on leveling up first, the only difference is in how many tower slots they take up on your base.


  1. Scale the value received in chest drops and the bounty harbor to player level/advancement, in some way similar to how egg token mission rewards scale now. Maybe in the exact same way that the egg token missions were scaled, e.g. you pay an egg of a tier to permanently increase the scaling of your chest drops/bounty harbor rewards, separately for each category in the chest interface and bounty harbor interface respectively.

  2. Scale the water dragon Ryuu so that it’s power matches that of the average tier of our rostered dragons, so that it’s actually useful for something again besides just sitting in the roster so that you can always join attacks even if all your dragons are healing.


  1. Honor the iOS global accessibility settings for font size, or at least include some type of in-game control for font size. The font is so small sometimes that I literally need a magnifying glass to read it. This is especially more of an issue on iPhone than iPad (I play 2 accounts, one on each device type).

  2. When reading in-game mail messages, it makes no sense whatsoever that the next button is on the left and the previous button is on the right. This is completely counterintuitive to logic. Please put the previous button on the left the way it used to be.

  3. Give us more and clearer information on the tier/element/name/level of dragon(s) that were involved in attacks against our base. For example, it would be nice to be able to see at a glance (in either one of the attack/replay info views) that your base was beaten by a “Level XX Obsidian Pathox Wind” dragon, without having to watch the replay to see the dragon tier, check its element type in the breeding castle, tap the tiny little box icon of the dragon to see its name, etc. Memorizing all of this info for every dragon is impossible. This would help with understanding trends in what dragons are/aren’t beating your base.

  4. When PVP events start, please stop rotating the whole base when the animation of the event island emerging from the water starts. Or at the very least, rotate the base back to normal after the animation finishes. This might be a small thing, but it really annoys me.

  5. Add chat access to all event pages, both main game and Atlas, as well as in the auto-breed interface. It’s too easy to miss important communications from your team when you’re immersed in events.


  1. Give us some way to send RSS to the Atlas team bank from the main game view without having to go into Atlas to do it.

  2. Add dragon and rider roster views to the Atlas interface. It’s annoying to have to load back and forth between the main game and Atlas to check your rosters.

  3. When viewing Atlas season prizes and selecting one of the 3 categories, then viewing one of the 5 branches, and then going back, it always reverts to the offensive gear category no matter what was previously selected. This is very annoying. Please make the selection of category (offensive gear, defensive gear, or rider and primarchs) persistent through the session that the tab is open for or until another category is selected.



These are found in bronze chests, not gold btw.

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In war only successful defense should count towards defense points. The current system when joining is enough to get defense points is wrong. Make those defenders work for those defense points.



What defines successful defense? 1 flame? 5 flame?

Our current system.

Passive participation = +0
Active participation = +1
“Successful defense” = +1 while prevent 5 flame.

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I can imagine more than one options:

  1. Attacker gets less than 70%, no flame=successful defense

  2. Attacker gets less than 5 flames and most likely has to repeat the attack = successful defense



Except then cheaters literally cannot be beat, even by a more active team. It also add the “Platinum Problem” literally everywhere, where if you cannot shoot a dragon down/win the defense you have 0 hope at winning.

It use to be different, but it didn’t work.




I’ve been saying this for quite some time.

As for Red’s response - PG needs to do a better job at catching the cheaters.

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