War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion




Lots of ways to “lose” castles, all have different ramifications…

  • Gifting (alliance/friends)
  • Strategic exchange
  • In battle to enemy
  • Coup
  • Espionage
  • Leadership Implosion/Insanity


4th slot for primarchs please


Nothing about changes yet ? Are we now in February !!!


Does that surprise you?


+1 Thread can be closed and marked useless


Agreed, it’s obvious PG doesn’t really care about anything except making the bean counters in finance happy.


Improve how dragons are released. Stand behind the dragons as they are released, or don’t release them.
Having your customers feeling betrayed and not trusting anything you do or say is not a good business model.
Wonder how many you will lose because of your mismanagement and deceit.


Please stop the “null chat.” For those of us that keep notification on, the null chat means that there is constantly a notification showing on my War Dragons icon that cannot be cleared out.


I’ve said this before but I think it would be super convenient to have quests show up along side where our egg missions are in the attack screen. I know I’m forgetful and have to leave the attack screen go into the event and double check what my quests are.


And maybe it’s just me but it seems like if I don’t go check what my missions are, I don’t get credit for doing them. Maybe I am hallucinating but it seems I have made runs or defended or whatever and then go in to see those are my quests but haven’t gotten any credit up until then.


Bring down 300 barrier :heavy_check_mark:


@PGJared I didn’t see this highlighted as something being worked on, but I believe it should be. In general, there are only a few players on a team who deal with this issue, so naturally you wouldnt receive a large number of tickets for it.

It takes 5 clicks to get from one castle details screen to the next. For those who deal with this on a regular basis, it can get tedious.