War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Absolutely these are possible, i was asking for people to justify which one they would select and why :slight_smile:

For the record i believe that a forge level up would be the best route, and implement them at L182 and L250 for 24hr/48hr respectively.

This makes me happy


I think it should be tied to the hut… since that imo has the greatest impact on the level of towers you can build and therefore the amount of timers needed per tower upgrade… but either works.

1 full upgrade per month would be nice…


People don’t like to regress :man_shrugging:


That was intentional, really. With the massively rising costs at higher level I feel the ratio would have to go up considerably to make the forging feel significant, more so since the other source of free timers (actual time passing) becomes less and less relevant compared to what towers need.

With what I proposed you’d get:

Level 100 (lvl 31 towers, 12 hr timers forged in 30 hours):

  • Forging timers for 1 tower takes 48 days
  • Forging timers for 1 level worth of towers takes 51 days

Level 200 (lvl 48 towers, 24 hr timers forged in 24 hours)

  • Forging timers for 1 tower takes 42 days
  • Forging timers for 1 level worth of towers takes 50 days

Level 300 (lvl 61+ towers, 48 hr timers forged in 18 hours)

  • Forging timers for 1 tower takes 29 days
  • Forging timers for 1 level worth of towers takes 109 days

While the amount of forging needed for a single tower drops, the amount needed for a single level still goes up. I hadn’t done this math before suggesting the numbers by feel, but I think to keep timers relevant they do need to sync up with the cost of a level more than the cost of a tower.

Of course a fix to the 300 wall might potentially shift this, but as the leveling curve stands, I think these large jumps make sense, as does synchronizing access to the cheaper step to the places where the xp per level leaps up.


You guys had a survey a few weeks ago with a 200 ruby reward. I thought that was a great idea. As far as I’m aware, it was offered to ALL players, and gave EVERYONE the opportunity (if they wanted it) to respond on key points.

Can this be a regular thing? As in, every time a new update is released, can there be a corresponding survey allowing players to report whether they LIKE or DISLIKE certain new features and to identify, in real time, the issues they are having.


Mech is math, I get 12.175 days per month if all you did was forge timers?
24 hrs in day X 365.25 days per year / 12 months per year / 30 hrs per forge X 12 hrs of speed up / 24 hrs to get days = 12.175 days per month of speed-ups.

Long story short:
24 hr timers at lvl 200, forge time of 53hrs
48 hr timers not in forge yet until towers are taking 80 days then make them 96 hr of forge time.
Edit2: Since announced for 48 hr timers already then make them 107 hrs forge time to be same rate of 24 hr, .45 speed up hr per hr forged.

As for when and how I see it as a need of when they’d be viable.
Currently there is a big set of 20 day tower builds, no research, working up to lvl 150 players. 20 days is 40 12 hr timers so using this line 24 hr timers would be when towers are 40 days which is lvl 200ish. 48 hr timers would be when towers take 80 days which doesn’t exist yet. Without research, which everyone has, max tower time all take near 58 days and with 48 timers that would only be 29 timers which I think is to few. The game is supposed to get harder as we lvl not easier.

As for forge times I think .5 hrs per hr should be max, just slightly higher than the .4 the 12 hrs currently give us. So with the future forgeing of 48 hrs at 96 hrs forge time I’d scale it with 53 hrs forge time for 24 hr timers, or .45 hrs speed up per hr forged.

Thank you pg for adding these to forge! 😁

My personal metric would be enough for one tower upgrade per month if it runs non-stop. So 36 days.


Random, off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts:

• Static forge duration discount with a yearly elite purchase

• Permanent forge ‘upgrades’ with duration decreases similar to the token balloon

• Static, temporary forge duration reduction for a fixed ruby cost, renewed monthly


Thank you :upside_down_face:


*Wooooooo! 2 whole extra days! Woooooooooooo!

*add **sarcasm

**nope, still more


That would be x3 the possible timer production than it currently is. What was your idea about what it should be?


If the 300 wall is still in the ideas/discussion phase, what exactly has PG been doing for the past year since it became a well documented issue?

There have been countless threads regarding this issue and progression in general, with a variety of different well thought out suggestions. The only response from PG was that it was being discussed and they are listening to our ideas. So how is it still in the initial discussion phase? I was really hoping that they had moved on to the development or implementation phase by now. If it’s still in discussion then we likely will never see an actual solution at this rate.


I don’t think I have much to say, except I feel that PG has been given a lot of chances over the course of the past year and the last few months. I think that your delays and constant trip-ups have lost us some of this community’s best players.

And hence I think it would be in PG’s best interest to prioritize planning and doing more in the near term. Simple things like rebalancing chest drops and giving better prizes in events OR requiring less work to get to the same prize (man, who wants 5 potions? I need 500. Or you could let us get that same prize with 5 potions worth of work.) are easy changes to implement and have a big effect on player satisfaction. Conversely, delaying this would feel to us like you’re saying things, but not delivering on them. I feel like your loyal community deserves more being done in the near term than…some more things to forge in the forge and ten extra chests from monuments.

Promises aren’t enough at this point. We need more things to be done in the near term, instead of empty promises.


I think something needs to be done about Atlas and making it more fair for platinum teams. As it stands now sapphire and diamond teams can attack platinum team castles virtually assuring a win in most cases. Most Platinum teams don’t really stand much of a chance if attacked by one of those tiers.


Can anyone elaborate, how much glory (rate) an average Sapphire player can get by attacking average Plat? (If we’re talking about high P1 team and low S3 team, consider they’re almost the same…)


I’m not talking about individual players. I’m talking about team v team attacking and taking castles.


Then how do you want it?
Make sure it considers sandbagging and spilled sandbagging.


Not to derail or disparage discourse, but Atlas has nothing to do with thie 2019 Roadmap. The fixes and changes being articulated here are to the base game. There are plenty of other threads in which Atlas can be discussed.


That comment was sarcasm every dragon has some potential and that is why gear for your base and your dragons should not be buffed if someone finds a dragon they are particularly fond of gear can take it to a level worth using. The ability to choose where you use your good gear for your base and dragons keeps the game from becoming a bore fest of everyone having the same things.


I know the for free and all was a joke I was mentioning the current game is an “all the same” issue and that’s a problem. The current gameplay 80% of people play the exact same dragons, base, and flying style…

As for the gear reading I’m with the point that to much buff as of current makes the game force it on you to stand a chance. A buff, any not just gear, should boost something stronger, but not be the thing that makes it strong.