War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Sounds good… except for the fact that I rarely hit the mine itself. Normally I attack one of the beasts. I’m not sure this particular set up would allow for that?


I was thinking about that too. Maybe Attack Next if there is another beast available in the territory? That would be a bit more complicated I think.


In theory it wouldn’t be too hard. They should be able to modify the code that they use to search for primarchs in an area so that a different function would search for beasts.


I think the difficulty would come in when you have to move your Prim to a different territory because there are no more beasts to attack where you are. I’m sure it could be done, I’m just not sure what it would look like.

Perhaps a button that says Attack Next Beast that is disabled when there are no more beasts in the territory. Then you would need to Return Home and move to a different territory.

I’m sure you’d also want to make sure that using that button attacks the highest level beast you are able to attack and not just pick a random beast.


This ability is already built in with the prim search function. The client just needs to check against the presence of a beast in the current territory for a given prim instead of the viewable area. It could run the check at the end of an attack and display the attack next button if the conditions are met. The biggest issue would probably be writing separate code for the button mechanics to take you to a beast attack screen instead of the matchmaker.


Going back to the main Atlas map is a good thing. While it may be slightly more inefficient, it allows you to monitor your lands to see if anyone is attacking, to view team or special chat messages or alerts to come up, or to confirm with your backer that you are going to go again.

I would prefer for it to stay the same so that people stay connected to your base/land as well as your team rather than someone being off in lalaland for 30-60 minutes at a time by themselves.

The only thing i’d add to this is that your messages should be viewable from the Atlas screen similar to main game for important alerts/messages that may come through when in a siege or attacking in Atlas.


Bring back haste resource in atlas.



When they got rid of it, they sped up base-level travel times immensely.


But, but… I like being in lalaland… :see_no_evil:

Edited to add:

Between this:

And this (waiting for gold mine to reappear):

It takes an extra 28 seconds (yes, I timed it) to start your next attack on the gold mine.

I’m trying to get Kaiju to breeding level. Even if it were only 100 runs to do that (trust me… it’s much more) it would be an extra 2,800 sec/60 sec in a min = 46.66 minutes.


those moment when you need to move lazy sieger quicker


Well if there was a beast attack list similar to matchmaker and they brought back drop-down alerts in pre-attacks screens (which was never announced AFAIK and should never have been changed) that would eliminate much of those potential issues.


I find it ironic the “king of token farming efficiency” is against gold mining efficiency. :yum::wink:

I do see your point though and agree with the reasoning which is why I tend to go back to base when grinding attack 25 times team quests instead of just grinding through with the attack next button. Would still be a good option for those who have atlas but no castles to worry about.


The primarch search almost always causes a crash for me. If they fix that while they’re working on it, sure. Otherwise useless.


I would assume since the BeastFinder™️ isn’t concerned with rendering a variable above 3 that isn’t dynamically changing the chances of it crashing would be negligent by comparison.


Should be able to click on a traveling primarch in order to see at least what player and team it belongs to and possibly the primarch stats as well, unless it would be better to keep stats a surprise.


I hope this isn’t a repeat - search didn’t find anything and I’m not reading the full 635 posts but here goes:

Accessing Atlas obviously is a bit more buggy than the core of the game. (heavier strain on connection, devices, etc.) - I’m okay but I’m thinking of players who do struggle.

It would be quicker/easier if we had a method of donating resources to the team bank from the main screen of the game. Perhaps via a new button in the storage hut?

Obviously this would need hiding or marking as inactive for those without Atlas.

The above mentioned button just needs to load this popup (below image).

Edit: image


Why don’t pg up the pay out for wars even with the pay out with egg tokens for winning wars even in plat4 really sucks so I can olny imagine how the pay out is in high leagues

Something to consider with suggestions

Should we give these a letter grade 3 months in?

  • Improve / Smooth building upgrade times Grade F No changes.
    I bet everyone can guess the rest.


Curious as to why you think build times should be smoothed out.


Storage build time that jumps up at 53 -54