War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


I have a suggestion for the issue with too many ice and fire shards black pearls etc…why can’t we have instead of set construction materials something like mystic construction materials? That we can use, scaled of course with the most valuable construction materials costing more for example ice shards cost 10 mystic frags and elemental shards costs 100 mystic shards. That way people starting out can still get lower level construction materials and those of us who have played for a long time don’t have to have this never ending pile of useless stuff in chests …and also a way to trade in old fire and ice shards and black pearls that we don’t need. Rune dust and elemental shards are in short supply for everyone but at least this would be a way to make everyone happy they can choose what they want instead of winding up with piles of things they don’t need.


Nice idea but then we’ll start seeing the legendary 100 mystic shards drop in chests to exchange for one elemental ember

Edit: I’m exaggerating a bit but we all know how pg would implement that.


Honestly I would rather that than one more damn mythic ice shard fire shard or black pearl. I have 2 max perches that’s all I will ever need and I swear I get at least one mythic black pearl drop in every 10 chests I open. Won’t ever be able to use them. And I could build a fire and ice turret shard tower to the moon.


Minor suggestion but it is annoying…

When training or reviving troops could it please set the figure to the full value instead of making us wipe out the “99…” and retype?

I did notice that applying tower boosts worked smoother than it has for some time. Not sure if it was “fixed” or just a coincidence. If fixed, thanks!


Yeah this is annoying, good suggestion.

In the meantime, try sliding the slider to the left before sliding it to the right. Seems to get stuck less often that way.


Not everyone has max perches. If you look waaaaaaay up there somewhere I suggested rolling all of those other building currencies and their buildings into elemental shards. That way there is only the 2 building currencies rather than the 5 we have now.


Make all construction materials fungible and giftable between teammates.


Honestly, burnout needs to be addressed. Atlas puts an ungodly strain on leadership and so much pressure. The time committments for atlas leadership can be almost a full time job and this is a problem.

I don’t know the solution. But as of right now this is a massive problem



That very much seems to be exploitable.


No more exploitable than the transfer of RSS that can already be done with wood, meat and gold (which was added in by PG). Shards, pearls and fragments are simply another construction resource.


So r u implying that we need more things to be exploited?


I’m sorry I am not understanding your logic. Do you believe that gold, wood and meat are currently exploited? They are consumables that can not only be given or traded between teammates, but between teams. I am simply pointing out that pearls, shards and fragments are also consumables that should be able to be given or traded.

  1. Gold, Food, and Wood are grindable directly, while pearl and shards can be obtained free only through chests and prize claim.

  2. Gold, Food, and Wood aren’t sold directly (their packs are), while pearl and shards are sold through packs.


enough said. :man_facepalming:t2:

you beat me to a reply, @OrcaFrost. :disappointed:


Yes, one can be bought or ground; the other only bought, but why can’t they be shared? I am not quibbling with how they are obtained. If they were easy to exploit it would already be exploited. Why can’t my teammates have the benefit of 100k black pearls I will never use?


How do you think cheaters end up with max bases overnight? They get food and wood through exploits to level their towers up.


Obviously I’m not well rehearsed in the mechanics of cheating.


Neither am I. It just doesn’t make sense that someone could raid 100B wood and food in the course of 2 hours, so it’s a fair to assume cheating of some form


There are alot of things happening inn the game but like alway lower lvls are geting lift out becouse they are scared to say something about it but I think gold and plat dragons so be discount like the higher dragons would olny be far to all players I think soul d let use recycle old flaks and so on for what we put into them and give up the option to send to are team if not need it got tons of players falling behind and quoting the game becouse it is hard for them to keep up and also think xp need to be adjust it some dragon are a pain to lvl and the xp bases just don’t put out like they use to and fix chest drop rate in events and make to where get more things to help in events that stuff would make a good start and will help all players not just a hand full


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