War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Totally agree.


Limit how low a team can attack. IE, sapphire 2 can only attack down to sapphire 3 or some such. The fact is that a sapphire 1 team with an average player level well over 250 in most cases can attack a platinum 3 team with a much lower player level average with no recourse or chance for that team to defend. If they want PG to keep platinum teams playing atlas, which a lot of us are starting to get disinterested because of an uneven playing field, then they need to make it possible for platinum teams to actually succeed.


Can we please not fix the wall through forging? Lol. This just makes it so you can’t forge other things if you want to progress faster through the wall.


I hate to burst your bubble but have you looked at the player levels in tiers as far down as Gold? Now, if it is based upon a player level weighted average by team, then maybe.


First: you’re probably not getting feedback from even half the loyal/long term players.

Second: I’ve been playing a long time. Daily log-in rewards… ugh.

300 wall<-- hilarious. Don’t try to catch up to high level players. You’re not competing with Diamond league and the game should not cater to people wanting to do so 6 months after starting the game.

In general: nice roadmap. PG has a reputation of not following through, so let’s hope this is not the case this time.


The 300 wall has nothing to do with competing with Diamond League. It is about even progression. They are not trying to catch up after 6 months of playing. You are either a spender that didn’t care about the 300 wall or are not yet there.


Correct progression is more like it. Some are asking for 1 tower a month/1 dragon a month, this is even progression but keeps game steady which it shouldn’t be. Progression should get harder and harder linearly, 1 per month at some point but longer after that. Exponential or walled progression causes the issues.

Lots have wanted a catch up mechanic also and this is ok as long as the beginning is linear to a point, say 1 tower per month, the middle stays here, and then the end is linear with each additional lvl harder than the last highest.
Example (edit: numbers for example purposes only) is .1 per month lvl 1, .2, .3, …, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, …, 2
Then next addition would make it .1, .2, .3, …, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.2 , 1.3, 1.4, …, 2.1


The problem is that through the levels the slow down mechanic switches from breeding dragons to building towers. It switches at such an extreme degree that we now see a wall of insurmountable proportions for anybody that does not spend on the game. I understand that spenders will always be ahead of me, that’s fine, but with the 300 wall that gap becomes the grand canyon. If a non spender (elite is always required IMO) can’t progress reasonably then it is broken. There were times in Sapphire that I went a month without getting a dragon. If you want people to stay interested you have to give them something to keep them interested. If you make them wait 2 months to get a dragon or level 5 levels they will lose interest and leave the game.


We saying the same thing, it’s broken. I just give possibilities for correction.


From PG’s perspective, this sentiment could be very detrimental to the game. What they really need to do is give the incentive to new players who can pay to,catch up.


My solution to fixing rider gear is simply increase the drop rates of legendary gear and reduce the shard cost. Call it a “you’ve had a year of overpowered gear, now it’s time for scaling.” Keep Elite expensive and that way it will still give the 20% edge. A 20% optimal edge is much more in line with what it should have been. Newer players just can’t compete with people who have been leveling up gear for so long where tower levels with gear are virtually 10 levels ahead and dragons are over a whole tier more powerful. It was a money-grabbing mistake to create another expensive consumable that people needed to maintain relevance.

Full disclosure, I have all gear (every element and 2 sets of defense) either legendary or elite. So this would hurt me too, but it is a broken mechanic and needs to be fixed.


I personally would prefer the gear not to be touched at all. I have spent the past 2 seasons grinding Atlas battles and building troops to get the gear I have. I would be very disapointed if my gear was suddenly nerfed… Others could have done the same thing and once again very active players should not be penalized because of the “have-not” crowd.


Read above, it’s not the “have-not” crowd, that’s the rubies elite for all crowd. Gear buffs were improperly scaled so that’s the problem. Scale atk and def gear equally and the effect isn’t known to you but the gear buff is correctly scaled.


Simple suggestion for addressing the 300+ wall: reduce the XP required for each level beyond 300 by at least 50%. This would for example make a current level 330 player level 360 or a level 345 player level 390.

Beside solving the crazy amounts of timers for a little bit of progression problem, it would also make Atlas glory scaling more efficient – there are huge differences between a level 300 and 330 base and dragons not reflected by even the new percentage bands.


That would just change 1 meaningless number for another. Won’t solve anything.

  1. more exp per level over 45 (or wherever it stopped increase) should be the first step. That will automatically boost most players.

Then revisit and adjust required level for den as appropriate.

Simply changing the exp per level doesn’t really change anything. The only reason it matters at all is for den reasons. And those den levels were set high for a reason.


So far, this pretty much sums up the expectations most I have talked to outside the forums have for these initiatives (Especially if the daily check in is any indication):


Here’s my general feedback:

  • Announcement that meetings were being held in order to determine what the announcement about the deliberations concerning possibly addressing major player concerns should contain: :neutral_face:
  • Announcement than an announcement about the deliberations concerning possibly addressing major player concerns was imminent: :neutral_face:
  • Announcement that resulted from the deliberations concerning possibly addressing major player concerns: :thinking:
  • Announcement that short-term modifications would be coming out before the end of the year: :neutral_face:
  • Actual implementation of monument drop modifications: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • Actual implementation of daily login rewards: :unamused:
  • Lack of useful information regarding additional changes coming in 2019: :confused:
  • Emotions based on the Secret Knowledge of the Secret Masters: :rage::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



So far, what I have seen is:

Implement something that has been requested (Daily Check In). Sounds good to say “We listened and are giving you what you asked for.” But it was done in a way that is less good than the thing it replaced… What the hell? Why?

Implement another thing people have been asking for (better monument drops). Again: Sounds good to say “We listened and are giving you what you asked for.” But the change is so minute that it doesn’t provide any REAL improvement. What the hell? Why?

So from our perspective, it FEELS LIKE you are actively trying to deceive us - treating us like we’re stupid. “Here, we did what you asked. Yay!” Although in reality - nothing REALLY improved, and some things area actually worse. Can you at least see why we feel this way?

And what confdence are we supposed to have in all these other great sounding 2019 initiatives, when what has been implemented thus far is shown to be sleight of hand, without any real improvement?

What’s the motivation behind all of this?


Or they think we’re stupid? But you’d think they’d have been called on the carpet enough to know otherwise. Though many of us are still here, so… maybe there’s a small piece of some sort of gullibility or something running rampant.


To force you to spend or quit.