War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


UPDATE 01-08: My team has compiled all the feedback in the bug-bashing, QoL, and player happiness threads, and is currently matching them to ticket data and other feedback channels. Once that is done (should be finished by Thursday) we’ll post here with what we’re seeing as the big ticket items to push for with the internal team, as well as some things we think are easy wins we can try to push to get handled early.

Please discuss the general content of the War Dragons 2019 Roadmap post here. For the bug-bashing discussion, go here. For quality of life discussion, go here. For player-happiness initiatives, go here.

Post follows below:

Hi Folks,

We know there’s been a lot of discussions about the current state of War Dragons, and we’ve been fairly opaque about steps being taken to address concerns. Behind the scenes, a lot of discussions have been going on, and we’re happy to say we’re at the point where we can share some of the high-level thoughts going into 2019.

We just finished allocating resources around broad goals and targets. Basically, we have all agreed to dedicate this year to player-happiness initiatives / bug fixing / quality of life.

Key Focuses

  • Bug-Bashing

    • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Things that are specifically broken (not working mechanically according to plan). This will also hopefully include closing exploits and cheat vectors.
  • Quality of Life

    • Things that aren’t specifically broken, but are creating pain points or functioning in an undesirable way.
  • Player-Happiness Initiatives

    • Features based on player requests, as well as opportunities we’ve been looking at to add more of what players enjoy most.

So, what do all of these mean?


We are in the process of going over our backlog of bugs and re-prioritizing them. This means looking at the severity of the bug as well as the time / difficulty cost of fixing it. Once we have a better idea of what bugs we will be able to successfully tackle with our allotted resources we will try to give some ideas. Just remember that these are “hope to fix” and not “definitely will fix” as sometimes projects end up being more complex than originally expected.

Quality of Life

We’re doing a lot of the same resource planning that we are with bug bashing. We are looking into resolving issues such as level 300+ progression, towers, and UI/UX pain points.

Player-happiness Initiatives

Last but not least, we have our Player-happiness initiatives. Again, still scoping things out, but some of the proposed ideas include player loyalty features, adding raid buttons back into events, and improving the new user experience.


What’s the roadmap for all of this?

Right now, our roadmap is divided as follows, though some items may be moved earlier, as time allows:

The beginning of the year is going to be primarily dedicated to bug bashing. We will also be doing the design work on quality of life and player-happiness projects, as well as improving our tools to smooth out releases and event launches. The reason that bug bashing is happening first is because we recognize that a lot of improvements just simply won’t matter if the game is broken for a player.

We will also be developing more tools to allow our support team to better resolve issues as they crop up and make the process much more smooth for everyone.

As we go through the year, we’ll shift our focus to the new-user experience and quality of life features, though major bugs will still be a concern of ours. We’re not going to just all of a sudden stop working on bugs.

The latter parts of the year will be heavily focused on the player-happiness initiatives.

There are a number of other things being discussed right now for 2019, but we wanted to share our current thoughts before the year started so we’d have time to gather feedback on this. Your thoughts are very important to us and we’d love to hear what you think!

(NOTE: These objectives are subject to change. These are some of the projects currently being scoped out / planned, but as we progress we may change ideas based on time / difficulty or player desires.)

Near-Term Improvements

So, what does that mean right this very moment? We’re pushing some changes for early next week (Tuesday, mostly) to try to at least make some forward progress. Please understand that these changes aren’t meant to be fixes so much as they are first steps towards resolving some of these larger issues that are impacting players.

With that said, here is wha’s going live next week:

Forge: Addition of 24 hour and 48 hour expedites to the forge, which has a max 20% relative increase in amount of time gained via forging.

Monuments: Increase the amount of overall time obtained in monument drops by 50%

Remove the 1 min expedite and add the 24 hour expedite to monument drops (remember, this is monuments and not boats/huts).

Improved chest drop rates from monuments by relative 30% during events

Daily Check-in: Receive rewards each day you check in. These rewards can be expedites, breeding tokens, or seasonal sigils (though we can adjust this as we go to make sure it’s rewarding). This feature will be released to all players simultaneously.

A Couple of Caveats:

These are the things we discussed with the GPF, and they feel more should be done in the very near-term. We are unfortunately unable to do more on these subjects before the end of the month due to the holidays and appstore shutdown, but it’s our hope that these efforts combined with the 2019 roadmap are at least a starting point to make more concrete progress.

These things are all subject to change and improvement. The goal with these is to make forward progress in a way that feels very fun-first. We want to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see focused on in 2019 and why (I know there’s a ton of feedback out there and trust me we are reading it all. I’m just saying to keep the discussion going). If we’re prioritizing issues you don’t think are important, say so and we’ll listen.

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At first I was disappointed until I read the bottom. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for highlighting some specifics. I think these are some good first steps.

PLEASE, keep up updated on the status of these near term objectives.


Will do! Currently everything other than the daily check-in is scheduled for Tuesday. Daily check-in is scheduled for end of next week.


Sorry, confused with the tags (hard to see in mobile :sweat_smile:)

Any update on the following things?

  • Atlas rollout
  • Unupdated lists of Monument Rune


Also, I’m glad to see you specifically mention the 300 wall. I’m not even 200 yet but I see my friends dealing with it and it make me dread even getting to that level.


This post has given me hope. I guess PG has me on the hook for a little longer :smiling_imp:


Not to my knowledge, but those can be added to the stuff to be worked on in 2019.


The not so good:

A bit disappointed that the 300+ wall only be tackled much later. And the lack of specifics on “player-hapiness initiatives” isn’t great either as it is subject to change. Something set in stone would be much preferred. Are we still getting the same rewards for daily login?

Great stuff:

24hr+ 48hr forge timers :clap::clap:Increase in chest drops is a welcome and appreciate that bugs will be squashed. Just don’t create new bugs in the process…


This I can get behind!


These new packs suck. Why can’t everyone just have the same good pack instead of wasting time developing some fancy AI we don’t need? Keep it simple, right?


Seeing a plan helps. Seeing the details helps. I can only hope the follow through is real. Thank you for the first step.

And what LX said. The new packs? WTH.


Yep, it’s subject to change because a lot of these big problems are still being figured out. Like the 300+ issues? There’s a whole bunch of possible fixes to the 300 wall so we’re not specifically committing to one fix right now and we want to hear about how you want it fixed.

Not sure what you mean. This is a new feature.

That’s kind-of separate from the 2019 roadmap stuff. I’m going to be having some talks with GPF and then players as a whole to see what we can do around the pack issue, but I’d prefer to keep it as a different discussion.


Updating packs would be nice. I mean 35k for 100 dollars? 3 years ago this was a good deal, maybe


Sounds like a good QoL suggestion!


This is not a joke right? This is a fabulous change, if I must say so myself.

As is this.

I think these are good steps and I’m very appreciative of the general outline for what PG is planning for the year. I find it far more useful than simply assuming “things” are going to happen, as it has been in the past. I don’t think people are looking for specific dates by which specific issues or changes will go live. We’ve just wanted a rough estimate of when we could safely expect an update for something we care about so this is great.

There’s obviously things people don’t see specifically mentioned that matter to them that I’m either not thinking of or personally don’t find relevant to me, but I’m also taking this thread to be the trunk of the tree, with branches and leaves filling in as the year progresses.

Fingers crossed PG keeps pushing forward with this. Don’t turn back!

Regarding the topic of chests, progression and 300 wall, there’s always the option of doing an overhaul on gold chest contents since they’re very outdated. 3k egg tokens was a lot when green was the highest tier. It’s not nearly proportional anymore. Timers and embers are in a similar boat.


That’s exactly right. This is the aspirational “core values” type thing, and we’ll get into the detail bits over time.


I hate that I have to actively search for the loopholes. Does this mean the drop rate is next to nil?

This probably just means we will get more 3 min timers, right?

What is the drop rate on 12/24 hour timers? If there’s a 12 hour in the loop currently, I’ve never seen one in all my years playing.


It’s a low drop rate, but the overall amount of expedites for players from monuments should increase by 50%. If the 24hr dropped at a high drop rate it’d be a huge % increase. Also remember that these are the initial %s, we can always tweak them up as we go forward in addition to a plethora of other changes.


I really like this announcement. It’s nice to see the transparency in what PG is planning for the long term to improve the player experience and player retention. Hopefully some really nice updates come out of this.


One thing you could put on the list is not having event prize value depreciate as you put in more work. while on the outside prizes do get bigger its not proportional to the work put into to get the prizes, addressing this would help considerably.