War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


If 70% is the limit, won’t forcing 1 flame be a good strategy?
Or the attacker can repeat attacking to reach 5 flame without penalty?


If the attacker keeps trying for 5 flames and keeps getting less than 70% each time then the defending teams keeps accruing defense points. If they get 2, 3, or 4 flames each time, no defense points are awarded but the attacking team is still “penalized” by being down flames in the war.


PG please do the maths count properly if you expect this game to be nice to play yet very very expensice game in the virtual world.


Indeed PG should do a better job with cheaters.

I can imagine more scenarios, literally anything would be better than the current system.

Maybe some sort of scaling system?

I’m not an expert, just thinking loudly here.

0 flame = 5 def points
1 flame = 4 def points
2 flame = 3 def points
3 flame = 2 def points
4 flame = 1 def points
5 flame = 0 def points


This would actually be worse, it would be an incentive for the teams best player to back every single attack to ensure no defense points.


For war, hope we can prevent war banner shown to ineligible players.


Good luck with that. Even the strongest player needs to sleep or will be completely drained after a few wars in a row.


That’s the “platinum problem” I’m talking about. It causes more issues than it solves/


Well, I’m just throwing ideas in. I’m sure we could come up with some sort of solution. I’m in platinum, but can’t really see the “platinum problem” from here.


Are you sure that the team’s best player can 5 flame every single attack?


For some platinum teams, yes.

I’m in P3 where there is a team with a bunch of 300s and even a 400. I’m sure that 400 can 5 flame everyone they encounter in P3 and lower (and probably P2 if not P1).


Of course some teams have 400s or higher, but not every team. They can steamroll everyone now and probably just a few could take a 400s base.

Anyway, who has ideas about a good reform to the war system?


Could try searching for a the threads on it or making your own.


I like this idea, especially in conjunction with my idea of limiting any given war attacker to no more than 3 backing war attacks per war. Let’s bring some teamwork and cooperation back to wars, rather than them just being about who has the best big gun.


I might’ve been overzealous in my list in trying to be thorough. Lol. Thanks for the correction.


Here’s one open thread on the war system…

Dunno if you were looking for something different though.


Could be 1 points after every defender joins to the battle plus defense points for flames as below:

0 flame = 5 def points
1 flame = 4 def points
2 flame = 3 def points
3 flame = 2 def points
4 flame = 1 def points
5 flame = 0 def points

Thx Red I will read that topic.


That’s more or less the same idea. Perhaps I shouldn’t have called it “my” idea. My list was made during about 2 days of massive amounts of reading threads and jotting down notes, so while some of my ideas might be original, many were probably inspired by others and I just collected them together in one place to add my support and voice to them.

EDIT: Atfer having read the entire thread you linked to Liz (yes, every single last post), I have come to the conclusion that I was looking at the situation too simplistically. I agree with what many others have said, wars need to be fixed, but I am no longer sure that limiting the number of backing runs is the solution. Thank you.


Hence why backing by any player should be limited to, say, 3 backing runs.
This will encourage more teamwork and strategy in wars.


That is what we need strategy and tactic in wars. As long as we can come up with something useful we can call it teamwork :grinning: