War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Sorry I was too busy looking for a period that ended the ongoing sentence.
I don’t think a discount is needed on tiers that are easily accessible through grinding. I think discounts on the higher tiers is a good thing as they take longer then lower tiers to obtain. Do u want a discount on a $2 item? Or a $30 item?..


The start of the Season could be ideal to announce a discount percentage from Gold to Harbinger if not Vanguard. However most likely != going to happen.


Most players are haveing a hard time In gold and see things being gave to high lvls why lower lvls still have the same old same old they see this is not far and alot will mot spend money on the game becouse of this pg wants to up there income and more players to the game I would do gold and up then then shows they care for the little guy just as much as the big and keeps game on a even playing fild


And most talking about breeding now base I can care less if they do a discount there are not


The current discount from plat parents to obsidian is mostly for the “little guy” going lower dont make sense really. Higher players havnt got any benefits from these discounts really


I wasn’t referring to base at all. Was specifically talking about breeding. I think you’re pulling a “problem” out of your ass that isn’t an actual problem tbh. I see no smaller players complaining about their lack of dragon discounts. When it takes 100 egg frags to get ur next dragon I don’t think there is a need for a discount. :thinking: as opposed to 750-1000 that has the discount. Please have a legitimate complaint, and don’t make up issues. Players in gold breeding gold dragons, not having dragon discount, is about the last thing I can think of that’s a problem.


A problem is when you KNOW you have to have at least 200k tokens to get 1 dragon, and might still end up spending money.


They are when it starts costing them 250 in gold just becouse you don’t see it are any don’t mine it’s happening


And I am not making up anything you must be a high lvl that wants the game to work for you will I wish you luck the world and game don’t revolve around you lower lvls have just as much rights as all outher players


Wow a full 250 egg frags ??? Jeez… getting gold eggs must be such a struggle! :roll_eyes: please… save me the “small players need gold tier discount” argument. It sounds ridiculous .


Ya to you but to them that’s alot and not all of us pay to play


I think part of the backlash you’re getting is due to the fact that when us vets were slogging through gold tier we didn’t have the plethora of resources at our disposal (websites, breeding paths, etc) to help us maximize our progress. It’s much easier to breeze through the lower tiers now than it used to be.



It may be for some one who wants to spend bit I know player 100+ still in green becouse they say it’s a pain me my self I did gold the old school way but I know alot they will keep puting it off I am just saying you spend 14 tokens each time you hit breed on a sapphire dragon you they are 500 tokens so why not drop that discount to gold where there alot of players even on my time haveing a hard time to get the 250 egg fragment I understand alot of high lvls need it becouse the higher you go the harder it gets but don’t for get about the ones who are struggling with gold and so on becouse they can’t spend to play so why should we for get about them becouse it don’t cost as much as higher


I got through green, gold, and platinum without spending. It didn’t take that long.

They’re either not following a breeding path or not willing to grind what little is required to push through those tiers. If they can’t handle 250 frags for gold drags, they won’t be playing long enough to complain about 700 frags for garnet.

Precisely because they don’t cost anywhere near what the higher tier drags cost. Also at lower tiers you’re doing more multi-dragon breeding. In gold your greatest expense IIRC is 100k for which you get both of the best dragons in that tier by a mile. In the discounted higher tiers you’re dropping 112k for one dragon that may suck but is required to breed any further.


The point that they’re trying to explain you is, don’t cry about the lower tiers costing a lot. Once you get to sapphire+, trust me, you’re going to wish that the costs weren’t that high. Sure the higher tiers are now discounted, but they cost plenty. A single dragon in sapphire can cost about nearly 100k. The eggs range from 500-1200 fragments. So don’t complain about the low tiers being that expensive


I know about sapphire I run my friend 167 base that is breeding sapphire now why he is in boot camp so ya I know what they are saying I an not say give a big one like for high lvls but cut it down just a little from 20 tokens each time you hit breed and more would be willing to grind more I am not saying give a huge discount just a little one showing they are not for got about by pg and all of us high lvl and I am saying this knowing if it happens it’s not going to help me at all seeing I did it the old school way and ya it was a pain really but I did but alot of players don’t have the play time I do but it’s whatever


The whole reason for the discounted tiers starting where they do is because there was a progression wall when you started breeding sapphire drsgons that simply doesn’t exist in prior tiers.

Gold doesn’t need any discount.

At all.

If players aren’t incentivised to grind through gold then no reasonable discount could possibly be applied to sapph+ that would incentivise them to grind through those tiers anyway. They’ll get bored and quit. Applying a discount to gold tier isn’t going to change that.


One might argue that a slight and I do emphasise SLIGHT cost reduction for breeding a pair of legendary golds might be in order. Aside from the 100k egg token cost for the pair of legendaries, gold tier is extremely well balanced in terms of costs.


IMO, the problem of Gold doesn’t lies completely on the frags itself.

Let’s do a little comparation between Gold and Plat Legendary before discount

  Gold Platinum
Fragment 250 400
Chance 5% 12%
Cost 100,000 64,000

There you have it.
While there is a leap on both Green to Gold (96 to 250) and Gold to Plat (250 to 400),
Gold still follows lower tier’s pattern (Legendary is the rarest) while Platinum follows upper tier’s pattern. Say, tweaking the rate from 5% to 7-8% should makes the pattern feels more normal.


I’m not sure if this is where this should go, but this would definitely make my life easier so I think “Quality of Life” fits.

When I’m mining gold, it gets a bit annoying to hit Return Home, wait for Atlas to load again, or get the “failed to setup” error and I have to go back in. It’s a lot of wasted time. I would like a button that allows us to hit the mine again without “returning home”.

It would also be beneficial to have the total amount of gold you currently have on this screen so you know when it is time to “Return Home” and spend some gold or transfer it to the bank.

Edited to add mock-up.

Something like this: